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  1. No. He does not fit what we do best. Big backs like that are not ideal for our ZBS and pass heavy system. We need guys who are fast/quick, can run routes, and can catch. I'd rather take Dalvin Cook in the 1st (if he fell to us) than Foreman in the 2nd. If you want to talk about underrated players we should draft though, I think Demarcus Walker DE is really who we should target. If he is somehow still on the board mid 2nd round I'd look to trade up to get him. He ran a 4.76 40 and weighs over 280 pounds. The guy has been a monster for two straight years, comes up huge in big games, and somehow is not projected in round 1.
  2. I agree they'll be dangerous, but I think Fournette is overrated. He hasn't proven to be an effective receiver. Also, it could just be that I only watched him against good competition, but it seemed like he is not able to do much without big holes to run through. He's also not been the healthiest guy in the world.
  3. I have to go with Peerless Price. Mostly because there was just so much hype about what we could do if Vick had a truly explosive receiver. Instead, we basically added Aldrick Robinson. Peerless was never a true number 1 receiver and we needed one so badly. Peerless wasn't that fast, wasn't big, couldn't get open, and dropped balls. He wasn't even a better receiving option than Alge Crumpler.
  4. This is my thought as well. Not that brothers are the same person (by a long shot), but it does give you some insight.
  5. Ever noticed that Bortles name looks like Bottles? There's your problem, from what I've heard.
  6. In my opinion, you can never have enough good OL and DL players. I won't be mad if we get the best player on either line. We had incredible luck with our health and continuity on the OL last year. When Mack and Schraeder got hurt at the end, you saw the thin line (pun intended) separating an elite team from an okay one. We are set at all the skill positions. We just need the men in the trenches to beat the other men in the trenches.
  7. I'd resign Babs, for starters.
  8. I don't think Hageman can ever be relied on as "the man." But he is a good rotational guy. I think that's how we're looking at Poe as also. If he doesn't get a great offer in the next few days he'll come back to us. We shouldn't break the bank on him though - he's not that special of a player. The Chiefs let him walk and they know him the best.
  9. The fact that the Chiefs are letting him go means he's not the elite savior people are hoping for. They signed his replacement for $7M so that shows where they had him valued after spending 4 years watching him practice and play. He'd be a nice piece, and we need some big bodies. But he is not going to be a premier player either. No need for us to do another Solai deal.
  10. Good luck! We'll need it!
  11. I think the Bucs will draft Dalvin Cook and we are going to just have to score a ton of points to beat them.
  12. I think DJax is a great addition for the Bucs. Jameis loves to throw it deep and that's where DJax shines as well.
  13. I like what the Bucs have done the most. DJax is the exact opposite of Evans, and I think that will be very hard to defend. They still need better blocking though. The Panthers are on the other end, and are going to need one **** of a draft.
  14. How about Tyson Jackson for vet minimum, 1st round pick on best availble DT. 2nd round pick on Demarcus Walker if he falls that far.