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  1. I did. It's called "empathy". I know the feeling of having your heart ripped out of your chest, thanks to two miraculous catches by the Giants, and could feel for the poor guy at that moment when he realized it was all slipping away. As to most of the rest of you.....mew, not so much.
  2. I truly felt bad for Mr. Blank, watching his euphoria in the early minutes of the 3rd quarter slowly fade to agony as NE launched their relentless assault upon the reeling Falcons.
  3. That's was probably a good thing, given his performance in the last 24 minutes of regulation time! And Brady threw for well over 400 yards scoring points, including 2 two point conversions, on his last 5 possessions. THE GREATEST performance in SB history! But you think MR outplayed him? HaHa...delusional.
  4. I wanted to talk about the SB game and the newer threads don't seem to be talking much about it.
  5. Well. the Falcons DID play decent for 21/4 quarters! They just overlooked who they were playing that day. Plus, they obviously don't have a conditioning coach on staff and that hurt them when they finally realized in the 4th quarter that the game wasn't over.
  6. Yeah, Bill's just a lucky guy. Thanks, that explains it all.
  7. I'm guessing the Pats win two more Lombardi's before BB hangs it up. Maybe three. The Pats are loaded again this year and will be far better than the team that rolled Atlanta in the SB.
  8. You do realize that you are violating the Board's Code of Conduct, don't you? I won't report you this time, because I don't think you are serious. But, BE CAREFUL.
  9. Just wanted check in and see if you guys had run out of excuses yet. Since you seem to be the local Swami around here, do you think the Falcons will consider adding a conditioning coach this season?
  10. Hey Gazoo.....very apt screen name. I didn't get the joke right away....fits you to a T.
  11. Wow.....good one! And it only took you 2 hours to come up with it! Sluuuurp.... Yeah, poor guy couldn't have done anything else.
  12. HaHa.....that's a novel claim. Or did you just screw up old news? You DO KNOW that the lying sack of doggy-do who first made the claim, in order to make himself sound like a bigshot, Pats insider, wet his pants and recanted in the Herald, denying his whole BS story? Or did you miss that fact? PS...what's "cowardly" is using your "iggy" button to block someone simply because you can't defend your POV.
  13. LOL.... I was intrigued with your argument until you mentioned that your facts were corroborated by Roger Goodell! That's when you lost me...and about 98% of the football loving world who, yes, do think Goodell is a liar! But YOU don't? That's is freaking hilarious. Other than I feel bad that it makes you sound really, really foolish. Honest. Can I give you a little bit of friendly advice....because I'm sure, deep down, you're really a swell guy. Here goes...If your phone rings and it's someone with a foreign accent calling, claiming to be a Nigerian Princess who needs a short term loan to help her escape an evil dictator at home, with promises to quadruple your largesse.....hang up immediately! I fear a person like you might believe her story and get hurt.
  14. I confess, I don't follow the Bruins, Celtics or the Sox religiously, like I used to do. Pats are different story....have followed them since Day 1, no the game, win or lose. And boy, have they had their share of losing! Semper Fi, guy. BTW....I never met a Marine who didn't have class. Some of these other fans could take a lesson from your demeanor.