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  2. What in the **** happened to that tough, gritty, aggressive team that fought a slugfest against some good lines on the Eagles and won against them? Where did that fire go? How did it get put out so dramatically? I really thought that we were finally going to see the defense that Quinn had promised. This team could not look more different. And to think I was so excited after that Eagles game...
  3. Finally, somebody else recognizes that Clayborn is our best rusher!!!
  4. The sweet sweet irony of all of this??? It is a Muslim country that may be Trumps undoing
  5. Had Chancellor and Thomas to help make up for his physical limitations as well. We probably won't see another defense of that caliber for a long time. Maybe never especially since the league is trying to get rid of the Kam Chancellor-type of players. The unnecessary roughness they called last night on the Detroit DB was ridiculous, not sure what they expect him to do there. Denver's 2015 defense was forgettable lol
  6. haha good point. I'd love to see Matt, Julio, & Company get a crack at Quinn's defense in a real game.
  7. I think Contreras has to be added but I could be wrong.
  8. We've never paid 109 million for 5 guys which is what they will be doing in 2020. This makes Saints look amateurish in comparison. But the Rams have what seems to be a 2 year window and i hope that team fails miserably.
  9. I really would like to believe that. I’m kinda shell shocked from our tragic exit.
  10. I know the Rams are on a three game losing streak, have terrible pass blocking, and are missing their RBs and CBs. It won't matter. Because we will not be able to pressure Goff, who will just throw quick passes to open guys that don't get tackled. Cooper Kupp is going to have 150+ yards and 2 TDs. On the other side, Donald and crew are going to feast on Matt Ryan. We will not be able to string together 12 play drives due to holding penalties and sacks. We will have at least one strip sack fumble and a pressure-related INT. So we will simply not be able to keep up in this one. Rams 38, Falcons 24.
  11. As stated earlier, Ramsey travels with the opposing team's #1 WR and is naturally going to give up more yds. Whereas Trufant covers a deep third and underneath routes against the #1 WR whichever WR happens to be on his side of the field on that particular play, which could be the #2 or #3 receiver and he still has a lower passer rating and completion percentage than Ramsey. Ramsey would resemble LOB Sherman in the same Cover 3 scheme Trufant's in. They're not the same player.
  12. Nah, I don't think Peyton would even consider it, especially, with the lowly Falcons. I think he's enjoying retirement too much, and doing his occasional "corny" commercials...
  13. That dumb@ss hasn't posted here in a long while, and if he did, he made like a gopher in dry season.
  14. We owned the Natinals this year. Every time they got up for us, we laughed at them as they left with their tails tucked between their legs. Nothing would have changed in the playoffs.
  15. I think that narrative is is not the qb that the Falcons made to look is the skill players. If the falcons do a better job tackling the colts and texans then the qbs would have completed alot of short passes but for not alot of yards. But we let the colts and Titans receivers turn 5 and 6 yard passes into 10 and 15 yarders
  16. Nows our chance to jump ship lol
  17. Exactly. With that epic SB collapse and his hands-on defensive scheme and play-calling this year? Absolutely no way immediately, maybe not ever.
  18. More and more of the decisions Quinn makes are starting to look just plain crazy. He seems shell-shocked from all the pressure and the losses and just can't think straight any more.
  19. Imma need a run of Louise Mensch resistance cards where the Grand Marshall of the US Senate can be summoned as an insta win move like in ****ing Yugi-oh I'm pro life and I take no pleasure in this trap card
  20. Q hasn’t posted since 8chan got taken down. The current owner of 8chan, Jim Watkins (the creepy guy who recently testified in front of Congress wearing a Q lapel) is trying to gain citizenship in the Philippines, where he has been living, as part of his plan to relaunch 8chan as the rebranded site 8kun. The original creator of 8chan, who sold his interests and has publicly opposed what it’s become, showed up to Watkins’ naturalization hearing and got it delayed until next year.
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