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  2. Is your name a KOTOR reference?
  3. Seems about right. Fine to be optimistic but not really a ton of reason to think we'll be head and shoulders better. Most important players are all a year older.
  4. After being up for nearly 50 hours straight, I slept most of today. So I need to watch this Tiger King, huh?
  5. inb4 1 year at vet minimum
  6. No previous experience with transmissions but just about everything else except engine blocks. This guy on youtube is a pro and explains everything as he does it, once you get an idea what's what, it's less intimidating and hard to **** up. Main thing is just to keep track of the pieces, but most of them only fit in one place so it's hard to lose them. His videos plus the shop manual make it easy, just time consuming to clean everything + reassemble. My advice is to clean the housing really good before taking it apart so that nothing from the outside gets on the inside (road debris etc).
  7. I hear ya, just thinking we are gonna need to prove it for anyone outside of ATL to think they are capable of any different.
  8. Leave it to you to recognize something like this.
  9. If Clowney settles for less after the market worked against him... TATF: “fiRe dUmMiTrOf”
  10. Bro we went 33-15 the three years before Julio got here and had a top 10 offense in two of those years. We went 2-1 in the last three games Julio missed and averaged 33.7 ppg. We could have spent that $20.4M on the defense and drafted one of the WRs in this deep WR class and been better off.
  11. ****...that puts the shute in poopshute
  12. I feel like there's a gay feline subculture now in ABF
  13. Any Memorabilia experts in here? I'm thinking about buying a Deion Sanders helmet from a guy, but am not familiar with the COA and the signature is different than what I've typically seen from Deion. Anyone heard of the COA company or seen this signature before?
  14. You need to hear Trump's latest horse manure. He said "Governor's should be thanking him for then great job he's been doing". end quote - first he's done a sh!ty job and second you don't thank someone for doing their f***ing job.
  15. Well the production just is not there...if it were teams would haven him what he wanted....even with the injury concerns...or would have been at least close.
  16. All my children actor.
  17. Actually Auburn was 2013. Still hurts.
  18. Mayor of NOLA said she would have cancelled Mardi Gras the end of Feb had the Fed Gov sent a warning other than staying busy selling their stocks.
  19. 2016,17,18,19. What the ****
  20. Trump blind sides Cuomo on a possible complete shut down of New York. No prior conversation.
  21. Just be glad it's not a 2,000 lb'er out of diesel semi.
  22. Like many of you (perhaps the silent majority?) I am an admitted tanker. While I'm surprised how well our FA choices have looked and think we can get a good first rounder at 16, this team needed both a new head coach (who can make changes mid way through games) and a boatload of great draft picks to have any chance at being elite. Imagine for a moment if we had both a great new coach and picked within the top 5 for the draft. The excitement would be real-I personally pretty much lost interest in the second half of the season and that's never happened before. This is NOT a debate tanking vs. non-tanking thread! I don't know lots about the draft, as I'm just a typical fan. I'm looking to the experts here to become GMs for a day and share your strategies. A couple scenarios. Let's say we have the 4th pick in the draft. Who would you pick or would you draft back and pick up additional picks? It appears that there are several teams that would trade up and sacrifice a lot to get one of the top QBs. Would a Robert Griffen trade back be possible (You know the trade. In an effort to acquire Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins traded three first-round picks and a second-round selection for the St. Louis Rams' No. 2 overall selection)? Option 1: pick at 4 - Okudah or Brown. What would your choice be? Option 2: trade back to around 10. Pick 4 is worth 1800. Pick 10 is worth 1300. Get an extra high second rounder (500). Maybe get Kinlaw? Option 3: trade back for a team desperate for a QB and willing to overpay (not quite so much as the R Griffen deal but an extra high second, third and next year's second). what would be a realistic trade with what team and what could we get for it? Add who you would select for the second and third rounds, including extra picks if we trade back. Any ideas?
  23. Price is only gonna go down after the draft and teams fill needs and cap gets spent. So jokes on him and his advisors it seems
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