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  2. Na, we need a decent OL, a reliable run game and a defense that can actually pressure the QB on a consistent basis.
  3. Julio is definitely a difference maker (If And When He's Able To Play!), and can make an OC look better than he really is. You have to wonder what the game/this season would have been like, if, he had been healthy ---
  4. Yep, only bright spot out of the last couple of years is we found our long term kicker.
  5. While the offense was awful yesterday, Raheem's defense got worked by first read Taysom Hill in one of the most vanilla schemes I have seen in a long time from a Sean Payton offense. It worked, and I for one will accept the egg on my face, but truth be told if Jameis or Drew were under center they would have put up over 40. Don't let the terrible offense yesterday detract from the fact that our defense was nearly as miserable.
  6. If Rick Smith is hired, and it was because he is McKay’s committee buddy, you can pretty much write off the next decade. I’m not exaggerating. The Smith hiring would tell me that AB has either learned nothing, or has just turned the organization over to McKay, a bizarre character who has simultaneously had little success in 4 decades around the NFL, has escaped accountability for it, and is seen by the owner as a trusted advisor on all organizational matters. I’m gonna turn the lights off if there is a Rick Smith type hiring - and that has nothing to do with what Smith would or w
  7. Hits or miss, with draftees getting on the field. Frankly I'm estatic with AJ and Mykal out of this draft.
  8. And what is funny. All of the numbskulls going "and he had 2 weeks to prepare' The game we won where we held the saints to 9 points.......came after the Saints bye.
  9. According to Ken Rosenthal, the Ozuna market is slow due to the impending DH decision. Ozuna changed agents yesterday in a show of frustration. Rosenthal did say Ozuna's former agent was anticipating a long term offer from the Braves next month.
  10. Bingo! Best, most knowledgeable post of the thread so far. I’m far from being Matt Ryan’s biggest fan, but the scheme and game plan so were so bad yesterday he didn’t stand much of a chance.
  11. Going to stop being a fan because of a bad game yesterday? Boo plucking hoo.
  12. Perfect example of why TD and Quinn are getting their real estate licenses. Drafting has been abysmal for years.
  13. Those who watch Brooks Austin will know he has a different read on this mechanic. He thinks that JT is doing this intentionally because Aaron Rodgers does it, but believes it is poor technique that will limit his deep balls, as we saw Saturday with a few underthrows. Yes, ARod has managed to make it work, but he's the only person ever to do so.
  14. So what, the season is over. The rest of this year should be taking a good long look at this O Line and D Line. Or just let us call the plays on Zoom.
  15. Perseus kills the Kraken with Medusa's severed head almost immediately after it's released. These people need better pop culture references.
  16. Did you watch the 2nd half of the superbowl? To say we didn't have problems under Shanahan is rewriting history. We had one epic season with Shanahan that ended in epic fail because we couldn't score in the second half. One season is an anomaly, the best in the league consistently improve from year to year. 2016 Falcons are similar to the 1998 Falcons, they both had their one shot and blew it.
  17. The koetter hire reeks of McKay and his love affair with tampon bay castoffs. Not sure anything will actually change until this team is either A) sold or B ) McKay is fired. Neither of which are likely to happen
  18. Most of these sacks were coverage sacks. Ryan had to hold the ball because of the late developing routes and the receivers run to a spot and just stop and turn around. It's the most basic offense I have ever seen in the NFL and D Coordinators have Koetter figured out. The O-line is still a work in progress, but what a horrible scheme to put them in..
  19. The funny thing is they’re trying HARD to win. It’s just not a competitive product out there on the field. RM as HC has truly exposed that. It’s not all just coaching. The players don’t just get a pass here simply. Sorry.
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