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  2. Fox treated every last one of Trump and Kavanaugh's accusers as gold-digging liars, but hoo-boy they are salivating at a popular democrat potentially going down over a sexual harassment scandal.
  3. Boy, Fox News is just loving it some Cuomo coverage (deserved as against Cuomo for sure!) despite having to ****can numerous employees for the same (and worse!) behavior, paying out tens of millions along the way to settle claims.
  4. I don't think so - at least not Kiper/McShay - I mean, who is stoopid enough to pay for ESPN Insider? I was about 3yrs ago - never again - the paywalls always disappoint. Besides, if you just want to go off what media sites say, Gawd knows there are plenty of free ones. I bet there is a free site where 80 yr old grandmothers have a mock draft
  5. I just looked at his contract, the Only difference than what I thought was the guaranteed money. 2021 salary was included in guarantees. The 2021 salary portion can be traded to new team. So Falcons get a 15 M relief by trading him Post June 1. That would still have Falcons on the hook for 23 M dead cap (7 M dead cap in 2021 and additional 15 M in 2022). Just coz it’s only 7 M in 2021 doesn’t mean the rest of the dead cap disappears.
  6. I still member last year when the non libertarian right suddenly got really into no knock raids are bad now because it was happening to rich white people connected to Trump
  7. I mean use your own thought process not someone else’s. Its like looking at talent during the draft process use the sites or media to point you in a certain direction then judge for yourself not just rinse wash repeat what’s been written or said.
  8. I understand your opinion. I did this mock with the assumption that Fields is a bonafide future franchise QB. Of course, no one is a sure thing, but for purposes of this exercise, I went that route. I happen to think that Ryan has four seasons of very good play left. And yes, drafting a top tier OL would help Ryan greatly. All three OL's you mentioned were on the board at #4
  9. Anybody who gets too caught up in what media fairy's & social media clowns think or believe is obviously living their lives out of touch & really do deserve all the real life wake up calls they're in for...
  10. There was one where the slim character straight stabbed the fat one. You only knew he did because he wiped the blood off of his rapier. 😬
  11. Nah, I'm good. I have no more room honestly, lol. Also, I like having one cabinet play all of those games and thousands more. I would love to see your basement though! Post some pics.
  12. Exactly. Stay away from the big boards you see in the media cycle or at least take them with a grain of salt.
  13. So even the Best Player Available is going to be based not upon what you & I think might be the BPA, but rather what our personnel group believes. I mean our board is comprised of quite a few grown men who still actually play video games like madden lmao. So keep that in mind. I really do appreciate TF's philosophy in using the draft to get the best players, not reaching for needs though!
  14. posts Posted 2 hours ago by Tori McElhaney for The Athletic There likely aren’t many people who envy new Falcons general manager Terry Fontenot this offseason. With limited salary cap space, a significant lack of depth and some big needs to fill via the draft and free agency, the Falcons in a tough spot heading into the 2021 season. Fontenot and new coach Arthur Smith have their work cut out for them. Here is a look at the 10 biggest decision
  15. I put the blame for this squarely on AB. When you give a GM/HC the win this year or else edict they are likely to take unnecessary risks, like signing a contract year performance pass rusher.
  16. Those old Wilkins coffee ads were pretty gruesome. Jim Henson had some inner demons when he was younger.
  17. We could possibly be looking at Mitch Trubisky, Joe Thuney, Malik Hooker, Josh Norman and hopefully looking to grab GB Center Corey Linsley. How bout Brian Poole? Mo Sanu??!
  18. I had to take code twice for my post grad degree. Headache, man. Good Lord.
  19. The fact that he constantly quotes a fictional character his dad made up like its deep and prophetic is maximum Trumpian levels of weird.
  20. again, TF isn't primarily concerned w/ this year. The 2021 Atlanta Falcons aren't winning a SB - their ceiling would probably be 9-7 and eeking into the first round of the playoffs and losing. it's not about 2021 - you need to get out of that mindset. Arthur Smith has to focus a little more about 2021 but Fontenot has to build "his team as he sees fit" and the target arrival date isn't 2021.
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