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  2. Followed with we get Wright if we don’t get Neal!
  3. Same here man adnd him wrestling at one of the Wrestlemania's
  4. The LAST time Falcon folks ran that mouth about Deion didn't end too well...
  5. RIP ,one of the few great offensive line men to play for the Falcons, Fralic was a beast
  6. A rookie Olineman won't fix the line. We need to go FA for LG, RG, and RT.
  7. Charming as always
  8. No I'm not. That's the problem. You don't get the importance of schemes. Put Grady in a 3-4. He's either playing NT or 5T. That's not a position change, that's a scheme change. Put Keanu in a non-Cover 3 heavy scheme and he's playing Cover 2, 4, and 6 a lot more. He's not good 20 yards off the ball playing in space. He's a box safety. Just like Kam Chancellor. But keep thinking schemes don't matter.
  9. Above the text says “mad poker Steve said” was supposed to read “like pokersteve said” lol
  10. The bar is getting REAL low if you gonna put waaaay off the target Cam Newton into the HOF... He has ONE consistent throw. ANYWHERE the tight end is. The rest is hit and miss...
  11. Just. Stop. When you flipped to Gregory, king of the failed drug test, you ceded whatever argument you'd intended to make.
  12. 98% on Dean, Stevenson, Hazelwood and Sanders You should stay away from Vegas. I do believe we are favorite for all 4 - but nowhere near 98% certain.
  13. Okay, when I see stuff like this, my day typically starts to go downhill. Dude is my age. RIP.
  14. You draft to build the core of your team. For the long haul. Not to fill gaping holes in year one. Not to fill a scheme fit that will be gone in two or three years. Come on Vel. I got you on my TATF GM Squad. You're giving me cause for concern here. Should I remove you?
  15. I honestly just don't know what you do at OC. It's a ****** situation. Because of the way the league is, the very good ones will always get poached to be HCs. I'd add guys like John Morton and I'd go after John DeFilippo. Those guys were in shltty situations in both NYJ and MIN and tried to make the most out of it. Morton made Robby Anderson a beast in a one dimensional offense led by Josh McCown. DeFilippo may have been fired, but for poor reasons. He was leaning on the strength of the Vikings offense and OL by avoiding the running game and throwing the ball and supplementing it with short throws as runs.
  16. We had some good linemen at that time, but the team couldn't get it together.. Condolences to the family and Pitt alum.
  17. I'm slowly weaning myself off ABF
  18. And calling his OWN plays.......... Oops. I mean Sark is calling the plays... But Sark will not get credit for any of it...
  19. You make many good points about areas of concern, but I see a lot of it getting cleaned up with a few changes. For instance, I believe a stud DT to play next to Grady will make our DEs, LBs and secondary better. We have talent in secondary but I believe it looks a lot worse than it is becuase the DL has a massive hole that could be turned into a strength with a single pick. everything is incremental, so each move impacts other areas and I think we have a lot of great playmakers on defense, we just need to address the weakest points and get our star players healthy.
  20. Unfortunately “God Tier” OCs get snatched for Head Coaching gigs quickly. That’s why there aren’t too many around. Then if they don’t work out they go back to being coordinators and the offensive schemes/players pass them by.
  21. Good post. Prepared for this thread to devolve into bashing Quinn regardless.
  22. I get that. That offensive line is horrible though even when healthy as far as the run game. Another problem is Coleman can't break tackles. Teams can load up in the box and not worry about a missed tackle going long on them. Sure, Sark has some questionable calls here and there. I admit that. I just feel that he is not the problem. The Falcons are still moving the ball which, at the end of the day, is what matters...
  23. But he sucks lmfao /purple
  24. It is crazy to think that Ryan still has 28 TD passes, only 6 INTs, over 4000 yards, a 70 percent completion percentage and a 108 rating as a passer. All these while enduring a bad OL play and a defense that doesn’t help the offense and without a sign of a running game. Why do people have to go to extremes trying to find blame?
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