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  1. Don't lose hope. How many times has pro soccer tried to make a run in Atlanta (and the USA for that matter)? Now the Atlanta United is here and it looks like a keeper. It wont happen under Bettman's watch but stranger things have happened.
  2. I would NEVER root for a team that left Atlanta. Jets and Flames are dead to me and don't exist.
  3. Go Preds. Since we've had two hockey teams abandon us, I guess the Preds or the Canes are my guys
  4. He's a gamer
  5. Adams home run was reminiscent of those great Ryan Klesko Ruthian shots
  6. It has been a great game!
  7. I like this group of posters we have here for this game. E.T., Black Francis, Unknown....
  8. And I called it.
  9. See?
  10. With a Ruthian blast!
  11. Umps.... wtf?
  12. Nice call Chip. Put the ball in play and.....
  13. Any talk of trading Brandon Phillips is just stupid. He's a ROCK!
  14. Good to see Matt Adams channeling Ryan Klesko with the #18.