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  2. That is how bad this defense is. A solid offense that can score is not enough to lift this team from being among the worst teams in the league.
  3. No defending Beasley's 1 year price. You aren't trading for Clowney on a big-time contract. No cap room moving forward. There's a reason even if Vic went off this year he'd walk anyway for comp pick because we have no room to sign a massive contract to a pass rusher right now. We have to rely on the draft moving forward or clear enough room for a rental next year; like we should have done by saving $13M this year. The trading for Clowney idea is fallible fiscally moving forward.
  4. Raheem is in the same meetings that aren't getting **** done this year. If he was worth his metal he would make his voice heard. I am sure DQ trusts him as the assistant Head Coach and would take his opinion into account.
  5. What you posted, times 1,000. The thing is, even replacing him won't fix anything that he's broken. Might staunch the bleeding though. But, the environment, national discourse, trust for our intelligence agencies (and law enforcement in general), international alliances and national security have been irreparably damaged and it will take generations for us to overcome it. It took half a century to create the brand that we held in the world (whether we deserved it or not; it was mostly PR) and we'll never be seen as that country again. Even the belief that our Constitution was strong enough to protect us has been dispelled. Nobody should revere it again since it's been shat upon and very few seem to care. All most care about is who's ahead in the game. We're living in the dystopian future that a really bad writer would have described. I'd like to stop reading and burn the book. And maybe, shoot the writer or something.
  6. Josh Donaldson is a finalist for NL comeback player of the year.
  7. I would still love to hear what was said in that call with Erdogan, and whether Trump’s hotels in Turkey ever came up in the conversation.
  8. Oliver needs to take Neal's Role for the remainder of the season.
  9. Chess move though Vandy go out half hearted to get your *** kicked lol. I’d be **** scared if any of these guys were in charge.
  10. Raheem Morris is Flex Seal for NFL coaching, he's a hold until the new guy comes in! Ed Dodds Team President/GM 2020 Making Atlanta Great Again.
  11. While conducting business in foreign countries at the same time she and his other family are working on foreign policy with those countries. But let’s talk about Hunter Biden!!
  12. Don't forget about "Daddy's Little Girl" sitting in an office next to him in the White House.
  13. Looking back on the Falcons since Blank bought the team, we are exactly at the point where Blank would want to move on from his HC. And I have not seen or heard him ever committing to Quinn in a way that would have DQ survive multiple terrible years in a row. Considering that business has a negative outlook as well (who will buy season tickets in 2020 with DQ still around), the new fancy stadium basically empty already, I fail to see how Blank the businessman as well as Blank the sports team owner has any loyalty left to DQ.
  14. I'd be pizzed, too....but isn't he the one who said some of those players would be Falcons For Life, and now they're under-performing? Do you think he could be gettin' what he deserves? I mean, I don't recall EVER hearing an owner, much less a coach, say something like that ---
  15. I didn’t say it wasn’t said. I said I want to hear it from blank himself. Blank wouldn’t just tell him that behind closed doors knowing it would be made public. Has never came across as that type
  16. If Q gets fired I think MM would do the best...he would likely come in, win a few games to push the draft pick back, then Korn-Ferry would recommend someone else for the job. the other problem w firing Q is we have no DC. Maybe we could put RM there...but that’s a scheme change then, since he has been doing WRs. Never should have let him do both in the first place...oh well, we all know what they say about hindsight one thing is for sure, it’s a friggin sht show!
  17. Ed Dodds, Making Atlanta great again 2020!
  18. Ed Dodds, GM and Team President 2020, I'm starting the campaign today!
  19. That’s the thing though there’s no guarantee of picking higher is going to help us. Ive played alot of team sport over the years and we weed out character traits like this. If you as an organisation adhere to a thought process of giving up when your not going well forget about draft picking early you got bigger issues.
  20. And Ryan goes to Disney land in Feb 2021. One happy family.
  21. Has Blank hired Ed Dodds yet? We told him too 4 hours ago, get that old fart up and tell him to get his check book, we are tired of losing.
  22. Only thing he will be doing in 2020 is unpacking.
  23. JMac at all costs, then a proven DC who can run a 4-3.
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