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  2. I agree, I've had my fill of Dem failures as well.
  3. Lol
  4. Offense has 40 million more of the CAP. Defense needs the resources
  5. But but we have some of the Dems on here saying I need to read her twitter stuff???
  6. And I hope given the events of the past week which were revealed about Ms Sanders that those people feel ******* stupid
  7. If the defense can’t leave the field, you will not see very much of a new OL.
  8. Well, it isn't going to be a Dem. It will be Trump, God willing and the creek don't rise.
  9. Sweat at 14 to replace Vic next year and Simmons in 2nd to replace Grady next year has perfect logic
  10. I wonder if he was even here for "Gurlie to Atlantie"
  11. If this weirdo runs 3rd party, I hope Schultz keeps his word.
  12. Considering she had a meltdown over a comedian at a roast...yes, yes she can be
  13. As crazy as it sounds I'd love Savage at 14
  14. and some of us will be both, simultaneously
  15. And they did it using some outstanding player evaluations in FA with what they want to do. (Seems like.) and attention to all details involved in doing it; Financial, fit and leverage for this deep draft. Just....well, I am impressed. This may be the best off-season in Falcon History.
  16. I realized the other day how happy you were when your POTUS proved not to be a Russian operative. Now that's something that made everyone happy on ABF, no matter what side of the aisle you were on. It's not like some of y'all were rooting for him to be guilty...I mean no F*****g way, amirite Gramps? Oh and everything you just said is...
  17. I'd throw Darren McFadden in that group.
  18. yeah, Arthur Blank is already on record saying Grady Jarrett will be a "Falcon for Life". As you are seeing w/ Cardinals #1 overall pick right now, the guy that writes the checks has final say. If Artie says Julio and Grady will be "Falcons for Life" - you **** well can take it to the bank.
  19. Still think Oliver is the target. Then CB & RT in either order
  20. Sigh...... his all pro season was the 2016-2017 nfl season. Starting at that season you have 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019. This upcoming season will be 2019-2020. He is trash until he proves otherwise. Trying to defend him having the most turnovers is ignorant considering 6 of the 7 he’s had since 2016 all game in 2016.
  21. I still think we're one impact DL player away from where we need to be, but we've singed a lot of new players and a couple of old favorites. Maybe Quinn and TD will feel like OT has become a bigger priority at this point than DL. If so, I'm going to enjoy feeling like our OL is going to finally be solidified for the foreseeable future.
  22. Yeah, someone who doesn't send mean tweets while increasing the wealth gap, continuing to destroy the environment, trying to take away healthcare from the poor, making insulin unaffordable, engaging in endless foreign wars, would be so much better than Trump.
  23. ROUND 2, PICK 45: JEFFERY SIMMONS, MISSISSIPPI STATE While I have a first round grade on Christian Wilkins, I actually believe Jeffery Simmons is the superior player. Simmons is one of the 10 best on-field prospects in the class, but will ultimately slide due to medical and previous off the field red flags. He’s an even better inside penetrator than Wilkins, and he racks up tackles for loss because of his power and explosiveness. That burst and get-off, coupled with his size, makes him an intriguing prospect against both the run and pass. Simmons could be in line for a “redshirt” rookie season as he rehabs from a torn ACL suffered during pre-Combine training, but his upside outside of the first round is tremendous. Speaking of upside, Khalen Saunders has some pretty ridiculous natural athletic gifts. The Western Illinois prospect has some untapped potential, but made splash plays at the Senior Bowl that suggest a future as a starter in the NFL. His level of competition will be questioned and could ultimately push him down to the third round, but few prospects available at that point have the promise that Saunders has. With size and scheme versatility, he would fits nicely into the expected rotation on Atlanta’s defensive line. If we walked away with Simmons and Saunders this draft I wouldn’t complain at all.I think if you just allowed a guy like Saunders to rush the passer while guys like Senat and Daivison did the donkey work I think he could be really good.
  24. We just need Dexter Lawrence at #14, anyone who wants us to draft another Edge Rushing DE in the 1st has lost their mind, no edge rusher will perform well here until we get the interior DL fixed and Lawrence is the last piece we need for that. He has a very unique skillset and size we do not have ont he roster currently, our supposed log jam at DL will be trimmed up after the cut down later in the Pre Season so their is no concern that we currently have toman DL guys right now. We also don't need a pure pass rusher inthe middle we need a guy that will take on double teams, eat tackles, stop the run and open lanes for our current edge pass rusher
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