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  2. Haha. Very subtle.
  3. Must be nice. I'm in the military and cant just go around ignoring every phone call that comes through.
  4. LOL....Aaron Rodgers is considered by most to be a better QB than Matt is.
  5. Ultra Irony considering Trumps Wife and Mom are immigrants.
  6. Because of this...
  7. first pitch swinging
  8. Nah, its an excellent point. You just can't comprehend it. I know exactly what Julio is doing. He's holding out. Or was Julio out on the field and everyone is crazy saying he wasn't there?
  9. Rats. I thought we were going to pull it out.
  10. May the best man win.
  11. I'm not comparing the sport I'm comparing the effect taking someone that key out of a line up.Its very clear if you took Julio out of this offense the team would be hugely affected there's no debating that much like if you took Durant or LBJ out off there teams you get the same above mentioned.
  12. Great point. Speaking of randomness, who could have predicted how many tipped interceptions our previously sure-handed receivers would have last year? Not to mention the inexplicably booted pass that wound up leading to the deciding points of the playoff game against the Eagles. If it's intercepted, knocked down or directed 3 degrees to the right or left of where it wound up, the receiver doesn't get exactly the yardage needed for a last second field goal and likely the winning points of the game. But it happens. In truth, it happens a dozen times in every contest but we don't usually notice it because those 50/50 plays aren't normally so obvious (and unusual) or the difference in games like they were last year. It happened when Free missed his block in LI after an excellent season blocking. Sometimes, the law of averages just makes sure we understand it still applies. Would you rather be lucky or good? You probably can't be one unless you're the other. And luck always runs out (unless you're the Patriots).
  13. United said **** off too. Which is up there with Cohen saying this isn't cool.
  14. It wasn't hard to understand, it just wasn't a good point. It's apparent you have no idea "what Julio is doing" if that is truly what you believe.
  15. Safe!! Infield hit for Ender and it's 5-4!
  16. The fact that he didn't come to work and the Falcons called the situation "not ideal" is evidence of a strained relationship. The Falcons haven't said they are going to work out anything with Julio. They said they have heard and understand his concerns. Maybe they will do something, maybe they won't, but they haven't committed publicly to any kind of concession.
  17. United is thinking we got some experience at dragging folks away so maybe we can work something out here.
  18. Stop bitching about it Ender and swing the ******* bat dammit!!
  19. When Aaron Rodgers gets paid more than Matt Ryan, ya'll gonna be cool with Matty Ice holding out for more money?
  20. You know they were just doing that because they couldn't charge the kids for additional carry-on bags.
  21. Yeah, why can't people stand on being put off by Julio's negotiation tactics...which I don't blame anyone for that..... instead of downplaying his play (lack of touchdowns for example) and importance to team? Just makes them look silly.....
  22. You're making my point. "Can't wait untill Matthews and Beasley contracts come up". There would be no issue if Julio waited until his contract came up. If he's still playing like the #1 receiver in the league after 3 years then he'll get paid like the #1 receiver if not by us by someone else. He was the highest paid WR when he signed his deal. We already gave him "Top player money". I remember Freeman, Tru and Matt holding out midway through their contra........oh wait..... they didn't.
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