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  2. Unfairly treated yeah ok 30th in the league rushing the football yep unfairly treated lol. 30th out of 32 basically backs up the fact which is wrong with this offense. Difference between 15 and last year was you could see what thee offense could do when it was mastered even Matt Ryan mentioned it. They came out of the gate 5 or 6 and 0 before they stuttered.The whole year for the most part thee offense stuttered. I have my fingers crossed and are hopeful but comparing KSs first year with dog pooh that is DK just no no.
  3. Something tells me if Mgarry is firing then it’s nasty time.
  4. Today
  5. Oof Shanny was bold for allegedly nomo Roddy. But my thang is w/ Raspect! If he can cook, why do he got a learn new recipes?
  6. DiCaprio won an Oscar for Best Actor for that role if I'm not mistaken. I think the director and cinematographer both won Oscars as well for the film. It was a really good movie in my opinion.
  7. I'll admit I was one that hated kyle his first year, mainly because of love for Roddy White, but the thing that gave me hope going into year 2 with kyle was how much our run game improved in his first year here. We also had the worst 1-2 punch between a center that would fumble snaps and Coleman's rookie fumble issues. Then throw in Hankersons drops and it just turned into a strange season for the offense. Maybe with Koetter he's been treated unfair with learning a new offense, oline rookies, injury issues, and a terrible defense. I do like that we haven't changed playbooks but I dont understand why we didnt bring in a kubiak/shannahan deciple or kubiak himself to call the plays.
  8. My question is why did Wright give up on his fastball, Frenchy could've had a perfect night setting how little he was throwing it. Should Travis be blamed for that or what?
  9. I really think the Braves should hire a team sports therapist. John Smoltz never would have became a HOF player had he not started seeing one and Tyler Matzek is on record of saying his rebound in his career is thanks to one.
  10. Dudes name rang bells in Lexington. RIP
  11. It would be pretty cool if they actually hold these **** heads accountable for this. It's brazenly corrupt and unconstitutional. I'll believe it when I see it though, the GOP only cares about power and the Dems apparently just want postal workers to feel appreciated.
  12. Why are people making a big deal out of folks pronouncing Kamala Harris's name like "ka-mall-uh" instead of "comma-luh"??? They commonly pronounced her name that way during the freaking debates and nobody said **** about it then.
  13. Forreals...Like tryn to bring the magic back that never was with an old fling. Not fair to the one you’re with to expect the same passion in current relationships (listen to EW&F: ““after the love is gone”). This is how DQ will finesse you: Deflect when the onus is really on him. Shame on Blank getting played, man Don’t.know Richard about football. So many fish in the sea I innovative fish a plenty. *random side note: speaking of classic tunes. These new unis remind me of how I felt every time an OutKast album dropped. Weird at 1st, but cooler than a polar bears toenails forever after.
  14. The thing that some people need to remember that the guys we are running out there are young...very young and it can take time for pitchers to fill out. Some guys indeed never live up to their potential but even some of the best pitchers over the last decade or so struggled early on. I mean Scherzer had an era of over 4 in 2 of his first 3 full years Verlander had an ERA upwards toward 5 by his 3rd first year. Grenkie had an era of almost 6 in his second year. Sabbathia had an era of over 4 4 times in his first 5 years. And the list can do on and on. It is frustrating and annoying but the talent is there just about all of the guys who have struggled. For guys like Newcombe...it is a matter of finding the right role , which I think is in the pen. For guys like Touki and Wright it is just a matter of finding consistency and having the confidence in their stuff..
  15. I didn't like Sark having to adopt Kyle's system and I don't like Dirk having to do it either. OCs learn game to game what works for them and what doesn't. By the time they have a decade or more, they have idiosyncracies and tendencies that are unique to them and consequently to their playbooks. I think Dirk will do better in year 2 than Sark did but IMO, expecting him (and Sark) to understand the nuances of another man's system is unfair.
  16. Yeah I remember him. Wasn't a Falcon for long. Sad to hear that he's gone at such a young age. RIP
  17. Yep, Ryan with a decent line and a defense is lethal to any team we play. I sooooooooooo hope McGary steps up into the kind of RT he has the talent to be. I love Lindstrom and even Hennessy as recent additions. This has a shot at being Ryan’s second best OL of his career if McGary steps up.
  18. I thought he had a shot here, he was one of Tim Couch's favorite targets in Hal Mumme's Air Raid offense. Only 42 years old too. His cause of death hasn’t been reported has it? Man, 42 years old is super young.
  19. or get younger proven pitchers.. not ones that are older and past their prime.
  20. No lies detected there. While there were not many ( if any) scored errors....the defense was extremely sloppy
  21. Snitker said he thinks tonight is the worst the team has played in 2 years.
  22. sdogg

    Braves @ Marlins

    Perhaps we should draft more pitchers.
  23. Understanding your position on abortion as well as your distain for Biden, I 100 percent appreciate your patriotism. On the one hand, I appreciate how difficult it is for you to vote this way. On the other hand, it boggles my mind that anybody could vote differently.
  24. Meh, dont really see tons of hype for him. But if taken into account of filling Crawford role, he(Crawford) produced nothing last year, even for Crawford standards. I certainly see more based on his limited snaps than a Crawford type as his upside is off the charts. Thought it was telling that he was lighting returners up first game pre season, and then he had no coverage duties.
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