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  2. Schaub. Maybe carry a third if Kurt looks THAT good.
  3. I love aggravating WFW. Too bad it pisses so many off.
  4. Agreed
  5. Absolutely. And with that said and the likely possibility the top two DTs will be gone before we pick, it looks like the resigning of Davidson and extension of Bailey were made with the outlook of if we do go DT, it will be a later pick that we won’t have to depend on a ton.
  6. ......Top flight security of the world
  7. Nice one....April Fools...
  8. Now im wishing we could have been the ones that had traded for Calais Campbell instead. We would have been set with him and Fowler on our team now. Now this puts even more pressure on TD to be near perfect in the draft.
  9. Bailey (285) and Tuioti Mariner (285) aren’t small either.
  10. Expected something similar. Did not expect so little guaranteed.
  11. My son is turning 4 on the 28th of this month. Will definitely be a lonely party. Also, his fever is still here, but we have sort of a good news/bad news situation. We found a tick behind his ear this morning that has been there since Sunday afternoon (when we took a walk in the woods, I assume). So probably not the roni, but maybe something as bad or worse. Having to buck some precautions to take him to the doc this afternoon.
  12. All of which are very possible. ESPECIALLY so the last one....
  13. Exactly...this has been top level security for sure.
  14. Completely agree.
  15. How do you know that would fail? What’s light about a 265 Takk or 285 Cominsky in pass rush situations. In run situations we have plenty of beef. Davidson is 309 Senat is 305. How many 300 plus guys do you need to carry for an NFL that is predominantly in nickel defense? Im pretty sure I have seen with my own two eyes Grady and Davidson on the field together, so I don’t see where the need to be dramatic and say they are **** bent on using light DEs and LBS along the line.
  16. April Fools! Real contract is coming out soon
  17. It’s set up so it can be walked away easily after his second year if he’s not producing. Not a bad deal at all. He will need to produce, he will be getting well over 11 sack money after this year. He has promise after last season
  18. Do you still have Steve jr?
  19. On actual television, TWD (meh, but the kids still like it), Better Call Saul (best show that has ever been on television in my opinion) and The Masked Singer. On Netflix, Ozark. Season 3 is fantastic. Just got to the end of the penultimate episode yesterday, watching the finale hopefully tonight. I have not yet watched Tiger King, but I probably will break down from boredom. I plan to get outside with the kids and shoot the bow some tomorrow or Friday and I'm doing some work on my guitars at the moment in the hopes we might be able do do a gig by other than videoconference before too much longer. They canceled our annual festival gig in April.
  20. I love Chaisson. Think he is the perfect fit for us.
  21. Man, this has gotta be THEE MOST tight with a secret that this organization has had. Ever! Besides war room boards, this is some magic bullet ****. Geez!!
  22. We're good. I work in a 2-person law office and am doing most stuff by videoconference, and my wife homeschools the kids. Parents are holed up at home ordering food and supplies online or by delivery. Just trying to ride this **** out.
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