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  2. I actually enjoy having a week between episodes to really mull over where the clues might be going. Not as much as I did season 1 but still enjoying it
  3. That spread formation in short yardage crap stuck around long after Koetter was gone. The bubble screens were wannabe runs because we couldn't run block for crap. I think he did pretty well overall. If our OL isn't the babboon's butt it was last year, it will be interesting to see how different he runs things.
  4. Honestly my timeline before this was almost exclusively left wingers. I put some s’more more right wingers, specifically ones that I don’t usually listen to on my Twitter so my feed isn’t a total echo chamber. I’m learning this guy is just some empty talking head that just spits out conservative propaganda in each tweet.
  5. And don't forget Brian Hill,,, 6-1. 220, will run you over if you get in his way... Gonna be fun.... All the jeering I got by liking that pick............................................... Not gonna let you forget it... Get right or get left....
  6. I'm thinking Meyer is the exact opposite of what this league needs. They need coaches that can help players develop for the NFL. Meyer has a hand full of QBs they were garbage in the NFL.
  7. Nice win against a bad opponent. Hawks getting better and the young guns learning the NBA game. Still in play for a high draft pick too. Next year the rebuild is over. Just the improvement period. Exciting times to be a Hawks fan.
  8. Haven't watched it and I've avoided the thread. Planning to binge it once they're all available. Worth the watch? Edit: Never mind. Saw you already answered this question earlier.
  9. OK,, so we have a few nonbelievers in Dirk,, how many games do you think we win next year?? Are you willing to put down how many games we'll win.???? I'll start this off.. I think we will win at least 11 games and make the playoffs. I'm trusting we have a really good draft to say this,, But I believe in TD and our Coach to peg needed players and go get them. WE have 9 picks in one of the strongest drafts in a while. Plus we have most of our core players that are needed to win. Plus don;t forget we have Brian Hill,, the beast!! He's ready to rumble !!
  10. He is now falling back on the "nobody knows it but I'm on drugs" plea for understanding.
  11. Kareem Hunt says "hello". Goodbye (and take that bogus argument with you).
  12. Make sure you buy it new and not used at Gamestop. You have to download some of the games which require a code printed on the insert inside. It will already be redeemed on a used copy.
  13. Not as good looking as my 2nd wife will be in 30 years.
  14. I wanna get my hands on this one because it's loaded with MGS games!! Metal Gear Metal Gear 2 Metal Gear Solid 1 Metal Gear Solid 2: HD Edition Metal Gear Solid 3: HD Edition Metal Gear Solid 4: Trophy Edition Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions Link
  15. Is your wife good looking? (The answer there is yes, to both questions).
  16. But better than season 2?
  17. It’s good. Not as good as season 1, but most things aren’t.
  18. Dirk Koetter looked ready to roll at press conference.
  19. We dont need bubble screens if the oline can push for one yard when we need to. Koetter has a better C snapping the ball this time atleast.
  20. I just bought MGS HD collection for PS3 last week to replay MGS2 over again.
  21. I decided to fight the urge and binge watch it when the season is over.
  22. Only new "news" is that the check had "services for bodybuilding" or something like that for the memo. His lawyers are saying that was what the $3500 was for, Apparently he had a new music video coming out and wanted them to get his abs looking like the story goes.
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