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Found 6 results

  1. Dan Quinn talks about Jack Crawford’s role, disruptive ability 25 NEW, 25 In a brief film session posted on the team’s Twitter feed, Dan Quinn dives in on his newest defensive tackle. by Dave Choate May 21, 2017, 9:00am PDT TWEET The Jack Crawford signing was kind of big news earlier this offseason, and at the time, it only seemed like big news because the Falcons had one of their quieter free agency periods in recent memory. As Dan Quinn sits down and talks a little bit about him, though, you get a better picture of why the team liked him and what they’ll expect him to do. The team put out a short video film session with Quinn on Twitter, and it’s a cool mini-glimpse at how Quinn is evaluating his players. It also further confirms, as the team has suggested before, that Crawford will primarily be playing defensive tackle after splitting his time between end and tackle over the last few seasons. Crawford should be behind several players in the pecking order, but if he’s exclusively playing defensive tackle, there should still be plenty of snaps available for him behind Grady Jarrettand Dontari Poe. Hopefully he’ll be a force for good in this growing Falcons defense. ^^^^film study on Jack Crawford - looks like he will be a situational DTackle in passrush. G-Dawg: While I certainly am not predicting "break-out stardom" for a 28 year old journeyman DE/DT, it does say something that Dan Quinn targeted Jack Crawford very early in free agency and gave him a 3yr, $8.8mm deal which raised some eyebrows. I see him as a NASCAR package type of rotational passrushing defensive tackle capable of 3-5 sacks per year(with limited snaps) but lots of interior pressure and an ability to get upfield and collapse the pocket for opposing QBs that thrive on a clean pocket up the middle - especially short guys like Drew Brees. Dan Quinn is, at his core, a Defensive Line coach - and when he puts his name on a defensive lineman, I'm going to pay attention. We may even be overstocked on the defensive line right now - there is going to be a lot of competition - iron sharpens iron.
  2. Report: Falcons traded up for Takkarist McKinley to leapfrog Dallas Cowboys Dallas was also thirsty for a pass rusher. by Dave Choate May 12, 2017, 8:00am EDT TWEET The Atlanta Falcons needed a pass rusher pretty badly, as we repeatedly argued in the run-up to the draft. To ensure they got the one they liked, they had to swap up a few spots, and now we have our most concrete reports that indicate why they felt they had to go up. It was the Dallas Cowboys, of course. Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram reports that the Cowboys were strongly interested in Takkarist McKinley. Atlanta either figured that out or had a strong hunch that caused them to move up. Dallas took Taco Charlton two picks later. The Cowboys also had first-round interest in UCLA defensive end Takkarist McKinely, but the Falcons jumped the Cowboys and picked him at No. 26. The Cowboys selected Michigan defensive end Taco Charlton at No. 28 and were satisfied with the choice. McKinley is a better fit for Atlanta’s defense than Charlton, given his athleticism and pass rushing ability, so it’s little surprise the Falcons made him a priority. The Falcons have faced questions every time they trade up about whether they actually needed to do so, so hopefully this will help set a few minds at ease.
  3. Matt Ryan is the greatest Falcons draft pick ever, per your votes There’s no question that #3 is #1. by Dave Choate Apr 5, 2017, 12:00pm EDT TWE Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images Ever since we launched our polling for the best Falcons draft pick ever, the final result has been pretty obvious. I thought we might have a twist or turn here that turned the whole thing upside down, but instead, Matt Ryan coasted to victory. In his final matchup against Julio Jones, Ryan took close to 75% of the votes. He’s fresh off an MVP season and a Super Bowl run, as we’ve noted many times, and put together easily the best season of his career. He’s still young enough to think there’s several great seasons ahead, too, and he’s already make his mark on the record books. Matt Ryan career franchise ranks (NFL ranks) Passing Attempts: 1st (24th) Passing Completions: 1st (18th) Passing Yards: 1st (21st) Passing Touchdowns: 1st (25th) Passer Rating: 1st (11th) Considering quarterback is widely regarded as the most important position on the field, and considering Ryan’s place in both the team’s and NFL’s record books, there is no question he’s a deserving choice for this honor. Two teams passed on one of the best quarterbacks of the last decade, and the Falcons were only too happy to capitalize on that particular mistake. Ryan will be dogged with questions until he gets his first Super Bowl ring, unfortunately, but if he plays another five years he’s going to have a Hall of Fame-caliber resume whether he gets one or not. Julio Jones can take some solace in the fact that he is regarded with awe by every sentient, decent human being who doesn’t have a hot take about Odell Beckham or Antonio Brown, and that he’ll likely go down as the greatest receiver this Falcons team has ever seen. Thanks, everyone, for voting. Congratulations to Matt Ryan!
