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  2. I agree. Poe was a very nice addition. I’m very interested to see how he improves in his second year
  3. Bradford Dillman - actor who appeared in many movies in the 70's and 80's including ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES, THE WAY WE WERE, THE ENFORCER, and SUDDEN IMPACT just to name a few.
  4. Reid and Shelby are not FA but they will most likely be cap casualties. Falcons can Free up additional 17M by extending Ryan, cutting Shelby and Reid. With 34 M in cap space, they can sign Poe, Clayborne a good OG easily in FA. If they extend Mathews, there could be another 8 M cap available in 2018. Only Jarret and Rico are a concern, both will be a UFA in 2019, Vic Beasly, Deion Jones won't be UFA untill 2020 and Neal in 2021. The cap space goes up, there will be cuts for additional cap space. Its too early to worry about 2020 and 2021.
  5. Oh well. I doubt he'll ever leave and I'm sure we'll still be down a Jalen Collins, Trufant will be playing 15 yards off and our RB's will be getting spear trucked the second Matt hands them the ball in January again next year still so I say to you...Good day
  6. But if these teams are rebuilding and trying to attract fans, the last place they will be concentrating on is the OL - instead they will be after flashy QB's, RB's, WR's, DE's or even CB's beforehand.
  7. Interesting video on Knapp's work with Peyton Manning:
  8. Them being football players are similar to people going to church. You're still gonna be who you are.
  9. I like it , could be someone in Quinns ears to help with contemplating game management too.
  10. Yes my twitter activity serves to subvert the porn, rap, and dirtbag leftist communities with Russian propaganda.
  11. Would that make him a Five Star General of Draft Dodging?
  12. Got dam, thanks NoobNoob
  13. We have some of the same thoughts , the KR spot got me , any ideas ? Nice post , well thought out .
  14. Dude wasn't with anyone last year.
  15. Yeah and his value to the team is high and his expiration is far.
  16. A shrink doesn't claim to be Albert Einstein. They try to understand him. Never said I was great at football, I understand it very well though. You have too much emotion tied up in your feelings on things. Football is a business. He is a dollar sign that has a value and an expiration date
  17. I think if we're all being honest with each other southern is more the ahole-y fan base. State kids don't really care about.... Well anything really.
  18. Can someone tell me is this considered a lateral hire? I thought it wasn't allowed.
  19. I can definitely get behind this Slap
  20. it feels weird to consider that huh?
  21. Hey, if that’s what gets him going.
  22. 4 years for Ben and 2 for Wes . doesnt that make em Vets ?
  23. Hoping Levitre's injury isn't serious, that would create another hole if he can't come back healthy.
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