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  2. Week 2 is barely in the books and this has been one of the wildest seasons already. * Luck retires * AB Fiasco * Darnold catches MONO * Cam's scarf * Ramsey fights Marrone and requests traded. All that said... I'm good on Ramsey.
  3. Most of our core is locked up. Neal and Hooper are the only ones coming up. Devondre maybe. Tru probably has about 3 more seasons here at max. Who would we be losing exactly?
  4. I'll say that is definitely the case against the Phillies. Phillies just have his number for some weird reason.
  5. I really wouldn’t be surprised at all if that happened....
  6. The answer to how they got good in the first place is answered in Season 3 of NBC's "The Good Place"....
  7. They won’t get a 1st plus more and have to sign him to a big contract. Teams leverage gets tilted once the demand goes public
  8. When did the NFL become a place of whiners? Lose two games? Trade me! Meanwhile the Falcons didn't quit. They got better. So do we want to fill the locker room with these quitters?
  9. xs and os

    It wasn't a no look pass ala' Mahomes, but beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you for the breakdown.
  10. Designated as a June 1 cut would serve a bit better. We just have to look at ways to create cap space and figure out how to continue to improve. Beasley, Freeman and Bosher being let go gives us around 20M. We have to ask ourselves if the production of those three warrants 20M and right now there's a clear answer.
  11. Dude loses 2 games and then wants out? Werent the Jags supposed to be good for 5 minutes? What happened?
  12. Well you know one game ain't gone change an impression and rightfully so. Most of these national commentors don't follow this team as closely as we do, so they have no nuance to their points of view -- even look at this board you miss a lot of context. All they see is why isn't this team better when the offensive weapons we have. That and the Super Bowl is still front and center in their mind... and the collapse last season. I bet most of them off the top of their heads wouldn't even remember that we made the playoffs in 2017 and went on the road and beat the Rams.
  13. xs and os

    Indeed. "I couldn't bring myself to look at that game against the Vikings again without feeling to need to vomit. Mercifully, this week was different. Don't you just love a victory Monday? You don't feel like kicking the dog, annoying kids seem cute, food taste better. Life is just a little better coming off a W."
  14. At least he didn't hereby order. It's a small improvement
  15. I was, but that was also the year I joined the military and missed basically 2 years and never really missed it.
  16. xs and os

    You have a lot more faith in the board than I.
  17. As Mark Twain once said: " I was grateful to be able answer immediately. I don't know."
  18. I would give up a 2nd for Ramsey. Watch him go to the Patriots
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