  4. Dan Quinn sees Dontari Poe adding to four man pass rush, pairing with Grady Jarrett Aw yeah. by Dave Choate Mar 30, 2017, 8:00am EDT TWEET Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images By now, you’ve ready plenty about how Dontari Poe might fit into this Falcons defense, and what his relative strengths and weaknesses are. You haven’t heard much of that from Dan Quinn, but that changed a bit yesterday. That signing, more than any draft pick the team winds up snagging at #31 and beyond, has the chance to be transformative for this defense. I can’t wait to see what Poe looks like when he gets to camp.
  5. Vic Beasley named one of three pass rushers most likely to increase sack total By Dave Choate @TheFalcoholic on Jun 29, 2016, If you think Vic Beasley is bound to improve for the Falcons, you're not alone. Bring it in. Jamie Dukes, who you may remember fondly from his 92.9 days, appeared on the NFL Network and named three pass rushers who are due for more production in 2016. Dukes' logic wasn't exactly "because he can't very well get fewer on a better defense," but it may as well have been. It's worth noting that Dukes believes that Beasley, who he calls an athletic player who is going to move around the defense, is going to have a "monster year," which is about the strongest endorsement of Beasley you're likely to hear before the season starts. Beasley, of course, is getting a long look at linebacker, where he'll likely play on early downs before moving back to defensive end on third downs. The key takeaway here isn't "he's less valuable as a linebacker" but "will this experiment put him in the best possible situation to succeed?" For what it's worth, I think it does. and I expect Beasley to take a major leap forward this season. How about you?
  6. Projecting which Falcons undrafted free agents have the best shot at a roster spot By Dave Choate @TheFalcoholic on Jun 2, 2016, 12:00p There's a few worthy choices here, The Falcons brought in their usual boatload of undrafted free agents, and it's fair to suggest that more than one of these players has a chance to stick on the final roster. The question is, who? Every year, you get a Terron Ward (2015) or a Paul Worrilow (2013) who sticks on the roster, carves out a role, and surprises everyone. This year, with the Falcons adding some players the coaching staff has already been talking up, and with the team's weak depth at positions like cornerback, tight end, and linebacker, I'm going to be #bold and say you'll see at least two stick around, with a few more landing on the practice squad. Let's take a look at some of the early favorites. DE Ivan McLennan The Falcons have Derrick Shelby, Adrian Clayborn, and Courtney Upshaw as likely choices at defensive end with Brooks Reed, Vic Beasley and others mixing in, but there's not a lot in terms of pure defensive end depth on this roster. McLennan has stood out early from the pack, showing good athleticism and power, and may appeal to the Falcons as a developmental option more than Malliciah Goodman, who has been spinning his tires on this roster for a few years now. McLennan would likely be a gameday inactive early, but there's enough skill here to think he might be an active reserve before long if he can just stick now. CB Brian Poole Keanu Neal's mate in the secondary at Florida doesn't boast ideal size, but he's an active cornerback with terrific instincts and pretty polished zone coverage ability. There's work to be done on his game and he doesn't appear to have the size or skillset to be a long-term starter, but the Falcons are hurting for cornerback depth beyond Akeem King and Poole looms as a potential low-cost, moderate-upside option for the team. There's always the possibility he could play some safety for Atlanta, too, but I don't see it at the moment. CB/S Sharrod Neasman A quick, agile player who has the potential to play some safety and cornerback at the next level, Neasman is a willing tackler and offers ball skills. The Falcons love versatility across the board, and Neasman could stick as a fourth safety and fifth cornerback if he shows up and impresses the coaching staff this summer. He and McLennan currently top my list of likely additions to the roster, for what it's worth. FB Will Ratelle Patrick DiMarco just made the Pro Bowl, so I don't think Ratelle is going to make it as a pure fullback. He was a productive, hard-hitting linebacker in college, however, so the Falcons might be willing to try him out as a hybrid offensive/defensive player, depending on how creative they want to get. DiMarco is only under contract through this year, so keep that in mind. RB Brandon Wilds A productive runner, with 1,844 yards on just 379 carries, Wilds is a strong guy who can catch the football out of the backfield. He'd be battling Terron Ward and Gus Johnson for the third back duties in Atlanta, and I don't think either one is enough of a world beater that we can assume Wilds is a longshot. K Nick Rose This is a weird one, but the coaching staff has really talked him up early as a potential contender for the kicking job. I don't see the kind of accuracy and consistency that would justify booting Matt Bryant from the roster, but Rose does have a strong leg, and the Falcons would love to have a dirt cheap kicking option for the next few years. Monitor him, at the very least. There's a few other borderline guys, but I didn't want to make this list too long and be accused of hedging my bets. Who do you think makes the roster?