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  2. I want all these shut down guys to talk to Julio talk to the man.Trash bravado do it and see what transpires. Ill go out on a limb and say it won’t end well a fair proportion of the time.
  3. I'll gladly pass on this idea he really turned me off on him this year when i seen him start sulking and putting little effort in not only at the plate but even on the field.
  4. Dude, I’ve been a long time lurker on the board, had zero reason to post, but seeing this I needed to jump on. Take a deep breath! Listen, I know it’s rough and things right now likely seem overwhelming for a number of reasons. You are not alone bud. Guarantee there are people in your in your life, in your community, your church, any social outlet you have readily available where I promise you, people will rally around you and support you. I’m sorry you’re dealing with a lot but it will and does get better. All things have a season and challenges can open doors to paths you can’t even see yet. Bro, I lost my Mom in a car accident at 25, my Dad was in the same accident, in a coma and then in and out of hospitals for years until he had some semblance of a regular life. Ends up having some mental issues once he stabilized, went off the deep end and ends up cutting me and my siblings out of his life. My extended family fell apart during this time (Mom was the glue). Lost my job, no prospects, lost my girlfriend, lost tons of friends because I was isolating myself from any kind of help. It was bleak Even now my sister is 28, has stage 4 lung cancer (doesn’t smoke and it was a freak genetic thing). Constantly worried, but even there amazing things are happening. It’s brought my family closer together. Made us appreciate the time we have. She’s fighting it, but no matter what, our past experiences have made us understand that we can make good out of the bad. 9 years later, I’m married, great job, family is closer. Still rough going with my Dad, but even that has provided enough with a deep perspective to be more patient and loving with others in my life. There are good and bad days, life is different, but embrace the new. What you’re experiencing now needs to be the motivation to keep fighting for the better ones to come. Tonight is actually my Mom’s 65th birthday. I believe these are the moments where she allows me to help others. You got this man. Keep at this, ask for help. For me it was my Church, group therapy, connecting with friends, focusing on making my family happy, regaining and working on my own confidence and having the realization that everyone goes through unbelievable hardships at a point, but you have a choice, give up? Or keep fighting to make a better tomorrow for yourself! I don’t know you but I know exactly how you feel. IT WILL GET BETTER! You’re not stupid, you’re not alone. The Falcons are a piss poor outlet for happiness right now, but see that even in all this misery, that someday even the Falcons will be successful again. Try not to focus on everything at once, be honest with yourself about what you can handle. Reach out. Don’t. Give. Up! I’m sure plenty on here would say the same! Praying hard for you bud!
  5. Smitty's teams didn't have penalties. Quinn's team this year? That answers that...
  6. Came a long way from being a transfer from Tulsa, huh?
  7. Brady is paid under the table and BB outsmarts every coach he faces. Really tough to duplicate. Their OL also takes nobodies and makes them good. What other teams can do that? Its really tough to replicate. Most teams have to keep their stars. This team isn’t lacking talent. It’s lacking coaching. Specifically defensive coaching. There’s no doubt in my mind if Wade Phillips was our current DC we’d be 6-1. Only Pats philosophy I would adopt is not paying for WRs or RBs unless you have a HOFer. Accumulate picks, sign one year deals for comp picks and lock up your young studs.
  8. In a thread about Ryan’s toughness people still have to knock him as a top QB. Smh. EVERY SINGLE STATISTIC PROVES YOU ARE FLAT OUT WRONG. Yes I’m yelling. JFC. I’ll never forgive Shanahan for one play that kept Ryan from being “elite” whatever the **** that means
  9. TD has built some strong rosters. I can’t fault him. Outside of 2013 & 2014 his rosters were playoff worthy. Even those years, if we are healthy we quite possibly make the playoffs. That means we make the playoffs and every single year but 2015 and 2018. That’s an impressive 11 year stretch. But I think signing Matthews, Brown, Carpenter & Freeman were mistakes. Hiring Koetter was a mistake...and firing MM may have been too ;I think Blank mandates that, though) But watching the Saints win without Brees & Kamara is frustrating. They win with scheme. Just like we did in 2016. Just like the 49ers & Packers are now. On the downs that we currently win, it’s because we have better players, not better coaches And I’m laughing at everyone who said Thomas isn’t an elite receiver. 200 yards up on JJ atm. Dude is the best receiver in short space in football. He knows how to get open quickly and always catches the football. 80% catch rate once again is incredible. He is once again about the average 80% catch rate… The only player to do that since 1980 is John Taylor at 78%
  10. I’ll make you one of groucho marx wearing a falcons cap if you want
  11. Yeah, I think Neal should be in these discussions due to the twin injuries. It's a brutal sport for players who go through consecutive seasons of limited play. Neal would save us $6.5 million. It really, really sucks for him, but a losing team with new personnel people and salary cap issues would cut someone in his situation without a second thought.
