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  2. Not necessarily. If we’re going to be honest Gabriel was perfectly fine until he ran into a rookie coordinator. Had Gabriel stayed he likely has the same impact Ridley is having. That’s a bold assumption but it’s something to consider
  3. He was a true fan and a funny guy He will be missed
  4. Alabama right now is the 800 pound guerilla with a chainsaw for a umm.. i won't finish that.. LOL seriously though no one comes close to alabama. I know vol fans are pretty desperate for looking for some positives, but I don't see a 58 to 21 beatdown is really a game to pull anything from. JMO. Bama treated it like a scrimmage because the talent disparity was soo bad. It's very hard to breakdown bama because the competition they have played is just poor. I mean your best ooc game is louisville.. think about that (not putting down the schedule, just in reference to how to gauge bama's weaknesses). We will see if lsu, msu, or auburn will test you guys at all. you step up in competition with lsu though, but not sure lsu is as good as their ranking this year. the big test will be when you guys get into a close game how will you respond. bama hasn't had to play a full 4 quarter game all season.. reminds me of the minnesota vikings back in 1998. btw with devon white out, lsu's best defensive player, i wouldn't be surprised to see you guys up by 21 points by halftime.
  5. I think thats a lil obvious man..anyone who says otherwise is a hater. Julio and Matt are the heart and soul..but ridleys the key, the missing piece we needed so desperately
  6. He's going out on a high
  7. I have honestly never understood the weapons knock on Ryan. Almost every QB in the NFL has weapons.
  8. Awesome..i missed it..thanks for the info!!
  9. The info I gave you came straight from Ridley on Friday
  10. He was a good poster.
  11. yeah saw some videos on b/r of him practicing and he looked just as crisp as he always does.
  12. Actually Julio is the key to MAKING it to the super bowl. Without Julio’s presence Ridley wouldn’t be the big topic of discussion. We all know it. Why that gets downplayed will continue to be beyond me
  13. For real? Everything is saying he was limited
  14. He said he is 100....feels like he did prior to being injured....he was cutting and running routes with no limitations...
  15. This is hilarious and I am happy I can laugh at myself, unlike Republicants.
  16. Need the dude to be 100% healthy for this offense to click. I just hope we dont force him out there early only to lose him for a while..ala Roddy! If he is not a 100% we will lose and the season is a wash so lets not force the issue with this young kid..We need him in the long run because he is the key to us winning a SB in the next few years..
  17. It could happen. Giants d hopefully gunna be on the field a lot.
  18. @JDaveG We saw Chris Stapleton in Atlanta last night (at Lakewood Ampitheater, we were way up on the lawn and could really only see be stage on the video screens). Brent Cobb and Marty Stuart both opened and also played with Stapleton. It was awesome.
  19. I think that’s the bigger thing, BB. I have no doubt Matt would have 2 rings if he had better situational head coaching.
  20. Basically it got started with this thread that the OP started as just a joke about how Dan Quinn talks about injuries, but quicky escalated into more than that.
  21. Well those purchases were over 10 years ago (actually I did another purchase 7 years ago as well) and no sign of identity theft or CC info stolen. but I hear ya. I also know of others that have purchased and no issues.
  22. Falcons have to solidify trenches and get playmakers on DEFENSE. Defense wins championships theres no other way around it.
  23. I am sure he deleted the game from his phone..
  24. And lets not forget the brain of B.B and the loyalty of their coaching staff to stick with them year in year out. Consistency of coaching job around Brady has been a key factor vs what Ryan had to go through.
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