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  1. In my experience, growing up in the south, not only do I rarely, if ever, hear anything bordering on something as succinct as this, but their actions and words when not explicitly discussing their faith simply doesn't reflect this.
  2. Remove the Bible line, and my point still remains. What is the view most Christians have?
  3. I think you're begging the question at this point. You can talk about what's in the Bible all you want, but how much of the Bible has your average "Christian" actually read?
  4. It's harsh, but that seems to be a simplified take on how a lot of people treat religion, now and in days past. I don't see the big deal.
  5. Again. The Republicans have shown that there's no such thing as "too low" or "too contrarian." I see no sense in engaging them as a rational party. I say pull out all stops. Delay, impede, obstruct, and keep on drilling on Trump until not even the Conservative Tree house would vote for him.
  6. Why? Having this nonsense where you can continuously derail the ruling party with just the threat of filibuster has been abused for too long. Force them to ram him through or delay the nomination, either is a win.
  7. And Trump is far worse compared to Hillary in that regard, as even Chomsky has noted.
  8. On some posts, you seem reasonable, at other times though, it's like you're an excuse making machine for Putin and Trump. Even Chomsky said that Hillary was a better option than Trump, whom I've seen you reference often on here. You're a lawyer aren't you? Can you seriously look at the body of evidence regarding Trump and his inner-circle, see all this smoke, and say there's nothing to it and it's all just a smear job? What is your angle, other than eating ***?
  9. Republicans voted to have your private Internet browsing history become a commodity to be bought and sold to the public today. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2017/03/28/the-house-just-voted-to-wipe-out-the-fccs-landmark-internet-privacy-protections/
  10. And it doesn't speak English either.
  11. Another snowflake. This board is full of them.
  12. It's not fair, he doesn't know if they were kidnapped by illegal immigrants yet.
  13. This is the type of stuff we should just stop entertaining.
  14. Another Russian politician was shot and killed yesterday, this time the one over construction for the interior ministry.