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  1. I trust in quinn and td bring him home
  2. Mahomes is a **** of a rod peck with a great arm and he went to the right coach
  3. Cool pick for chargers they need a no.1 wr
  4. I think Davis better than Williams anyway I knew titans was going receiver
  5. Nah they have been saying all they need a is a great back to stabilize the passing game so he wouldn't have to throw as much
  6. That was obvious pick for jags that's **** near all they need
  7. Bears did what they had to do it was a lot of teams talking of trading up to get Mitch
  8. Wtf Chicago shocked the world
  9. I'm not sold on trubisky being better than mahomes or Watson honestly
  10. Oh man he looks like a real sleeper
  11. He reached wit all of them oline picks
  12. Conner would be good and price bring em home on the 2nd day
  13. I don't like us reaching for a g that early
  14. Dude really is an athlete he would really compliment this defense just imagine him and Beasley rushing the passer while we are defending good in the secondary