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  2. oh no, the exception only exists for christianity
  3. In many ways its not
  4. slum knows this
  5. Glad to see some one took notice. MW is a long shot....pulling for him to at least get a practice squad assignment(stay)and legitimately compete next year.
  6. Most of us can accept there are differing but valid points of view, but then you have the TATF Mafioso, and if you don't agree with them, don't you come around here...
  7. Could Care less....Matt is my QB
  8. eh steven jackson could get a yd for us, lof cours that was abut it a yd here 3 yds there lol
  9. With respect, I disagree it’s that black and white. I’m neither a Sark ‘hater’ nor ‘licker’, for me the jury is still out on him after just one year at the helm. I just know biased made-up ******** when I see it.
  10. Next you are going to be arguing ISIS isn't Muslim.
  11. I don't know who the Fat white haired guy that Manning had in Indy was but they did a whole segment on it one Sunday morning. Said Peyton would here him him call it, if he didn't like it, he wouldn't run it. Hold that thought...Tom's an excerpt about their relationship... The Moore-Manning connection has been an obvious target at Super Bowl XLIV as the world's media has pursued one of this week's top stories: How Peyton Manning became great. That's because Moore has been Manning's tutor since his rookie season in 1998, walking the sideline, clipboard in hand, peering over Ben Franklin glasses to watch his prize pupil perform magic on the field. Their creation was unique, a strange, no-huddle affair, with Manning calling and changing plays while stomping about in the backfield waving his arms and pointing fingers to control his teammates like a conductor directing his orchestra.
  12. "He would tell him what he sees. He would give instant feedback on the way someone's playing something. That's the kind of information that can go right to the playcaller fast: the safety's playing this, the linebacker's playing this way. They're giving the information, sometime in the first 15 plays or so, that's what you're looking for: to gain information on how a team is trying to defend you. Greg is very quick to see that and be able call that out quickly so it allows the playcaller to say: if they're gonna do this this way, I can match it another way." Literally what Quinn says. Nowhere does it say anything about Knapp calling plays. In fact, Quinn differentiates between Knapp and "the playcaller" numerous times. He wouldn't need the distinction if they were the same person. To take this to mean Knapp is calling plays is a reach.
  13. Got some reports saying Zeus hurt his other knee in today's scrimmage. Hopefully not too bad, but I was seeing some gloom on other boards. Hope for the best for the kid.
  14. I want to explain what I mean by Ryan, Brady and Manning seeing things in a different dimension than most QBs. My wife and I would shop at an extremely busy Costco with this big shopping cart each week. It used to drive me insane as she’d push the cart through the store cutting everyone around us off and she had no clue she was doing it. She’d be going down an isle and see something she’d want on a shelf and cut 12 other people off on her path to the item. Then, we’d get the the parking lot and she’d shove the cart right into the heaviest path of traffic on way to our car. She finally agreed to let me start handling cart duties and I could multi task, speaking to her, reading a coupon, and navigate cart traffic all at same time without cutting people off. Then, I’d get out to an insanely busy parking lot and subconsciously calculate the path of least resistance to my car while I was having a conversation with her about something else. I knew exactly where I was going with be ball before the snap and the exact timing required to get there! Her and I clearly saw the field differently. She saw things in a more single dimension, I saw multi level dimensions. Running backs who have “vision” can see the field in multi level dimensions and calculate the path of least resistance subconsciously, slowing down at times to allow blocking to get there then taking’s innate. Some have it, some don’t. That example is a stark contrast, but there are different levels of seeing the field. The very best pocket QBs can see the field at an elite level in all its dimensions. Others to a lesser extent. Well, when it comes to communication between coaches and QB, it’s critical they see the field the same way. I think @JDaveG has an excellent point about Knapp and Ryan and the communication. I think they both see at an elite, multidimensional level.
  15. Everything on here always has to have two groups. Those hard one way and those hard the other. In one corner, you have the so called "Sark haters" Who are actually fans who are just unhappy with the product they are getting and want it fixed. They have who they think is to blame and Never give these people a chance to improve. This happens to players like Wes too. In the other corner, you have the 'Sark lickers" Who are fans trying so hard to stick by their team, they can't get off their knees and put their tongues away long enough to see the problems with the team, players, and coaches. They refuse to see factual problems and hunt something to support their side , so they feel better about their blind opinion. They try to spout their so called expert view and how they know the game so much better. Comparing Sark and Kyle just shows your ignorance instantly. They actually know nothing. This was also very obvious in the Julio situation. So they stay on their knees and tongue out. Both sides are wrong and right. There's some truth to both arguments. People just need to chill and look at it from both sides.
  16. You just described every Falcons RB since like TJ Duckett and pre-fatty Mike Turner lol
  17. Well said. Before the season started I wanted us to upgrade the Nickel. I went to watch training camp twice. Poole was locking them down. Blanket Julio on a out & go route. Next play batted a pass down attended for Julio. Of course Julio beat him several times (& he suppose to) but Poole was always in position to make a play on the ball. Im really excited to see the improvement in game action. Poole is legit. Another player who has been VERY impressive is Blidi Wreh-Wilson. You talking about having good depth. And Kazee of course is playing out of his mind. Incredible. Recognizes. Read & React. I liked him last year. I really like what im seeing this yr. My favorite DB on this team ever since he has been here is my boy ROCKY!!!! Alford will be considered one of the top corners in the league. Nobody has said this before so I will be the 1st to say it: Alford is a "LOCK DOWN CORNER". He played his @$$ off in the SUPER BOWL.
  18. Lol no. One person not realizing the obvious does not make it not obvious. That's dumb to even suggest that, which ironically should be obvious.
  19. which also means knapps play calling in game one vs the jets were the worst thing I ever saw lol
  20. #NoTrueScotsman
  21. Because it depends on how someone defines what a franchise QB is in the first place. Most people speak past each other because they focus on the terms being used, rather than the definitions being used.
  22. Great post. What Poole adds with his exceptional tackling and tone setting hits makes up for his average coverage ability. Poole is also such an asset in rush defense and against RBs that it’s not going to be easy to take his NCB spot. I don’t think I’ve seen him miss an open field tackle. If he improves in coverage he will be a beast.
  23. No it doesn't. In fact the whole reason that you disagreed with me because it wasn't obvious. If it was obvious in what I stated, you wouldn't have disagreed with me in the first place. Saying it is obvious is implying that you AGREE with my statement, but you didn't which is the reason why you raised the issue in your initial response to me.
  24. This is why I do not Take Pure football people seriously.
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