  12. What I find sad is that TD was brought here to emulate the Patriot's model, and he has done basically the opposite. Blank who hired him to do that has also done the exact opposite. Imagine it's SB week and a system RB for the Patriots who are playing in the big game demands to be paid via a proxy relative. Not only would he NOT have been paid, he probably would have sat out the SB and the Patriots would win anyway. Imagine a Patriots WR already a huge contract decided to hold out and subtlety demand to be the highest paid receiver in the league despite being under aforementioned contract.. he would have been sent packing, and the Patriots would come back and still make the SB the next season. We said we were going to copy the Patriots model and then basically did the exact opposite of what they would do at every turn.
  13. There are several others as well.
  14. Seriously, Brady calls it pliability. Being flexible and limber is extremely important in protecting from injury. Matt is like a yogi.
  15. Chuck is dead on with his comments. But I will say this IS on the coaches. Vic doesn't produce week after week, but there he is getting snaps while other guys who may be out working him aren't getting any. Each week its the same thing from this defense and yet nothing changes. That adds up to zero accountability and that begins with Dan Quinn. If you're not producing, well deactivate them and give someone else a shot. Never happens though so you have turkeys going through the motions because that is good enough here in Atlanta. This is the culture Dan Quinn created here and it can't leave town soon enough.
  16. I dont see anywhere Ramsey disrespected Julio or anyone honestly.. If anything he held back alot he could have said.. He didnt own Julio or anything in the game, but Ramsey didn't go after Julio in this interview
  17. I forgot about Doug Marrone being the Saints OC. Yeah, I knew about Dennis Allen being a coach under Reeves with us and then Mora kept him on when he took the job. Didn't know if his time as Raiders HC if they had played the Saints or not. Didn't know Trestman was ever with the Saints.
  18. Hopefully we draft good the next 2 years and get out of this cap helI we seem to be headed to wide as$ open.. If we're lucky, we can rebound by 2021
  19. Just wanted to give an update on Willie. Things are slowly getting worse with each passing day and there's absolutely no good of him ever getting better. He was just in too bad of shape before the chemo and radiation treatment started and well, it seems to have done it's thing. His liver, which wasn't very good to begin with, is now all but completely shot and within the next couple of days we're going to have to put him in a nursing home because we just cannot take care of him anymore. He had a seizure or something happen to him tonight. I'm just so overwhelmed and at the end of my rope. I'm all alone here. I'm fighting this all alone with no emotional support from anyone. And I'm desperate to just get a break from this and mom and all this junk. I need a break. I need something fun. I can't remember the last time I had fun. I am alone for the most part. I just wanna be loved so bad and it's never gonna happen because I'm not lovable. There's just so much. I don't know why I should continue to push and fight. I'm just tired to fighting so hard and not getting anywhere. I'm tied. I'm stressed. I'm overwhelmed. It's years and years and years and nothing ever changes and gets better. Nothing good ever happens. It's always bad bad bad bad bad. That's it, I'm done with school. I stayed up half the night watching math videos for nothing. I just flunked that test big time. I quit school. I don't know why I ever thought I was smart enough to become a teacher. I'm just too freaking stupid to learn how to do this crap. 3rd time I'm taking this algebra crap and I just cannot comprehend how to do it. I'm just not capable and smart enough to handle it. I could go to all the tutoring in the world and it's not gonna help me because there is something severely wrong with my brain and the way it operates so come test time I can't remember how to do anything and I just fail. I'm just so freaking stupid. I woke up early this morning to watch a history video for a quiz in class and then I get there and I can't remember what I watched and heard. I just don't understand. My brain don't work. I'm just so stupid. I'm just a complete and major failure at the game of life. Just all there is to it. I wasn't meant to be a success and have a life and wife and career and family and love. Just not who I am. So yeah, life sucks. Here's a life tip, don't be like me.
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  21. I would certainly take him at 8.5 million. Back-to-back pro bowl’s and 25 years old. Anything under 10 million (6 million CAP hit next year) is a deal. I do like the rest of your projection
  22. @Ergo Proxy dosnt believe our cap is an issue.. Im sure he'd like to pay Ryan a little more money to get the extra productivity out of him.. But ive been saying for months our cap is too far off balance and we'll never win until its resolved Id love to see us 60% defense and 40% offense. I know u have to sprinkle in some ST in that.. But just for simplicity
  23. Boot Vic.. Keep Tak.. and bring home Von Miller
  24. McDaniels is the 49ers run game coordinator and I would love him being OC on Kubiak’s coaching tree Or take a calculated flyer on Carmichael as HC & OC. Team averaged 30 ppg when he filled in as HC/OC when SP was out for Bounty Gate
  25. Javon Kinlaw is my pick...**** that kid is good
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