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  2. Nah, bruh. She's too classy for that. She let'em all down real easy when she moved on.
  3. Great interview. I don't think he was amused with the comment about Julio being a "parting gift" but he keeps his cards close to his chest and I like that.
  4. Why are they complaining because the guy wears a shoulder harness when he sits? Did they see Trae get up off the floor and bury those free throws after somebody twice his weight fell full force on his torso and crushed him into the hardwood ?
  5. Q began morphing into the Big Lie not long after the election, so it was always going to incorporate the old beliefs about mass executions into the alleged election fraud. Focusing on the election wasn't going to make its hardcore believers lose their fascist bloodlust that they thought was reserved for perpetrators of global corruption and pedophilia/trafficking.
  6. Like everyone else on the set said…. What took you so long!!? 🤣
  7. It’s clear that you’ll say anything & everything to support your already defeated takes in this thread. I really didn’t think you could manage to degrade yourself any further in this thread, and yet you have by basically discrediting BB. There is no need whatsoever in discrediting a legendary coach such as Belichick. But you did it so that BLM can justify another one of his abrasive proclamations. You’ve moved beyond your regular narcissism to new heights of audacity as a con artist. I told you before, people here aren’t stupid. We easily recognize your deceit. And yet that
  8. Good interview. I'm looking forward to seeing all he can do as HC. And I am a believer that Ryan has needed legit TE in the scheme for some time. And Smith obviously saw that. Nothing against Hurst, I think Hurst is going to also have a good last year as a Falcon. But he spent most of last year waiting for his number to be called. Easy to look back and see where maximizing a TE would have helped Matt and the O close out some games. Pitts is going to ball. Just so the hype train doesn't derail, he is really young and it is OK if it takes a few games for him to grow into the role.
  9. In other important news. I have been playing the SNES emulator on my PC lately and beat Super Mario world for the first time in 30 years and I forgot just how underwhelming the finish to that was.
  10. Someone should give me some advice about why I shouldn't worry about the liberal media inevitably doing their God ****dest to convince liberals that the success or failure of this or any 1/6 commission will be measured by how many Republican ***** get nailed to the wall.
  11. Like I said a couple of other times, Trae is Showtime.
  12. I bet he wishes he had a guy like right about now!!! Wait…..
  13. Who’s this 5’11 guy they keep talking about!?? Can they read a Bio? Trae is a hair under 6’2! He is a true tall 6’1! Just look at the photo with him standing next to 6’5 Matty Ice.
  14. He's spot on. Stephen Curry is still my favorite player in the NBA, but it's an apples to oranges comparison between him and Trae. Steph affects the game with his shooting prowess unlike anything ever seen before. He's changed the way teams are built and how they gameplan. The three point shot, especially those 30+ ft bombs Curry is known for, was an afterthought until Curry came along. Trae is the ultimate floor general. His approach to the game is much more cerebral. He may not be as good a shooter as Steph and probably never will, but he can break defenses down in so many ways it's rid
  15. How much does this team and this post season remind you of the 1991 Braves? For those of you that were here in the ATL, or even alive and remember the excitement of that run, it reminds me so much of that season. The city has embraced this team and everywhere you go, it is all Hawks. Whether you are standing in line at the store or filing up your gas tank, all I hear is everyone talking about these Amazing Hawks!
  16. Curry is a SG in a PG's body. He's never been on the level of floor general and playmaker that Trae is, even at 22. But it's possible that Trae can become a 38-40% 3pt shooter. He gets low efficiency because most of his threes are either really deep or off the dribble with a hand in his face. A big part of Curry's game is the catch and shoot off of motion offense, which we've never done for Trae. I'm curious what his % would be then.
  17. And turned her out in the process! (is it too soon to say “Process” after what we did to him?) 🤣
  18. My advice would be to avoid making promises about who's gonna get busted, but they already know that. The problem's gonna be liberal media getting liberals hyped about Republicans getting busted while pretending they haven't noticed that the FBI's been stonewalling Democrats from the beginning.
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