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  2. Yes and no. Don’t forget the Pats had a penalty on that drive that stopped the clock for the Chiefs. So the Pats helped them But If Ford doesn’t line up offsides and the int stands... It was 54 seconds and Pats had all 3 timeouts. Game is probably over but the Pats could have gotten the ball back with 40 seconds. Like you said, they would have had a shot.
  3. They literally have a statue out front to remind them of a game in which the NFL said to their opponent "no way, no how are you going to spoil this by winning" and yet they cry about the officiating.
  4. What the Chiefs are being accused of. is exactly what the Patriots did on their final drive in regulation...
  5. Takata makes a variety of parts for the auto industry, Ford maybe others, they had faulty air bags, knew it, and covered it up. People were being severely injured / killed by their airbags. The company I work for used to sell them steel for seat belts...fortunately not the steel that was exploding from their airbags...
  6. Marcus - watch me - this is how you tackle - keep your head up!
  7. Oh, you mean stuff like there being a crisis at the border. Gotcha.
  8. You have to love. He looks like he is in heII most times you see him
  9. Just stop it, Aints. You bozo's have literally no moral ground to stand on when it comes to biased calls. Take your defeat like grownups and stop whining.
  10. Who said it was? Talking about 2020 and the election...and things like BuzzFeed, try and keep up.
  11. The black ref is living up to the stereotype we all have, just looks away like he don’t know what’s going on lol
  12. They get fined if they criticize the refs. I don't think you understand the amount of competitive fire it takes to be a successful NFL QB. Manning yelled at his coaches and players, Rodgers does it all the time. Sportsmanship (to me) is how you treat the other team when you win/lose.
  13. Bro, chill. No need for bullying.
  14. people won't listen... they just won't.
  15. Wasn't aware the shutdown was fake. The more you know.
  16. When’s the last time a qb or any player did this. Sportsmanship isn’t even the discussion. And you can save that extra stuff. I respect the man regardless of how anyone else feels. He doesn’t have to do anything to validate who he is for me
  17. They also want to petition the NFL to have a rematch next week. Too funny.
  18. The fake/scm just needs to keep pumping out all the negative false stories to give Dems voter's a false sense of security.
  19. ::fingers cross that the Morgan & Morgan goobers have already drafted a C&D letter::
  20. There was a dude on there that said he bought his SB tickets already. That was like 3 weeks ago. Hope they are refundable. LOL
  21. Yeah let’s keep doing the same thing at guard and offensive line we have been doing- it’s worked so well - Chester, Garland, Schweitzer, Fusco, Levite’s, etc
  22. Answer the question, if they get locked up after wasting so much time with only 2 time outs of their own, then what do you say. I don’t give a crap who the opponent is, you score when you can. Tds are not guaranteed. They needed a touchdown. Had Dee Ford not lined up offsides we aren’t having this discussion because the game would have been a wrap
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