Throwback Thursday: William Andrews

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Probably my favorite all time Falcon. 

From his first game against the Saints where his 167 yards rushing had me going who is this guy early on to chanting William William later. Just wore down defenses, and always seemed to get better and be more punishing as the games went on.William trucked many guys, and Lott did say the hardest he had ever been hit was when #31 steamrolled him. 

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I was a huge fan of William Andrews. One of the worst sports days of my life was when I stopped at a book store on my way to work one day to pick up a copy of the AJC (I live in central Ohio and it took two days for the paper to get here). I got all of my Falcons news from the AJC in the pre-internet world. Anyway, I read it on my break and found out that he tore his knee up in practice. And just like that, the day tasted like salt.

William Andrews is the only back that I can't remember getting holed up behind the line when we needed yards. Although he had a few highlight reel runs, his career average 4.6 was reflective of what we grew to expect on almost every carry. On the "favorite Falcons draft pick" thread, I posted Steve Bartkowski from that era, but in hindsight I would have posted Andrews. Nobody expected what he gave us.

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