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  2. You might be correct, but that is only a small handful of players you listed considering how long he was in charge for. 7 or 8 years I am guessing? At the very least we can say he sucked at the player development side for young players. The young players that grew into being stars during his tenure had skill sets that would have probably led them to be stars no matter where they plated, I don't think it was because him and his staff coached them up.
  3. 53 years old and I’ve NEVER had an automatic. My 16 year old is driving the rental Miata now as we head back to the Touro owner. We hit Helen, Unicom Gap, Jack’s Gap and Neel’s Gap. We shared the driving. It’s gonna take a while to wipe the smiles off our faces. Kid caught on quick, btw.
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  5. If Brown or Kinlaw are there I would be happy with them, and I do think there are good SAMs available later so I get you there. Just think Chaisson and Simmons are on another level there Nah, sorry. I barely have any social media tbh
  6. Henderson...I rather have Harrison over Murray
  7. No we couldn’t have because the plan was to always have Julio on the roster when you getting that one. See this is the crap I mention with you.You’ll chop and change points to suit your argument.Whats TDs record the whole time he’s here or just mention thee last 7 years. Lets look at 33-15 how many NFCCG and SBS did we go to when we were 33-15 how many.You talk about wanting rest how many ? Julio basically won us the **** thing bar a few poor coaching calls and while injured carried thee offense but all of a sudden he’s not worth what we pay him.Just say it you hate good football players. Bottom line is you don’t know the excess money spent on Julio makes this team a better team.I got proof above what proof do you have that adding who you mention would.Its all assumption you don’t even know if you could add the guys you mention. Did those excess 5 picks we traded to the Browns make them a better team? Mike Holmgren a fool is he ?
  8. It’s funny how they came “underachieve” for the last two seasons but still are still considered the class of the division. If it was anybody else, they would have been dropped them to third or lower.
  9. Uhhhhhh this is ****** up.
  10. He helps immediately. The 2020 class wasn't good at running back. Stacked at receiver. Might have to air it out more this season...
  11. Dub post
  12. That's what people took from him quoting Drake?
  13. This is something I would have never guessed in a million years Snatter is rebuilding transmissions, WFW is cheering on socialism and PG and Achilles are getting Ar's. Covid is changing us y'all.
  14. dude is a freak athlete, I'll give him that but I've never understood the hype on him.
  15. There's a bar in Downtown Phoenix that has something similar. Hanny's.
  16. So when Hurst has 800+ yds you going to admit you have no clue what ypur talking about?
  17. I used to work on those. Allison trans suck...
  18. We have a hole at CB, but IMO a player like Murray would take us to the next level. We face CMC,Kamara,OJ Howard,Brate,and Jared Cook 2x. Brady and Brees are statues and hopefully that helps our pass rush a time or 2. They both love throwing to TE,RB,and underneath. Adding another eraser like K9 helps both the run D and pass. Murray and Debo in nickle sets is a nice combo. Henderson is big and athletic. Breaks up passes, and played against the best competition. Has 2 or 3 pick six in his career. I would also love the pick, but I doubt his impact would be felt in yr 1. Unless he miraculously came away with Clowney too in FA, I dont like rookie CB coming into the league with a so-so pass rush. It exposes the rookie, and may shake their confidence. Who do you think would be a better fit of the 2? We all know Kinlaw,Brown,Simmons, and maybe Okudah would make(presumably)a bigger impact, but the will be gone by 16. Hopefully Henderson and Murray aren't. Who ya got?
  19. ^ Carole Baskin’s husband if he were like 17 years older than he is presently
  20. I didn’t think it was all that great but if you wanna keep up with the cool kids then yeah
  21. Bro, I’d sign him if I’m the Falcons. 1 year deal. Go all in.
  22. My bad Iron Saint... Watson didn’t even cross my mind, couldn’t imagine a a Saints fan even hinting at life after Brees.
  23. I see that your glass is half-full. I'm jealous since mine is half-empty.
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