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  2. @Big_Dog word for you and the rest of the Lemmings. Trump calling out your boy.
  3. We should also remember that Mahomes and Wilson—the only recent QBs to win it all on their rookie contract—were drafted by teams that were already established contenders. They were the last piece, not the first
  4. You and Hoop Qanoning together in life. Countries interfere with each other that's what they do minus the Russian Hoax...get a life numbnuts Hunter Biden Fading Joe Biden = corruption at the highest level
  5. I'm not ready to move on from Riley. I just question whether he's ready for the everyday job right now.
  6. Just thought I'd update you on something that you have denied. NPR: The Justice Department unsealed charges against six alleged Russian government hackers on Monday and said they were behind a rash of recent cyberattacks — from damaging Ukraine's electrical grid to interfering in France's election to spying on European investigations and more. The men work for the Russian military intelligence agency GRU — which also led Russian cyber-interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Justice Department officials said Moscow has only sustained or heightened its intensity of effor
  7. Why don't we just streamline Kamala through no matter how we do it just so she can become the worst POTUS in US History. #joebidentrojanhorse
  8. Cowherd is way too smug and he probably played clarinet in the high school concert band rather than putting on a jock strap and playing football.
  9. My goal in life is never to be judged by OJ...so far so good
  10. Its called the elderly shuffle and Biden loses in a Landslide
  11. This team needs to go defense in the first two rounds at least. We need Corner Backs and Safety's and Line backers. That is if we ever plan on being able to field a legit defense.
  12. Agree he’s a moron Doc...but apparently TAFT does take him seriously, as they start threads with his dumb *** quotes on Ryan in here all the time....
  13. even up by 2 possessions plus Morris didn't take his foot off the gas. The TD to Hurst was still aggressive yet smart. High probability throw to a schemed open tight end in a blitzing situation. Thing of beauty. Hurst looks very Athletic i do wish they would get him the ball more id love to see what he can do with additional opportunities
  14. I had an ankle that looked like Dak’s after someone hit me on my motorcycle (shattered and dislocated)...it blows me away that they feel he can play next season. I was in a cast for 5 months and crutches for another 2 months after - and they didn’t know if my ankle would ever work the same again. I would be hesitant to think he def comes back 100% after that, but he surely has access to better treatment than I did, and they were likely different style breaks.
  15. Yep, Tannehill at 58%, Ryan at 33% for the same stat line. Amazing how the media has embraced him so quickly.
  16. Today
  17. Uhh, he still said brotherhood and fired up in his presser. Looks like it’s gonna take some time to fully wash the Quinn of this team...
  18. Something special will need to happen to keep Morris. He was part of last seasons fools gold 6-2 finish. A strong finish won’t be enough, gonna take a decent showing in the playoffs for Blank to let go of the reset button. You could tell he was over it when he discussed the TD and Quinn firing.
  19. And if they don't will you...
  20. Better to draft a smart/savvy Safety than a gifted athlete. The savvy players see the play before it happens and puts themselves in position to make a play. Let's not draft the next Safety that can jump over a car on YouTube.
  21. 1. Matt Ryan is not the reason the Falcons are a crappy team. The fault belongs squarely on the former head coach, Dan Quinn. 2. It is rare for a NFL team to reach the championship without a high-quality QB. 3. It is rare to be in a position to draft a QB that can be a franchise QB for the next decade. IF this team performs so poorly that they get the opportunity to draft a future starting QB of that quality, they should draft him. There is no point in labelling people for what is obvious and logical. Some people still believe that the team can turn things around and
  22. Can't wait for the final debate. I think they will give each candidate 2 minutes for a dance off. Trump has been practicing already at his recent rallies. I hope Biden has been rehearsing in his basement.
  23. Now, if we comeback next week, and look like 💩. Will you still be talking like this?
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