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  3. Got to think we would. Grady has a 2 firsts attached to him. A first this year our.#14, aand 2nd in.2020 would allow trade to #3 and get QW without effecting the rest of.our.draft and keeping a ton of cap to sign.a.couple of.good.players. Tgen in the .2nd or.3rd we could draft Sau ders and have a great.D.line overnight. Or stay put and land Lawerence, Lindstrom,.and.Saunders. Use our 2nd next year and our 3rd back into the second and get Winovich? Stud dline for years, on paper, overnight. Maybe we first and.2nd for Seattles 2 firsts and 3rd? Maybe they really like Sweat, Burns, Bush, Taylor or Metcalf? It would be worth it if Lawerence and Lindstrom? Then have 2 thirds for Isaiah, and maxx crosby/Gaillerd ? Would have immediate and.future needs locked. The n we could cut Fusco and maybe even ****zer
  4. Ford and Lawrence I love it. Get a big nasty on each line. Just what the Falcons need. I like the other picks as well.
  5. Ford + Lawrence = win
  6. The scenario has been advanced. The post and poll are updated. Another close vote this time. I can't believe I just mocked 230 picks and did everything else. Haha. I hope you all have enjoyed it. 114 of you have participated in and voted on this mock draft.
  7. Her being fireproof totally slipped my mind lol.
  8. Teams read mock drafts? Maybe just maybe a TATF Armchair GM Squad will start to gain notoriety sooner than later.
  9. Lol, that'll be the day
  10. Looks like TATF is dug in on a DLineman. Don't come crying on my shoulder if we go CB, LB or TE.
  11. 21. Jeez.Jarett is 20
  12. He's got a better chance of being the face than Schaub if Ryan goes down.
  13. Yeah bro. When the bell rings Thursday none of these mocks will fall the way TATF has been mocking em the last four months. Trust me.
  14. I may receive heat for this, but I believe there are 2 guys currently on the team that if they were to ever turn things around and become what we hoped for, then that’s who would make this defense take the next step. Those 2 guys are Vic and Takk. Now I wonder, who/what would make those 2 guys finally get it together? Aside from each of them individually improving (Takk getting in better shape and Vic learning moves/how to use his hands), I’m going to say that a big bodied disruptive interior force at DT like a Fletcher Cox/Akiem Hicks and a legit lockdown CB would do wonders for this defense.
  15. Love it.
  16. Falcons get Ford & Lawrence & future starters at CB & WLB?...yes please!
  17. Yep. I think it's more likely that Sweat or Gary fall than Dex.
  18. I want to give him an A but not being able to attain a legitimate pass rush in ten years brings it down a notch. Everyone misses players in the draft, make bad signings and so on and so forth. I still give him a solid B+. He has kept our rosters pillars relatively stacked over the years.
  19. It is telling that no one else has sniffed around him
  20. 70 you alright bro Jesus that must of hurt mate B shucks I thought you’d be down the alphabet some with these grades lol.
  21. So, I'm kinda surprised. I mean, with all the people on this board advocating for Brian Burns and Montez Sweat, there's only 3 votes for the "speedy" Edge rusher. Can anyone who's been advocating for drafting these guys but voted for something else explain why? I'm not trying to bash anyone btw. I'm genuinely curious. With the love they're getting, I thought for sure we'd see more votes there.
  22. I'll give Dimi a (B-). Did some good things here, but stepped on his weenie way too many times to get a higher grade from me. Buddy has definitely slipped since his GM Awards a decade ago. I honestly still believe a TATF Armchair GM Squad could have gotten a (B). Coaching Hires - (B+) - Smitty and Quinn were dam good hires but both of them had serious weaknesses. Smitty couldn't beat NO and coached some keystone cop teams in the postseason. Quinn acted like a rah rah DLine coach and was a turrible game manager. Neither showed great in-game adjustments and got out coached by plenty coaches Scout Teams - (B-) - His scout teams were decent with Snead and Caldwell heading em up, but he had a dreadful run when they left. On the College and Pro side. Was eventually forced to turn the scout teams over to Pioli by Blank. Pioli has done a much better job. Need to nail this draft to save some jobs though. Should be able to Free Agency - (C-) - 2016 was stellar. Also had a few nice individual hits with Turner, Bryant and Mack. But all the whiffs dwarf the hits. He spent significant cap space on the likes of DuntaRobbinUs, RayRay Edwards, Osi, SJax and more. All of them were average to below average. Quite frankly his free agent classes have been putrid overall Trades - (B) - Engineered some excellent trades like TonyG, Levitre, Asante and Foxy, acquiring proven players with minimal draft capital loss. Needs to pull off a trade like that this year with one of his KC, LAR, JAX or NE buddies. This would be an A+ if he hadn't traded 15 picks to move up for 5 decent players. Way too much ornamental excess Draft - (C+) - Awesome 2008 and 2016 classes. He went bike riding from 2009 to 2012 though. That had to be one of the worst four year runs over that span. Only drafted two top tier trench players in eleven years. Went too explosive on offense. Needed seven years to find a low round gem. Only thing keeping this from a C- is Ryan, Julio and Grady. Cap - (B-) - Did a decent job with the cap when Ryan was on his rookie contract. Struggled when that money kicked in. Egregious 2013 purge. His cap space is drying up fast. With Julio and Grady wanting more money, while Debo and Neal are lining up at the Troff. Probably bottom of the league in cap space the last three years. Will be cap challenged the next couple seasons Record - (B) - He was on fire in his first five years with a 56-24 (.700) record, two NFCS Championships and four playoff berths. In his last six years he's gone 46-50 (.479) with only one division championship and two playoff berths. This would be a B- if not for the Super Bowl berth in 2016. His squad choked that one away in historical fashion. He's looking up at several teams in 2019
  23. Yeah next year s 2nd was.ovrrkill. There had to be another offer that drove tye.price up because.Seattle couodnt afford him.after paying Wilson.
  24. Very much so. Seems like.he would press and play trail technique like Lattimore, but there is.a reason he isnt.
  25. Why would.Seattle.take.a.later.first round pick? Im sure.there were other offers.
  26. No one knows outside of HR and the staff and there are zero leaks happening thanks to Kirby.
  27. Like it but if Dex falls to the middle of the 2nd round I’ll be shocked.
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