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  2. Imagine trying to shame other people while running around saying that poor people shouldn't be allowed to vote.
  3. I got you. I agree with you. Talk does not equal success like quiet does not equal failure. I got you now. At the end of the day man, talk...cocky...humble...don't really care either way if they show up on Sunday.
  4. Looks like someone is tired of all the theatrics…. The Hill “The top Democratic congressional leaders are calling on special counsel Robert Mueller to testify on Capitol Hill as soon as possible following what they describe as Attorney General William Barr‘s “partisan” handling of the release of the Mueller report. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) released a joint statement early Thursday, hours ahead of when a redacted version of Mueller’s report is expected to be released, and hours after a New York Times report revealed that White House lawyers and Department of Justice officials have already repeatedly discussed details of Mueller’s conclusions.
  5. What are you talking about? Didn’t you watch the video? HE IS THE SAME LEVEL OF RISK AS METCALF STOP CHANGING THE TRUTH!
  6. The collusion egg on face is barely dry and now the fake/scm and many posters are doubling down in obstruction. How much egg can one face take?
  7. Sitting back, reading the reactions of people on this site.............. Anyone cheerleading this ******** saying Trump didn't obstruct (based on the report), remember this, time marches on, and there is going to come a time when an even more hellbent, straight up ******* Dem is president........................remember this day, you will regret it!!!
  8. The stupid apple doesn't flail too far from the stupid tree, it seems.
  9. How has the Soroka look so far?
  10. They were mobilized in 2018 and Dems still won back the house by a large margin. MAGA chuds will be mobilized regardless. Trump knows the office is protecting him from his other crimes.
  11. In reality it is
  12. It was speaking about the issues that Americans care about that won the Dems back the House moreso than Trump's stupid antics or anything that the Republicans have proposed. An impeachment proceeding, albiet an important check mechanism would be a Catch .22 when it comes to attempting to influence his hardcore base to look at him any differently.
  13. Yeah Constitutionally that is impossible.
  14. I agree with the overall sentiment, but don't see all that talent at OL in this year's draft. Maybe they mean values in the 3rd round? Doesn't seem like any truly elite talent OTs this year.
  15. wario is going to double his post count today
  16. To be Frank here, this Mueller report is instilling my faith in the news media, especially MSNBC, WaPo and NYTimes. Reason Being: most, if not virtually all, of this was already reported on by these esteemed organizations. Regardless of the nay-sayers, the MSM's reporting speaks for itself. What the Mueller report does is just give more details and "authority" to the reports on Trump's malign behavior the past 2 years.
  17. Then it should be easy enough to beat him in 2020, right?
  18. DT or bluffing
  19. Yeah. The most disconcerting thing for Newcomb this year was the fact that he had given up more hits than IP (something he has never done at any level to date). He's always going to have command issues, but his calling card is generating weak contact. EDIT: My apologies, as I was mistaken. He gave up 16 hits in 14 IP in his first 6 games as a minor leaguer.
  20. He ain't getting impeached by the Senate.
  21. Jalen Ramsey looks very foolish imo because he can talk all he wants and his team still hasn't proven anything. What I disagree with most is the thought process that some seem to be using that a player is either quiet and unsuccessful like Vic or loud and successful like Takk. There are plenty of guys that are highly successful that show it on the field. Julio has been a extremely successful player but he isn't going to make public predictions about personal stats because he knows that winning as a team is more important. To me it's more about the drive, effort and dedication that guys are putting in to being at the top of their game than any words ever spoken. Some guys with that drive are loud about it, many others are not.
  22. and we have a league-low 3 outdoor games, which is the lowest you can possibly get(Carolina, Tampa and SF)
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