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  2. Can we not clog up this thread with the exact same argument we've already had 20 times? I don't think we're changing anyone here's mind on the 21st try.
  3. "Shut up" because they stayed with me, or because I don't like their music? No offense meant on the latter. I also hated String Cheese, and absolutely despised Disco Biscuits. Despite playing in a jam band and going on Phish tour, I mostly didn't like jam bands, aside from Phish and the Dead (who were a long-acquired taste). For me, it's such a self-serving form of music, kind of like musical masturbation, that only the best really transcend that into something that's appealing to me as a listener. I say this knowing that I subjected literally tens of people to my own self-gratifying guitar solos. So it was mainly Phish, who I haven't seen in over a decade now, though I did enjoy seeing moe and some random shows in that expanded genre like Leftover Salmon and medeski martin and wood, etc. I also knew some folk who knew STS9 really well, so I kept up with them from the start and saw a bunch of their shows. Exceptionally nice people. Still haven't had a chance to see them. Was that with Mayer?
  4. The fan base is the weakest link, the ATL, and its lone baseball championship. Hopefully there will not be more Cowboy fans that ATL fans when the Cowboys come to town.
  5. I think the biggest weakness this team has is some of the "fans" who post on the message board
  6. See post above
  7. I picture the SNL - More Cowbell! skit.
  8. Add Johnny Depp Go on social media and just see how many Democrats and leftist are calling for the same. Sarah Silverman wants a military coup in the US to stop Trump. Rosa Brooks an Obama advisor added a military coup is one way to get rid of Trump At what point does it stop being a bunch of individuals and start being a leftist tactic. I'd say when left media, actors, musicians, and a large number of leftist take to Facebook and twitter, Instagram start all shouting the same message to kill the president it's a tactic of the left and not an isolated incident. A congressman gets shot and they continue on. That should tell you something
  9. I'll go to a jam band concert with you if you'll spend four or five hours at Follies with me.
  10. I think I would be happy with what I have coming back and what we added. I have always thought the weakest link is 37. But I can live with him back there. I would be thrilled to basically adding Tru, Poe, and Tak... to a D that got us to a Super Bowl contending team. I always think about the Oline. We have enough weapons on offense to be repeat as South champions if the Oline hold up. Special teams coverage at times was real good. At some point 3 is gonna call it a career. But this roster is as good as anyone and might be the most talented ATL has ever had.
  11. Kazee is intriguing, but been a Falcon less than two months.
  12. This maybe a useless comment but Free and WE ( the "we" being the Falcons Fan Base) need to stop talking about the LI. Saints, Bucs, and Panthers fans will be bringing it up for us. No need to bring more irritation on ourselves by wallowing around in what ifs. That being said, Free is a great player, he has great fire, and he speaks his mind. I love all of those things about him. However, he does seem to lack self awareness and doesn't seem to realize (or be concerned with) how the media feeds off of exactly this kind of stuff. Take some notes from Julio and Matt on doing interviews. Answer the question that is asked and nothing more... avoid sound bites.
  13. Weakness-pass rush uncertainty, maybe linebacker depth. Swing tackle, solid back up at center. Wrinkle- MORE NO HUDDLE. Let Matt rip the opponent a new one.
  14. I finally watched the video. Was trying not to. Not sure about the legal car stop part. He told the guy why he pulled him over. Not sure what that state's laws are but that was a legal stop in AL. His car stop techniques were awful. His approach, passing the door jam, and leaning into the car were not what anyone teaches. If he had stopped short at the drivers door jam and the drivers says, "I have a gun". You have the ability to retreat and handle the situation a different way. The secondary officer was equally awful. He has the ability to see more from that side of the car. **** when the shots were fired that dude ran out of the picture. To me after watching the video...taking judgement out of it. Their technique and approach was a bigger contributing circumstance than whatever the officer thought he saw the driver move for.
  15. "Leftists", I see that word thrown around a lot but I've never gotten a good definition. Is it actually a definable political or cultural ideology or just another buzzword thrown around in right-wing circles to make their fellow Americans seem like enemy combatants. Could you define what a leftist is for me? And ok, you have Kathy Griffin and this guy. What other media outlets or celebrities have called for Donald Trump's head.
  16. Because it's happening massively by liberal media outlets, hollywood leftist, and leftist musicians. I'm not talking about saying mean things about him in talking about openly call for his murder.
  17. it's offseason. According to GMFB, we have 67 days to regular season football. In the meantime, imagine this... You wake up tomorrow and you're Dan Quinn. After banging the wife and kicking the dog, you decide to do some work. You outline your goals for the day of: 1. What are the weakest links we have on the team? These could be specific positions (left tackle) or groups (line backers) 2. What wrinkles do I want to add to our scheme? My DQ day: Weakest Links: 1. Pass rush/pressure 2. Short yardage run game (3rd and 1 or 3rd and goal or 2nd and 7 with 3 minutes remaining on the clock and a 3 point lead) 3. Special Teams penalties Wrinkles: 1. Gritz Blitz - I feel I new have the talent to get pressure with 4 lineman, but said when I got to Atlanta that we would attack from both sides of the ball. We do that on offense, but not how I want to on defense. I'm gonna scheme up some blitz packages that make best use of my new front 4 combined with a fifth and sometimes sixth defender blitzing. 2. Heavy Jumbo - Out offense can attack and it can score, but I've leaned in my last 2 superbowls that there are times when you don't want to throw the football unless absolutely necessary. I'm going to install a 'heavy jumbo' offensive package. This will be for short yardage and pound the rock type situations. After flashing our speed for 3 quarters, I want to be able to change the tempo of the game and get big by putting my biggest guys on the field, if even for 1 play and pound it into the defense for 3 yards every time. It will be a wildcat offensive formation with my best D-Line power guys as H-backs flanking the ball runner to his left and right. We snap the ball and run straight forward with the H backs pushing and driving the pile.
  18. Too early to do it, he'd play through his first contract behind Ryan, don't think there's been a QB since Young that spent more than 3 years behind the starter.
  19. When I read the article all I could think of was "6'7", 330. I would not want to be on the receiving end of that"...
  20. The whole "smoking in front of his kid" story was probably some crap he thought would sound good. Or some crap his lawyer came up with. No one thinks that in real time. He or his lawyer was trying to save his *** from going to jail.
  21. Gfan:
  22. worzone is darth falcons previous screen name, and no it's not right. But that's never stopped him from doing it.
  23. It is a chicken or the egg thing. At the end of the day Dems want to win elections. Dems go after Panera voters because they actually vote. If poorer people voted more consistently, many people would run as left populists and make class based arguments. Same is true for young voters and what they want. Also Medicaid expansion was a huge benefit for the poor. Dems not campaigning and actually investing and running everywhere is a much bigger problem. If they do not see you, then they are not going to believe that you actually hear them. They also didn't invest/protect people's rights to vote. We would be looking at a different landscape if after 2008, dems passed a national voter ID and AVR bill to counter growing suppression techniques. Either way, this is why I think you need to copy macron, drop the political class cookie cutter candidates like David Yankovich(sp) and run everyday people like IronStache. No one is going to look at IronStache and think: yep that guy is from the political elite. They also need a economic vision that people believe will change their lives for the better, because they are still losing in the change department even after Republicans control everything.
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