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  1. Needing Rest?
  2. But they are scientists man. Its proven fact we have been in a new ice age since 2000!
  3. C'mon man. Pats went four weeks with out Brady last year. I think we can handle an early bye. Have some faith bro!
  4. Bet he or Reddick goes to Detroit round one. They will take Watt if he's there with Levy gone!
  5. http://m.thebatt.com/sports/evans-shines-garrett-impresses-at-a-m-pro-day/article_fca52122-159e-11e7-ad89-43b411c589f9.html?mode=jqm For those who think he is slow. 4.45 with quad injury is fast.
  6. Love it! Best Bond ever!
  7. Yeah, I know you have been here a long time and we missed you when you took a break but Evans would make this team's defense rock! We have to train him some but he would takeover by mid season. When Olsen or Gronk is on the field I want Evans in there not Allen or Budda. Lot's of big azz receivers in our division like Mike Thomas and Mike Evans/ Benjamin. Welcome back Vel! Justin Evans train has plenty of room.
  8. They said the same about Neal going for the kill. Imagine having two hard hitting safety's! One in the box and one everywhere else!
  9. The Falcons don't need a stong safety. See Keanu Neal. Baker's tape looks like a guy who has some range and speed but he won't be tackling Gronkowski or Olsen. He is only 185 not even 200. He seems more suited as a nickle back than single high safety in our system. Doesn't mean he can't be good. Just means I like Justin Evans better. Love the Bruce Lee Avi by the way.
  10. That would be my draft 1000%. I don't need to post one now
  11. I know. He is my favorite safety in this draft. He won't make it out of the second round if we don't take him in the first.
  12. Man this team really turned it around last year. I was surprised we went as far as we did with our defense. Poe is a great signing. Now let's get him some help! I don't think Lamp is the pick at all. I really want Evans in the first but who does that leave us at pass rush? Maybe we can go pass rush first and move up for the hardest hitting safety in the draft in the second? I sure don't want to hang my hat on Hall or Kpass.
  13. I just dont like Uconn. If Quinn likes him fine.
  14. Would hate it if we dont get him. Would realllllly hate it if a division rival got him!