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  2. Jarrett
  3. We can talk about FF70 all day but most here aren't better in pre draft interest.
  4. this is true too. ouch
  5. Wow. I really like this guy. He'll be one of my Sleepers to keep an eye on. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Not to mention Gregory and Odighizuwa
  7. Today
  8. There is a huge difference between pointing to a team need and pulling for a raw developing player on our roster who has a skill set that could potentially fill that need, and, predicting a raw developing player will break out and fill that need. You conflate the two very different positions for your clown act, which tends to get you frequent rest periods. I make no apologies as a Falcon fan for pulling for the young, raw, developing players. If you get some kind of perverse satisfaction out of dogging these young men struggling to achieve their dream of playing the NFL that’s your deal.
  9. Man I hope we get Hayden Hurst in the draft...he would be an absolute beast on our squad
  10. You hitch your wagon to some of the most obscure mofos in franchise history bro. Byron Scott, Busterson and now Saubert? Why does this continue to happen? I really don't get it. Hopefully you'll hit on somebody sooner than later. We need rest. Now. Here's hoping Saubert catches the game winning TD at the Benz in February.
  11. Idk where you got Dave Archer from but it seems to me you're trying to just dig yourself out of a hole.
  12. Dave Choate is not Dave Archer. My analogy seems to have you all twisted up my good friend. You suggest the opinion of a teams play by play announcer is no different than any UGA fans opinion of a UGA player. I believe that is misguided.
  13. From your quote it says Chuck Reed is the source and Dave is just relaying the information, or can you not read?
  14. It’s a lot more than just learning a playbook for a late round, raw TE coming out of a school like Drake. You are right, Hooper came into the league much further along in his development having played in a pro style offense in college, yet still only had 19 catches his rookie season and those stats were helped after our #1 TE Tamme went down for the season. TE is one of the hardest positions in the NFL to learn and even 1st rounders often have to take their lumps their rookie seasons before they find their games.
  15. Yes, because Dave Archers opinion on a Falcon player is exactly like your opinion on Chubb. Ok
  16. Nah it's like taking a biased fans opinion. I watched every game of Chubb, Michel, Wynn, etc career. Doesn't make me an expert.
  17. Had a SS able to play FS.
  18. Actually, it’s like taking the opinion a person who saw every single snap of every single game of his 41 game college career live over that of someone who watched an hour of film of him and possibly attended one of his games.
  19. He sounds like some people who post here
  20. The less you go need, well...the less you have them.
  21. Is it possible he's always been a member at heart and just now announcing his induction to take a faux stand for individualism... In other words trolling
  22. I'm with this. I can't wait to see Gray try to get in the mix. If he can learn the game, he looks like he has the potential to be a play maker.
  23. BTW, if you want to understand what's transpired, this Twitter thread takes a long to go through, but it lays out everything. Posts #2, 3, 14, 15, 16, 19, 22, 37, 41, 48, and 70 are the TL:DR summary, but the full discussion is worthy of your time.
  24. I mean they use an "algorithm" to parse and publish your "social network's" online posts, to best serve their interests. If facebook were a non profit like wikipedia, the world may be a better place.
  25. This is like taking a UGA fans opinion on any UGA player.
  26. More and more it seems like Facebook is the cancer that's rotting our nation out from the inside.
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