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  2. The worst is yet to come. Wait until all the usual chuds try to use what is seemingly a tragic accident to push their political football team a few yards down the field.
  3. Yeah it will be. Wish we could be there.
  4. Yeah but what are the dodgers? They were hot for one inning game 3 then went dead in game ,4 and then were hot again today. The braves offense follows a similar trajectory.
  5. Our offense was hot for the 1st 4 games of the series and Game 4 of NLDS. At some point you're gunna have a down game.
  6. Then why didn’t we stay hot today??
  7. We'll agree to disagree, I've seen enough to know teams can get hot and cold. Especially in baseball.
  8. That the game 4 didn't carry over to tonight.
  9. Then scoring 11 will matter as much in Game 6 as our scoring 9 last night mattered today. The idea that offenses ‘wake up’ is a myth
  10. After thinking it over, I've decided to let the Dodgers have game 5 so that we can win the series at home.
  11. Honestly I thought facing bullpen games are tougher than facing their starting pitcher. At least you’re able to capture the SP’s tendencies by your second or third round and it’s much more favorable to face the bullpen when you’ve smacked around their SP due to momentum. I just want to take care of business. Feeling a little jaded and gloomy and wanting so bad to eat crow but until I see us celebrating on the mound I’ll remain expecting the worst. That said, go Braves!
  12. Sorry I don't understand what you are saying here.
  13. Is alec Baldwin pulling peoples card in the land of entrapment?
  14. They are down 3-2. It matters. The braves have hammered their pen at times this series.
  15. On the bright side no one can complain about blowing a late lead
  16. Falcons are point for point a better team than Dolphins. I don’t think we can afford to assume an easy win. But we will win.
  17. Yeah honestly dumb post on my part. That bullpen is full of ******* Terminators who seemingly never tire. I guess I’m just jealous of a team who can throw like 3 bullpen games in a row and it doesn’t even matter.
  18. Anderson needs to be on his A game on Saturday.
  19. Why is that idiot using Jansen in a 11-2 game?
  20. People said the same thing after game 3 and then they scored all of 2 runs in game 4.
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