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  2. Gotcha!
  3. Anything involving women is so controversial right now we might not want to take the blow back from signing him. Of course I’m sure the coaches have an idea how much he could contribute. If he could make a real difference we’d be foolish not to just ignore the activists and do it.
  4. That's a win for the Packers there
  5. GB winning the game was a long shot.. I'm more interested in the bears game now
  6. Not great showings by any of them today. Hopefully we're the ones to break that trend.
  7. Destroy? Maybe not but we could and score...A LOT
  8. Lol thats what I meant
  9. 10/22 1. Alabama 2. Penn State 3. Georgia 4. TCU 5. Wisconsin 6. Ohio State 7. Clemson 8. Miami 9. Notre Dame 10. Oklahoma 11. Oklahoma State 12. Washington 13. Virginia Tech 14. NC State 15. Washington State 16. Michigan State 17. USF 18. UCF 19. Auburn 20. Stanford 21. USC 22. West Virginia 23. LSU 24. Memphis 25. Iowa State
  10. Yup...if we do our thing tonight I expect big numbers.....The pats defense is the worst that we have played so far IMO
  11. I just noticed every nfc south team is playing away today lol
  12. Packers D is folding like a bad poker hand
  13. Remember playing with Davon House in Madden when he was a rookie and now he's in his 7th season. Man the time really does fly by.
  14. look great in Black and red right now.
  15. Agreed, i definitely have to take him
  16. Looks like Saints might get to be the prettiest girl on the block this week
  17. Yeah...he can be a hoss....he is inconsistent but whem he turns it on he is a stud
  18. Saints killing Packers in the middle on 3rd downs.
  19. With this logic we should destroy the Pats if we don't shoot ourselves in the foot
  20. OK yeah Pack defense is pretty dumb
  21. Wow I'd take him , he's a stud .
  22. Wow Ted Ginn is fast , good play there
  23. And the Packers defense sucks again....
  24. Nice play by Samuel there
  25. Exactly. This has been a tough schedule
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