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  1. Oh, so it was the coach that took the sack, in the biggest moment of the biggest game of his life, when everyone in the world knew the one thing he couldn't do in that moment was take a sack? Really? Yet this is the guy who supposedly played better than Brady who's play in the most historic comeback in the history of the Super Bowl will be canonized for all time?
  2. You mean the one right before he took a sack to take his team out of field goal range?
  3. Says the person that talks out of both sides of his neck. In one thread you'll be throwing stats around to prove your point and in the very next disregard them and start crying about how it's a "team game!!!" Bottom line is the Falcons needed Ryan to make one single play in the 4th quarter, just one and that would have ended any chance of a Patriot come back and he couldn't do it. On the other side of the ball Brady literally had to make a at least a half dozen "must make" plays to have a chance at wining and he made every single one of them. So you can hold on to your stats all you like, only the delusional think Ryan played better in that Super Bowl. Ryan made stats and Brady made history, guess which one gets remembered?
  4. Sure he will, and if he does then Ryan might actually qualify to carry his jock by then.
  5. So how exactly are you guys going to handle it when the Pats smack you in the mouth again on opening night? I mean it's one thing to embarrass yourselves in front of the world once, but to come out and do it again 7 months later?
  6. Really? You are not into facts much are you? Who's playbook did they steal and when? Who's practice did they film and when?
  7. Since when are the facts considered Trollin? Oh, when you don't like them I get it. When is the last time a Super Bowl loser made it back the following year and won it? I'll wait.
  8. My god most Atlanta fans are delusional after that loss. First off, you guys act like it's preordained that the Falcons will face the Pats in the Super Bowl again, well it's not. In fact the odds are nearly overwhelming that you won't even make the Playoffs next year. Remember the last Super Bowl you lost, you told yourself you'd be back next year, well that's most likely you this year as well.
  9. You will see the Pats in next years Super Bowl, sadly for you the Falcons won't even make the playoffs. Your team may never fully recover from that loss.
  10. This guy is jus to pathetic, the funny thing is that he actually thinks he's making a consistent and coherent argument. I hate to say it but his picture tells you all you need to know about him.
  11. My god, talk about a fool, you jump from the "Team argument" to the "individual player stats argument", so quickly I'm laughing my A$$ off. You don't even see or have clue how many times you've contradicted your own arguments from one sentence to the next. Pure comedy!!! Really dude you're embarrassing yourself and fellow Falcon fans, just stop.
  12. Sure you did, most of your own fan base is laughing at your assertion that Matt Ryan is better QB than Tom Brady. I just find it fascinating how insecure and delusional a person has to be to convince themselves of something that all available evidence is in direct opposition to. In the end, you can never convince a stupid person to realize that they are in fact stupid, simply because being stupid isn't a choice. The fact of the matter is that when all is said and done, Brady will be remembered as the greatest QB of all time, and Matt Ryan likely will not be remembered at all. History will prove your argument worthless.
  13. Hate? Not really, just pointing out the simple hypocrisy of Gazoo using stats when it suits his argument, and then casting them aside completely and crying about team play when they don't. Fact, what "stats" did Ryan put up in the final 13 minutes of the game while Brady was conducting the greatest come back in Super Bowl history? All Ryan needed to do was make a single play to ice the victory, Brady needed to make a dozen just to give the Pats a chance to win. Sorry but you guys can curl up with your stats and pretend you'll be back next season, but no one in there right mind is looking at that game objectively an believing Matt Ryan performed better than Tom Brady. By definition Brady performed the nearly impossible, Ryan peed down his leg when he had his opportunity. Those are the facts, sorry.
  14. You are by far the master at talking out of both sides of your neck. In one thread you point out all the individual stats that support your argument that Ryan played better than Brady, yet when someone asks how it is that in the biggest game of his life, during the most crucial moments, Ryan peed down his own leg and didn't make a single play. Then you come out and change your tune from stats, to excuses about how it's team game and people got tired and hurt. WAAAAAAAAAA!!!! The Pats were tired and hurt also, Brady got the crap kicked out of him the entire game, yet when things were at their absolute worst, Brady stepped up, no crying about his o line, no crying about the defense, he showed you why he's the he's the greatest ever to play, and he showed the world why Matt Ryan isn't.