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  2. It's not even the Russia thing to me. I grew up around conservatives and I respect conservatives. I even identify with them on a lot of issues. It's how the identify with him that bothers me. He's not one of them and never has been. I can't wrap my brain around how they came to this point. I'm still stuck on.....Trump? Donald Trump? How the **** did y'all get here? I've only had W, Obama and Trump in my life after 18. This **** is different. I don't understand what the **** is happening here.
  3. I'm guessing this is only a local thing? I'm out here in Cali and would really be interested in watching it. Perhaps it will be online somewhere afterwards? Anyone know? Edit: nevermind. I'm actually getting it over here!
  4. My two fave falcons. Turner made it fun to be a falcons fan after the garbage years.
  5. pretty clear cut, we over pay our best players, then let them go. why you no see that?
  6. Do you realize that's how we got Trump?
  7. Hyperbole sometimes catches up to me. You shouldn't be literally terrified of ESPN and what they did. You should absolutely be watchful. And I'm not saying roll with the punches where Trump is concerned. I mean, if there's any fire to the Russia smoke I hope he's impeached. I AM saying the nation will survive it. We're going to be fine. Even if he wins re-election in 2020, we'll still be fine (Nixon won re-election after all). Is it going to suck? Yeah, it's going to suck. But even through all this, the economy is fine, we aren't in any major wars (yet -- Trump is trying and CNN has their praise at the ready when he does). Trump isn't going to cause the fall of America.
  8. Said far more eloquently and tactfully than I'm capable of...
  9. I got "there" in terms of wanting him gone. I didn't get "there" in terms of wanting to vote for Hillary. I got "there" in terms of being fine with Trump being ousted, if that happens. As for Cap, I don't think you're listening to him so much as reacting. My $0.02. He never said "it would not make any difference if it was Hitler." And, to be perfectly honest, that's not how things work in the real world anyway. I mean, Hitler wasn't elected, for one. So it isn't like the good people of Germany said "**** it all -- Hitler's a genocidal maniac, but this other person is also bad, but probably not genocidal -- flip a coin, I don't care who wins." No, they actually voted for Hitler's opponent, and because people under the Weimar Republic were literally burning currency for heating fuel, the government was unstable and unsustainable, so Hitler finagled his way into a chancellorship and then a de facto dictatorship (started, ironically, by his predecessor). Trump isn't that. Trump isn't genocidal. Trump didn't write effing Mein Kampf. He's an ***hole to be sure. But he isn't anywhere near that. It's apples and spicy orange beef and prawns with black bean sauce you're comparing here.
  10. mdrake's dirty little secret: Aryon youth fetish porn.
  11. I'm going to have to kind of disagree with you here on a semi-related note. This morning you said I should be terrified by ESPN over reacting and pulling Robert Lee off of that minor broadcast. I'm gonna focus on that word terrified to make my next point. When the POTUS is slow to call out hate groups by name that "terrifies" me. When the POTUS just tells blatant lies like "CNN is turning their cameras off right now" that "terrified" me. When the POTUS does the things this dude has done it's a reflection of what's going on with the other side of the spectrum of where the left is screwing up. I'm not understanding why I'm supposed to be "terrified" by ESPN being a representation of the left going wrong while the actual POTUS is a representation of the right going wrong. Why am I supposed to be "terrified" of ESPN doing what they did and what it represents while just rolling with the punches when the POTUS is the flip side of that coin?
  12. I also like that the one on the right styled his air before he put his hat on.
  13. Maybe he can develop into a dependable bullpen arm
  14. The alt-bro on the far left is wearing Chubbies. The other two are wearing what appear to be a cheap bathing suit and his dad's boxing shorts.
  15. Yeah but EM has owned this about himself I have to give him credit for.
  16. Regardless of what happens, I'll have a hard time pulling against the Hawks next year even if it means possibly having a top 5 pick. But if there was ever a year to tank, it's next year with the amount of talent that is coming into the league. Porter Jr, Bagley, Ayton, Bamba, and Doncic to name a few. With a potential top 5 pick upcoming, we could land one of those guys, and then possibly package our other 2 picks and a player to move up again into the lottery. I think we would benefit a good bit if we had a bad enough year to get a top 5 pick. I don't want the Hawks to suck, but there is a reason most people are saying the Hawks are going to be one of the worst teams in the league. I hope I'm wrong about that, but a terrible year may not be the worst thing in the world.
  17. Falcons are going to the super bowl again. Trust me.
  18. I give Trump as long as the Mueller investigation lasts. Getting into screaming matches with McConnell and making Ryan repeatedly have to act like he has a spine is going to leave him without a friend in the world when and if indictments come down. I can't ******* WAIT until Kushner sells them all out. I hope he has to eat egg noodles and ketchup the rest of his days.
  19. It's pretty darn close! Makes you think they both have some unresolved sexual identities.
  20. They are public utilities according to the FCC and as a public utility in not sure they have the right to discriminate.
  21. There are layers upon layers for his anti-semitism
  22. This would be a great time for IAM51 to show up.
  23. It's not Hitler, it's not anywhere close to Hitler which I made abundantly clear. I rejected your premise entirely but you chose to continue preaching and ranting your beliefs are so far superior to mine and keep riding a ridiculous hypothetical that's not even remotely close to reality of this election. Yeah, nothing to discuss at all there...
  24. Well, I definitely believe that angry old man with a journalism degree when it comes to climate science.
  25. Yeah but Pence never wrote "Stan" so that's like a wash right?
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