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  2. Despite everything that went wrong in that game, the special teams giving up all those 2-point conversions pissed me off the most. Well, besides coaching.
  3. They have to simply do their job - gett off on 3rd down , create TURONVERS & For FUKE SAKE NOT GIVE AWAY 2PTS CONVERSIONS on back to back drives.
  4. Defense wins championships as long as the offense doesn't leave them out there all day.
  5. Go to Tennessee Thread on this forum. The last post is someone that has 3 tux for sale.
  6. Just getting Trufant helps alot, but overall they will be crazy good.
  7. Ah, I see. That's the guy who marla and gang were saying hacked the DNC and leaked info to frame Trump or something. Seems like their conspiracy people (eg. Cernovich) did the same thing Mensch and those people do where they pick up on some info or news and then blew it out of proportion to fit whatever narrative they're creating at the moment. Awan was being investigated for bank fraud, yada yada yada, Trump is vindicated.
  8. Detroit killed me as well
  9. I didn't say the Bears are a decent "Team". Just stated that they have a decent defense which could provide our offense with a good tune-up. We lost two games last year to San Diego and to Philadelphia. Last year the Chargers and Philly 'should' have been about the two easiest games on our schedule outside of the division. This year that should be Chicago and the Jets. Chicago's defense could be like the Eagles were last year, not going to say the Jets are anything half as good as the Chargers but looking at the schedule, were supposed to be one of the weakest matchups (albeit Chargers came off a mini-bye and beat us at HOME). We just cannot let our guard down for any game this next year, no matter how weak our opponent might seem on paper.
  10. Serious about the affair
  11. Very rarely do teams that lose the Super Bowl have lower than 10 win teams the next season, or that is the average. We were and still are on the rise, unlike the 2012 and 98 teams, as well as many other super Bowl losing teams. I wholeheartedly believe that we showed up a season too early, and be on track this year. Barring major you-know-what, we should be atop the NFC. Ryan will have developed chemistry with his newer weapons, and should transcend last season. I have a strong feeling that offensively, we won't let off of the gas from last season. Because of an improving defense, we could be the first team to have back to back historical offensive seasons. Its a definite possibility.
  12. Sigh, we will forever be in the Middle East.
  13. Don't know? Name a better roster that this franchise has had on both sides...I've been down since Bartkowski so ummm I'll wait.
  14. Then I stand corrected about the Pats before 2000. However, I will stand by the notion that their popularity even then, wasn't what it is now. NE was where you found most Pats fans in the 90's and at least they won a championship. The Braves in the 90's where the in a similar situation when they won. Now they're Patriots fans everywhere though still not quite at the level of (bandwagon)Cowboys fans. Difference is that at least the Pats have been relevant in the last 20 years and won titles. I still don't believe you could have possibly had a worse owner then Rankin Smith and his clan. 90% of our misery started with them, which makes me glad we got an owner like Blank who actually cares about this team. Granted he got the ATL a pro football team, but I questioned his actual interest in the team.
  15. I am going to call these campaign rallies safe space camps. Dude needs his ego constantly stroked
  16. You are a brainwashed sheep!............................ that's real talk. Seriously you gave nothing to the topic at hand.
  17. Ima take that as he has his decision. It's just a matter of when. Or he's atleast close.
  18. I look at it this way, even if our offense regresses with the change in OC (I'm doubtful of this due to personnel, but for the sake of argument), I think we believe our defense will improve as much or more. Let's say we average 3 points per game less on offense. Do we not think our defense is going to improve by at least 3 points? 7 points, even? This year is there for the taking unless the injury bug comes calling, and there's not a thing we can really do about that. There will be ups and downs, but you put a "something to prove" attitude together with the talent and depth wr have, and there will be some teams that get flat our curb-stomped this year.
  19. Ooooooooohhhhhh DWS in twubble
  20. I just don't understand these posts acting like the Bears are a decent team. Where does that thought come from? There's a reason they won only 3 games last year. It's because this team (at least on paper) is horrendous.
  21. Last night, on NFL I watched the entire show of Fall of Bills - 4 consecutive S.B appearances with LOSS in ALL of them. There cannot be ANY NFL team & its fans more disheartened Or Cursed than Buffalo Bills. They showed how after EVERY LOSS especially the first one they let it slip away by simply missisng a F.G & then some kinda jinx kept following them. Patriots were 0-2 in their S.B appearance as well before 2002. Dont forget, their heart breaking loss...after going 16 -0 and then losing to Eli Manning Giants in 2008. Fyi: Scott Pioli was G.M at Patriots same year. Patriots beat our arched NFCS rival Panthers ( 32 -29 ) where first time losing team QB Jake Delhomme was named MVP who had a flawless game. How bizarre - Patriots beat Carolina in similar T.O.P like they did Falcons - 40mins vs 20mins (apx) Falcons are 0-2 in S.B at the moment. Patriots found Brady & B.B combo to deliver in 2002 & we have Matt Ryan & Quinn who will deliver in 2017-2018 & coming years build a dynasty. Pin this post guys - I'm FIRST to call this we will avenge our S.B loss with Patriots & will annihilate them when time is right. Yes it brutally scarred our hearts when our team lost.....but, so did our players suffer immensely who sacrificed EVERYTHING against all odds to get on big stage even when we were NOT ready. There were flaws since beginning of our season. We ALL knew it and were witnessing it how we were blowing up big leads and were soo pathetic in RED ZONE defense & pass defense. But, come 2017 D.Q & Falcons fixed those little holes and kept most roster intact. Last year, addition of ALEX MACK took Matt Ryan and offense to TOP 10 OFFENSES of all time. This year, additon of DONTARI POE & young L.B from last year will make our defense TOP 10 of all time. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS 2017 -2018 FALCONS WILL RAISE LOMBARDI!! #RISEUP #BROTHERHOOD
  22. It's so confusing
  23. still got to believe this team can make a run
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