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  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing a switch to a 3-4 but the way Raheem is currently running the 4-3 I’m cool with
  3. I just think it’s coming down to McKay’s and Webster’s decision. And the people they are more connected with. That’s how the league works. And not to mention AB listens to everything McKay says.
  4. I asked you a question.. you responded.. yep.. you’re still as confused as we thought
  5. We are not in conversation, as I recall I wasn't responding to you, but you were itching to respond to me.... ..But I am the issue?
  6. You stated that already.. remember? “the issue remains” circular conversations are no fun
  7. I think police should be eliminated from society. Then we could all be happy.
  8. There is no comparison.....That's not the issue It remains asinine to compare Matt Ryan to Tom Brady
  9. B10 looks just a little weaker now huh
  10. Yesterday
  11. So what is it when you compare an unproven college player to an NFL veteran?
  12. That said, I'm glad RG is locked up for years. It was a choice the Falcons were backed into. Now, Tyeler is playing poorly this year and saw his snaps reduced in favor of Bailey; who had a nice game last week. All of that said, with Takk's injury history and DFJ being worse so far than anticipated (even from realistic expectations)...DE and S are probably our main issues on defense. Good news is Tyeler's contract was effectively a 1 year deal. Gotta hope Marlon and Cominsky get something done this year to inspire some confidence in the roster along the DL moving forward. S and DL...g
  13. I promise, I was trying to avoid this topic.....but...I couldn't do it Responding to the first comment.....To suggest.....that Matt Ryan...I have no love for Tom Brady by the way.....but to suggest that Matt Ryan is doing anything as good as Tom Brady.....that's beyond asinine.... It renders everything you state after that irrelevant, you are giving your position away when you compare 6 to 0
  14. Lol i live in Florida not Atlanta so maybe in Georgia y’all good with being mediocre but everyone here is not a Falcons fan and nobody respects Atlanta ... 28-3 is literally the worst collapse in all of sports we’re a laughing stock to anyone who’s not a falcons fan at what point is change needed all you guys are so complacent and good with just being comfortable
  15. OK , fess up now, are you sitting out in the Pumpkin Patch with Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear and bring you presents ?
  16. That's Quinn's Falcons. Good that he's gone now so the Falcons can shed that label.
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