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  2. The problem is race exacerbates the issue at hand. Yes the economy sucks and you have to put in 75 applications to get a job... the other person has to put in 150. I am fortunate because I am in a negative employment area of the workforce. We literally can’t hire fast enough within this field. slightly off topic, my wife hates that node discussion within IT ends up being about master and slave nodes. She’s like “change it”. I try to use primary and secondary, but then what do I do when there are secondary slave nodes? secondary secondary nodes ????
  3. I can tell you why you're going to keep having this fight all the way through election day but you three in particular don't want to hear it.
  4. All I know Matt Ryan will have e a big game and the receivers are going to have impressive numbers. I expect Takk to be disruptive from the side he is attacking, and Grady Jarret and the interior defense could cause Colts QB to turn the ball over.
  5. You literally just explained why it’s good faith. He’s explained his position, and been honest that he doesn’t have an alternative. His position is that he’s not obligated to have an alternative to offer his criticism, while you seemingly disagree. He hasn’t hidden the ball, or tried to bait you, or played semantic games. That you disagree with the substance of his position does not make it bad faith.
  6. And Lou, I’ll have to respond later tonight. Got plans all days.
  7. He wasn't my first favorite, but man he was a favorite quickly. My brother-in-law and I still look at each other sometimes and one of us says "can you imagine if Barry ran behind those Cowboys lines that Emmitt Smith got to run behind......."
  8. He’s made his point clear — he’s going to s*** on her nonstop without offering any alternative. That’s clear enough. What it’s not is sincere. He openly said that he doesn’t have an alternative strategy. He said he doesn’t feel obligated to offer one. What is good faith about saying, “I’m going to endlessly dump on this person’s strategy but admit I don’t know enough to say why it’s bad, let alone offer an alternative?” Please explain that.
  9. So I didn’t understand that stuff on Evans - we no longer feel good?
  10. It's hard to even remember back that far, but this is probably true for me too. My dad HATED him out of college. He just always seemed to goober things up in those early seasons (at least if my dad's commentary can be trusted -- I was 5 when he came into the NFL). But by the 80s, we were all on board. I still liked players from other teams, and ours too. I loved William Andrews. Lynn Cain. I loved Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett, back before Jerry Jones ruined the Cowboys for me. Huge fan of Bradshaw and Lynn Swann. But Bart was probably my first favorite. He was my QB. And he was an awfully good one, to play on such bad teams.
  11. I think PG has made his point on Pelosi clear. I think he’s been sincere. I don’t have to explain it or justify it for him, nor does he have to meet your demands or standards for governance for it to be in good faith. Just trying to give you an outside opinion about how you’re appearing. Take it or leave it.
  12. No I didn't imply it. I commented on what Candace was saying. Even clarified what I was saying but nope that's not good enough for you. You are a psychic who knows what im thinking and what I really meant. Just admit it. You argue in bad faith alllll the time.
  13. Also, please explain how s***ing on Pelosi over impeachment every day without bothering to offer an alternative strategy is “good faith”?
  14. Not at all. If we’re going to poison the well and s*** all over Dems, then Screamy McSocialist is fair game.
  15. Yep, and I expect him the take his lumps moving forward, but what I’m looking for is how he handles them.
  16. Sure, but you see the point about not leaping to conclusions that it’s bribery or extortion without evidence, right? If it comes out that there wasn’t a promise made (and some reports say that), then it becomes a “Trump wiggled out of this again because stupid media overplayed it”. But you’re kind of doing the same “overplaying it” thing now.
  17. Falcons jump to a big 17-3 lead then falter in the second half and end up losing 34-27 as Trufant pulls a hamstring, Jarrett leaves with a shoulder injury, and Quinn calls a strange timeout. In the stands there is a huge fight as a falcon fan spills his beer all over a row of colts fans then proceeds to whip all their butts. Fan predictions are silly. Naturally we hope the Falcons win. Here's a second prediction for you, Falcons win 54-6. As their one bright spot, Colts get three safeties.
  18. You are being purposefully obtuse in what you evidently think is a clever way of making your point. It’s not clever, nor does it make your point, and of the two of you, it makes you look like the one posting in bad faith.
  19. This is your favorite game to play. You strongly imply something, and when called out on it, yell “SHOW ME WHERE I SAID THAT!” You’re a child.
  20. I LOVE how this was moved to 'anything but logic' well played mods, well played!
  21. I’m still waiting for the facts. They’re coming out slowly. Mitch won’t remove him regardless of what happens and they’re just going to take over the narrative to accuse Biden of wrong doing.
  22. Where did I say no one should worry about it?
  23. “I didn’t dismiss it, I just said it’s so rare no one should worry about it.”
  24. You think PG is posting in good faith? He’s not. I’ve explained his “poison the well” strategy. It’s pretty obvious by this point.
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