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  1. The main Trump thread was a little crowded, and I feel this subject deserved special attention. I think this compilation from Reddit would make a nice intro to the subject. Here's a link to a master document containing just about everything known about the Trump-Russia scandal, which is updated as more is found out. The Intelligence Community - Our own intel agencies and spies are withholding information from the White House because of the concern that it has been compromised by Russia. Current and Former American Officials confirm the Trump campaign had contact with Russia US Allies have now also Intercepted Russia-Trump Advisor Communications US intel community 'ready to go nuclear' against Donald Trump over Russia ties, claims former NSA analyst The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is pursuing at least three separate probes relating to alleged Russian hacking of the U.S. presidential elections, according to five current and former government officials with direct knowledge of the situation. Trump - Trump has a relationship with Putin, which he has denied in recent times Trump recently defended Putin from being called a killer. Trump Dossier leaks. He's possibly being blackmailed You can read the actual Dossier yourself here Dossier claims possible brokerage of 19% share of Rosneft and not long after 19% is sold to a currently unknown party The spy who created the Dossier is highly regarded. Multiple sources now confirm some parts of the Dossier Trump tweeted about Putin the day after Flynn spoke with Russia Trump KNEW Flynn lied about Russia weeks ago and didn't say anything Russia - Russia confirms it had communication with Trump during campaign Russia purges people in charge of intel (FSB). Multiple arrests following the Dossier leak Murder related to the Dossier leak Trump campaign specifically pushes pro-Putin move to Republican platform (Under Manafort) Flynn (National Security Advisor) - RESIGNED - Flynn seemingly has a relationship with Putin Flynn, like Trump, seems to defend Putin from being called a killer And apparently discussed sanctions with Russia The White House was warned about Flynn communication with Russia Flynn has now resigned (right after the above article was posted) Michael Cohen (Attorney) - Trump lawyer hand-delivered plan to Michael Flynn to lift sanctions on Russia Michael Cohen has now changed his story about his involvement in the plan 4 times. Paul Manafort (Campaign Advisor) - RESIGNED - Seemingly has ties to Russia (and was paid by Russia) The FBI was looking into this Truth about Manafort coming out angered Russia Carter Page (Advisor) - RESIGNED - Page had ties to Russia and was being investigated for possible backroom deals related to sanctions Rex Tillerson (Secretary of State) Tillerson gets put as Sec of State, has a relationship with Putin Right after Tillerson is confirmed House removes transparency rule DNC Hack - Russia was directly responsible for the hack according to all government sources we have and additional independent sources that worked on behalf of the DNC. We've since announced sanctions and additional retaliation for those actions. If we see sanctions getting rolled back at all its more or less the final nail in the coffin. Everything since the Dossier seems to confirm the info in the Dossier. Or we just happen to have an awful lot of Russia ties for seemingly no reason at all. Recommended reading: Opinion piece by a well-known, pro-American hacker Jester
  2. Because cognitive dissonance and a variety of other factors require him to justify anything and everything Trump and the Republican party does post de facto.
  3. What I said is above. What you seem to think I said is below. Please address the full contents of what I said above. But if need be, I can keep quoting it over and over again until it sinks in.
  4. WFW reminds me of a creepy uncle crossed with Kellyanne Conway.
  5. My comments specifically discussed Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Is following a thread hard for you?
  6. Where in that post did I mention Trump or Hillary? I've never seen a community where the difference in intelligence between Trump fanatics and the rest of the population stood out so much.
  7. There's been a felony committed alright. It carries a sentence of 20 to life or execution.
  8. Did I say something about Hillary?
  9. How much longer are we going to tolerate these violent whites? I say it's time to start taking out the trash.
  10. As long as I'm the one that everyone says was the best version of the character I'm playing, I guess that's better than being the original.
  11. I thought Republicans were against abortions.
  12. I'd like to report a terrorist attack on the Atlanta Falcons Message Boards.
  13. So you do use words. I was beginning to think you were a Russian bot operated by the Kremlin.
  14. I've been accused of being about three people by five people now. Is this board an ongoing sitcom where characters are getting replaced by different actors as time goes by?
  15. Projection is common with your type. I've read your posts. I see you for what you are. No, I would not have a beer with you.
  16. I bet you call every attack by a brown person a coordinated terrorist attack.
  17. I was asked a question, I answered. You run your mouth as much as anyone I've ever seen on the Internet, so it's funny that you want to say anything to me.
  18. I expect the county map next.
  19. Amusing. You went from calling me a liar to saying Russian propaganda is the truth and it doesn't matter anyways. Peeling the layers off the rotten, onion-like progression of arguments you people make would be more amusing if the core of it wasn't such a threat to common decency and humanity.
  20. I have used a weapon with the intent to kill before if that's what you're asking. I don't know how I could make myself any less clear.
  21. There's enough circumstantial evidence to convince any reasonable person that there's smoke, enough lying and distorting by this administration to convince any reasonable person that there's a fire somewhere, and something coming down the pipe soon that is about to put this question to rest. The question then will be, if he did do this, how are people going to react?
  22. I know I don't say that lightly.
  23. Do a lookup of all six IPv4 addresses associated with the Wikileaks website. Two of them are hosted and managed by Peter Cheyonov in Moscow. Peter Cheyov runs a large .ru hosting site and had his name stamped on several bot networks that spread Russian propaganda during the election. When he was called out on this, he deleted all of his social networking profiles and disappeared off the Internet. Here they are, to lookup at your own leisure.
  24. Does the excuse of what about so and so that one time who did something kinda similar work for even a 5 year old in preschool? I'll answer. No. If you want to pretend this didn't and isn't happening, just say you don't care and you're fine with it. This whataboutism half cocked attempt at an excuse you're putting out there is weak.
  25. So you support murdering Jesus. I know that was supposed to be significant for your religion, but I don't recall the Bible saying they were someone to cheer for.