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  2. Half of this argument is correct: the NFC is up for grabs, and no team looks very strong. Whether the Falcons can be the team that takes advantage of it requires ATL playing a lot more consistently on Offense than they have so far this year. It'll stink to see New Orleans or Carolina in a SB again. However, i do think that even if the Saints get homefield, the Falcons can win a playoff game there - it's been done before...
  3. I couldn't agree more but some of the brainiacs here just won't see it. Its about situational and fundamental football and we are not focusing enough on offense to beat quality NFL Defensive Fronts. It all starts with protections and making the players, particularly the QB, comfortable in an offensive scheme. I see no rythum or flow to this offense. Strangly enough, the Offense worked best when we rode Coleman during Freeman's absence which tells me there is something to be said about continuity.
  4. Democrats gonna democrat.
  5. Check out this outlier.
  6. They knew making this a national race by bringing in prominent Democratic figures would only hurt them which is why they didn't do it for such a long time, but they just couldn't help themselves down the home stretch.
  7. And there has to be some kind of twist to the story as to why he hasn’t tweeted about the suspect this morning.
  8. The 1999 Jaguars went 15-3 and all three losses were to the Tennessee Titans. If that makes you feel better. I am sure it has happened other times as well.
  9. So... If you DON’T watch TV like that how would you know so much in such great details???
  10. Zero self awareness.
  11. I never take Bucs easily esp Winston since he has 3-1 record against us
  12. Once a Falcon, always a Falcon. We need him for the entire playoff stretch including SB
  13. Ryan is so average QB that all of his ast OC became HC /purple
  14. Lmfao
  15. Was this Dak's QB coach? Big hire if so.
  16. All of this doesn't mean squat unless we remain consistent with coaching and schemes. If we were to replace coordinators again, it would set us back even farther everytime. For this offense to be on it's 4th coordinator in 10 years, that's a lot of transitioning.
  17. Never sleep on a division rival. They'd love to spoil our season. Since at this stage of the season most folks don't give a lot of coverage to losing teams I figured I'd post this. Unfortunate news for one of the good guys in the league.
  18. Should you change teams and become a Panthers fan?
  19. Didn’t say it was their invention, I said it’s their M.O. these days. I think you missed the point. Also, I wanted to use the phrase “lyin’ and denyin” because it sounds funny. I believe the Mendendez allegations regarding underage prostitutes is false because they were proven false and the accusers retracted their story. I do believe the allegations against Franken and have never said anything about them being politically motivated. When it first broke, I questioned where the single accusation warranted him resigning. But as more accusations came out, I supported his resignation. For me, this isn’t a party issue and it’s not some stupid, disgusting partisan game of “gotcha”. Credible accusations of sexual assault should be considered seriously. And nobody facing credible accusations of child molestation should be anywhere near public office.
  20. We know this is a lie since he constantly ****** about stuff he sees on CNN and MSNBC.
  21. Yankees are reportedly willing to eat half of the $68M still owed to Ellsbury in order to trade him. They might even be willing to package him with a prospect in exchange for more of a salary dump. Boston has told teams they'll trade Jackie Bradley for a power bat.
  22. Falcons' D must be a lot better than TATF gives them credit for...Ryan & Co turned it over 3 times and the Saints were held to 17.
  23. Correct. They cannot let this pass them without a fight. And we all know with three in this division fighting for the top seed the Saints/Panthers game will be a knock put drag out, with Tampa playing spoiler. The nest three weeks will be nail biting fun...or heart attack.
  24. You implied that lying and denying are an alt-right invention, clearly that's not the case. On the other hand, not all allegations are equal. You believe that the allegations against Menendez are false and politically motivated, and presumably that the allegations against Franken are somewhat more true but also politically motivated?
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