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  1. You think thatd work? Lol
  2. How bout we just stop bombing them problem solved. I dont see it as turning our backs on them when we made the decision to declare them the enemy. The revenge factor should not be discounted on top of the fact that the prevailing religion dictates their propensity to kill non believers in the Koran. Its just dumb all the way around. Like forcing a square peg into a round hole.
  3. Whatever dude. You think bombing people and moving them in next door is a good idea and I don't. Its dumb as dumb can be.
  4. Yeah because conservatives follow a religion that says kill all non-believers. Not remotely the same and we arent bombing conservatives to increase their hatreds for us either.
  5. I never thought he was statesman like. Cant argue with you there.
  6. There is plenty of evidence that they are doing just that. Didnt one just a couple of days ago do something in London? Who did 9-11 Christians?
  7. Keep those people out of our country. We don't have to let them over here.
  8. BS. I have said from the start that some are Christians and obviously smart and friendly people. You just want to stick to the phoney racism narrative that is designed to divide Americans and keep the pressure off the bankster corporate military machine. Keep the population arguing amongst themselves over bathroom policies while we continue the one world order full spectrum dominance.
  9. Not sure I know that much about how that works. The bottom line is we are the ones doing the killing and any normal person getting killed would hate the perps. Its not a difficult concept. Stop killing and there wont be any refugees.
  10. Definitely. Why would other countries want to take our gang bangers? We dint want them either. My narrative is stop bombing muslims and forcing them to change who they are. Whats wrong with that? Nothing!
  11. There are some Christians, mainly from Syria. The ones I met were quite smart and friendly. There is a large contingent that are never going to integrate. I just want the bombings to stop. Let them be who they want to be and do what they want to do in their own country. We have no business being the global enforcer of western ideals with bombing campaigns. I know I would personally want revenge if someone was bombing America and killing my family. Thats just common sense.
  12. Plenty of evidence that they rape and murder and kill. You just gloss that over. The fact remains we are killing them and their religion (except for the few Christians) requires that they kill non believers. Not exactly an ideal group of candidates to invite to your neighborhood. Suicidal really.
  13. Dang that some serious protection and run blocking!
  14. Its cruel to kill their families and force them out of their own countries. I guess thats too hard for you to understand.
  15. It was daylight at an elementary school. Try walking around the train station at night and you will not feel comfortable. The fact remains we have no business killing these people and asking them to assimilate to western culture. You act like you support the killing and integration policy which is just plain wrong. Leave these people alone and let them be who they want to be. Everyone should be able retain their own culture and not be forced into adopting the consumer culture of the west.