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  2. That first opening scene in the hospital was the longest opening level in the history of gaming
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  4. Randomly watched the 1st episode Legend of the Galatic Heroes, I've never heard of it but it was buried on the Funimation list, the synopsis seemed interesting and holy batman am I getting like the best parts of Gundam (no not the mechs but space politics) and Dune mashed together vibes. Gonna cruise through this one for sure. Also on my upcoming list: (sometime in the next year cause I'm getting soccer, NBA playoffs and maaaybe professional football back and wont be traveling for college football or visit classmates this year so I kinda want to up my work hours) Megolobox Code Geass (yeah or nay?) Steins Gate (same question) Samurai Champloo (cause I never saw all of it in the 00s but I member it being solid)
  5. I definitely agree this is a smart move especially if you’re definition of smart is serviceable. All good at the end of the night it’s Luke Skywalker.
  6. Yeah it’s hard to disagree with this actually. Socially engineered short attention spans, that’s us.
  7. Given the abbreviated camp and preseason, I think it’s smart to bring back a player who already knows the system and the other guys along the OL. I really want OL consistency this year
  8. Honestly we could find out that the government has a fully functional Stargate on Friday only to move on in like an hour cause Trump did a photo op with like a whole *** foot of toilet paper stuck to his shoe and nobody brave enough to tell him.
  9. I feel like the military acknowledging UFOs and releasing actual footage would have made a much bigger splash in any other year than 2020. Releasing that info to the public while everyone is intensely focused on survival or massive protesting or the government being a total cluster **** is probably the reason why it hasn’t gotten more attention. Also, general news hasn’t really picked it up as a story. They have covered numerous political stories far more. Either that or we (people who have always felt it would be a huge deal if the government confirmed UFOs are real) massively miscalculated how this info would play out lol
  10. If you want Liberty to sell the team, the pandemic has raised the odds. Liberty really took it. The corporation owns Live Nation (no concerts since the pandemic), Formula One (down 96%), and Atlanta (down 95%). It's entirely possible they sell off an asset or two for the sake of adding liquidity, as their cash burn will get scary if this thing keeps up for another six months.
  11. You sound like you’d have pass rush and not win. We’ve won without it, like I mentioned stop pretending it’s the be all and end all. Theres many ways to win.
  12. Dame Lillard is cold! Phoenix deserves to be in the play-in game instead of Memphis. NBA bubble season is looking very successful. The NFL doesn't seem to be as coordinated as the NBA. It seems like they are hoping the virus will be gone by the time the season starts.
  13. got this garbage today. just aboit choked on my lemon berry slush when i read it
  14. just bought metal gear five for the xbox for $6. had it for the ps4 and never finished it. lets see if its better
  15. Hard to say, but I think his lack of reps last year was largely due to a nagging foot injury, if I remember right. We'll have to see, I like his upside but he certainly hasn't proven anything yet.
  16. Let's go extension cord! (YouTube please stop deleting all the good squibilles clips you cowards)
  17. Mookie Betts just hit his 3rd homerun of the game. It's only the 5th inning.
  18. Sorry...my biggest simp is for an 74 year old woman My queen
  19. I think people are missing my point. If COVID makes a bunch of key players miss long stretches of the season in our division especially, cuts our number of regular season games down and if we win a Super Bowl this year, sure, all of us Falcons fans will take the trophy. Of course. A Super Bowl gives your team ultimate respect. Even the haters of Falcons would have to finally give us a fair shake. But if the season is abbreviated, or if several major players miss several games, the media mouthpiece haters who have always dogged the Falcons will use the asterisk to delegitimize the Lombardi and continue to hate on us, continue to dog us, it just won’t stop. That’s my point. If the NFL plays a regular season schedule without too many key players missing too many stretches of games due to COVID, the delegitimization attempts won’t work. If you’ve been a fan as long as I have, you know the haters have always been there and I’d like, just for once, for them to have to eat some crow or just Shut up for once.
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