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  2. Happy birthday. I hope they win it for you, and the rest of us.
  3. Dennis Schröder exits with apparent left ankle injury by Brad Rowland@BTRowland Oct 22, 2017, 6:11pm EDT Peachtree Hoops It didn’t look great. The Atlanta Hawks fell to the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday afternoon and, in some ways, it was probably a typical game for the 2017-2018 season in that there were frustrating lows and encouraging highs for the team. However, there was one dark cloud hovering over the proceedings by the end of the fourth quarter, as point guard Dennis Schröder had to be helped off the floor in pain after an apparent left ankle injury. At the time of this post, there is no official diagnosis (or announcement) concerning Schröder’s injury but he was on the floor for quite some time before needing assistance to leave the court. Following the game, head coach Mike Budenholzer indicated that Schröder is getting X-rays and that the team is hoping that the injury is just a sprained ankle. While any timeline would be premature, the Hawks are short-handed at the point guard position, with Malcolm Delaney as the only established NBA player available. Josh Magette and Isaiah Taylor are also on the current roster, though Magette is on a two-way contract that outlines that he spend only 45 days with the NBA team during the Erie Bayhawks’ season. As for Taylor, he signed earlier in the week and, while there are encouraging signs in his game, the young point guard is still a relative unknown. Stay tuned as more information becomes available. © 2017 Vox Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved Sports data © STATS 2016
  4. A Saints fan complaining about about no holding calls? LMAO!!! That's the funniest thing I've ever read!!
  5. You don't hear his name bc he's terrible fat and slow
  6. Happy birthday. Nice cake.
  7. hey man please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting
  8. The same could be said about Roberts, and surely about Weems when he was here. Hardy and Williams are decent at it as well. I just want a threat back there
  9. Only if the trophy was with them.
  10. **** I’d be happy if he caught a few balls myself.
  11. Maybe he can catch punts like Adam Jennings, just cause hes fast doesnt mean he is good at it.
  12. That's all? **** of a lot better than losing 3 in a row and being 3-3.
  13. Another game we should win. Their pass defense is atrocious. Still, my confidence is low because of our last two performances. My fondest hope is that win or lose, we play better in the second half. Giving up another comeback win for the Patriots will just about do it for me. Good luck Falcons!
  14. Hush your mouth
  15. Florida isn't good. This should be a double digit win for UGA.
  16. Believe he was the return man for the Browns.
  17. Or Coleman.
  18. Maybe he isn’t good at it? I honestly have no clue..but like every position in football, it is a skill. Speed alone probably isn’t enough. Didn’t they try him out in practice last year?
  19. Isn't your whole bit with Trout to mock him with your unfunny nickname about the length of his posts? But now if you don't read long posts you're dumb? This is like your executive order post the other day. You're quite an enigma. Also, I'm confused so maybe someone can help me out. Didn't WFW tell us there WASN'T an actual wall? Why are they building prototypes for a metaphorical wall out of physical materials?
  20. Agreed.
  21. Google is your friend...
  22. You have told that story a few times and it is still the most insane way someone has been banned. I cannot fathom why he would ban you after you donated to his charity and showed evidence of it.
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