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  2. I had a chicken strip basket from DQ with extra gravy. If my metabolism ever slows down in gonna be a fat ***
  3. Why would he have to hide that? It's not like he's married.
  4. I don't think we've ever had the cap situation we're headed for in 2020. TATF loves to pencil in the draft as the saving grace. We have one 2019 draft pick that's played significant snaps and he's gotten his as handed to him before we even get to the division games. The draft should be a longer term solution. Not a year one hole filling strategy. LMAO at the rest falling into place. How? Please detail that for us.
  5. You are better for it as well I am sure. I had pad thai for lunch and decided to switch things up. It was pretty good.
  6. The thing with that idea though is blank knows that Quinn has considerable sway in the personnel area.....because Blank is the one who set up the structure.. it is not like blank is just napping in the War Room during the draft he is there being active..... and if he is as meddlesome as some people here has said then he knows exactly who's calling the shots when it comes to the personnel.
  7. You might want to do a little research
  8. Did your wife or girlfriend leave you for a Saints fan or something? You post an absurd amount about a team you're allegedly not a fan of. Like I'm not even kidding, it's REALLY not healthy to have that much hate bottled up, man.
  9. Go away you fake fan. Typical Bandwagoner that goes for the hottest teams. If you cant handle what we are going through now then you definitely couldnt handle the misery before.
  10. Trolling is not for you. You’re not that good at it.
  11. This drafting seems illogical: For offensive skill players, Ryan, Jones, Freeman, and Sanu consume 35.8% of the cap. Add Matthews and Mack, the team has 49% invested in six veteran offensive players. The team spent a first round pick in 2018 on another receiver, Calvin Ridley. There is so much invested in this offense and it has impacted the defense. Over the last two seasons, an organization that has known defense was a weakness since their Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, has invested three first round picks in offensive players over the last two years: Ridley, plus linemen Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary. In the five drafts since 2015, the team has only had 32 draft picks, that’s eight less than the league average. Eight less opportunities to draft defensive players and instead have to take a larger chance on an undrafted player.
  12. G-Dawg my astute poster, you know what they say about ASSUMING. It makes an A$$ out of you and me. We can't assume nothing with AB in charge. I see all these posters on here saying what AB is going to do this week or after next week. Maybe they have the inside scoop or know AB's relatives. Or is it speculation or what they want to happen? And I didn't get the a gun part. Anyway keep posting, I find you knowledgeable.
  13. Fried Falcon tastes great! I never tried it? Tom Brady Told me how good it is?
  14. The Brotherhood is silly! That is something kids would use not grown up professionals. You don't see such stupid stuff with many other professional teams. It is nothing but childnessess in my opinion. Buckle up brotherhood let's go lose another game lol!!!
  15. This almost certainly means bye-bye Vic - it they can find a trading partner. That’s a big if. Think other front offices haven’t seen what we’ve all seen?
  16. Quinn is so impotent during the games, I can't see any reason to keep him at this point. And I was a big supporter of his until this season. I think he's burned out myself.
  17. I would trade Hoop for a 2nd... I think we would get a 3rd in compensation if we let him walk.. I don't mind getting rid of him.. but he is the least of our problems... lets trade Vic and Tru.. those 2 are the ones that need to go ....
  18. I want Sanu to get a ring and as such will be rooting for his success but I ain't becoming a Patriots fan. I'm still a Falcon warts and all. P.S. Same arrangement I made with Teco in SF.
  19. I like riding on a Wagon that actually has wheels or in the Patriots case Tank Treads! The Falcons wagon is wheelless, and struck in quicksand! Have you looked at the Falcons Salary Cap situation? WoW! They are about to into a 10 year abyss!!
  20. Because I was hoping for a real discussion on the topic. Instead I got "this guy sucks in my eyes so he must not be all in!!!"
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