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  2. Not, swamper tears whiled delightful, have an odor of swamp gas. Best to laugh at them, but take precaution and stay away.
  3. They were standing in the path of the natives march, the natives tried to walk around them but the kids blocked them off, then you get the scenes we're familiar with, then after a few minutes when it was clear the kids were not going to move, clear a path, stop mocking them, or saying **** like it was good that the native's lands were stolen they gave up, left, and sought a different path around them. So, no. The right's attempt to run interference for them has been lacking, at best.
  4. Wait my points don't make sense because you don't agree Take some time off the clock so Brady can't beat you in the final minutes ? LOL ok
  5. Thats fair
  6. Trust me, it's digested, regurgitated, permiated, fermented, And all the other ate'd's....
  7. I say that their tears have a hint of root beer taste that hits the back of my palate...
  8. While I agree to some degree, He isn’t nearly as underrated as Matt Ryan. A big difference is Ryan is underrated by many of his own fans, and Brees is universally appreciated by his.
  9. you should definitely win the day with this one. Deserves nothing less than a Smitty Special, so here ya go
  10. Back in the 70s-80s when the Rams and 49ers dominated the division it was always a battle to see who wouldn't be bottom dwellers. "Well we stink but at least we're not as bad as the Saints". I've probably heard that 100 times. There were also some really bad blowouts early on that went both directions.
  11. You don't even need all that... It's because their fans are uppity arrogant ******** that think they're better than everyone.... and love to run their mouth. If their fans were humble... like Panther fans (for the most part).... then it would be a civilized rivalry. But they're not so **** em! And the best part is.... we're not the only ones that feel that way. When I made the first YouTube thread after the Saints lost the first videos I found were from Eagles and Vikings fans. The Saints fans arrogance and the behavior of their team has not endeared them to other fan bases... not at all.... now everyone is beginning to see their true color.... ******* brown.
  12. This is a mirror of SB 51
  13. Exactly, but no ones talking about those!
  14. And I'm surprised this hasn't been discussed more because I thought it was game changing.. I watched NFLN all morning and I didn't hear one word.
  15. Yeah, the refs made Breesus throw that INT in overtime. know what I mean? They come in all different shapes and sizes along with different levels of IQ.
  16. @SaintRay you never answered my question. Do you need another week to let it digest?
  17. Yeah we could see some new teams in next year. The Bucs might show enough improvement. The Bears will be tough. The Seahawks are back. Maybe we Giants? I think Reid gets fired after next season. Beneimy will take over
  18. This is what I’ve sort of been thinking too. ONE challenge flag to use on a penalty (or a non-call). You’d have to be very strategic in using it. God knows there have been plenty of times I’ve wanted the Falcons to have that option. Flip side argument: it’s already so controversial when a penalty is called or missed, I wonder if this wouldn’t just create more outcry in the end.
  19. Idk her off the top of my head, but I'm hoping that's the song from those adopt a pet commercials lmaooo
  20. Well, in this case he is right. But it's not like the fake/scm hasn't messed up willfully/purposely a series of stories with a rush to judgement.
  21. they don't. After years of them getting preferential treatment from the refs...they have no right to be mad.
  22. The saints did not "get screwed" It was one of many missed /bad calls in the game. The multiple missed face masks hurt the rams....especially the one where it would have bee first and goal at the 2.
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