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  1. He showed a nice dip and rip move then burst to the QB around the 21 minute mark. The burst and explosion are there. After a season or two of training this guy is gonna be nasty!
  2. This right here^^^
  3. We got our man. Quinn was very happy with it. There will be plenty of good choice left for us tonight.
  4. Birds having a great off season. Poe and now a bull rusher in Takk
  5. Superbowl 2018!
  6. He got that whoop azz about him
  7. Rock on! Would like it
  8. I thought this thread was going to be about how to make fish sticks. Nevermind
  9. Remember when the government and their scientists decided spraying DDT was smart? Yeah the science was settled and a lot of Bald Eagles died because of it. I am sure fracking is wonderful for the environment. But lets not stop Buffet from shipping out our natural resources for his benefit. Way more important that we focus on Gore's money maker.
  10. I get the Southward feeling with him. I think he is better than Southie but I dont like Uconn players in general. Maybe I am biased but whoever did anything coming out of that school?
  11. We have a lot of room for edge. Double dip is almost guaranteed.
  12. Well I am really glad I sold the gold stocks. They could probably bounce soon but I wouldn't be a buyer right now. December lows should get tested. Buying XLF at 23 and or Bank of America as I suggested in my earier post is also working well. Anyone else out there trading?
  13. Cliff notes version. Repeat a lie often enough and the masses will believe it. The world is flat and if you all just pay a bunch extra of taxes and fees we can make it round again. Read my lips "no new hurricanes." Perfect weather guaranteed. All you have to do is stop breathing.
  14. I think many are under estimating how much Toilolo has developed as a pass catcher. Yes he has to be schemed open but dude has some swagger now. He didn't have that level of confidence in his game two years ago. The 13 catches he had lead all of our TEs in distance at just over 20 yards per catch. As for Perkins, let's not forget he has played for Sark before. Let's also not forget this contested ball he caught in the endzonehttp://www.sbnation.com/2016/12/24/14075840/atlanta-falcons-matt-ryan-joshua-perkins-rookie-panthers. We have plenty of talent at the position. I would prefer to draft a guy Quinn can mold on defense in the first two or three rounds.
  15. Needing Rest?