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  1. Only about two out of three thrown to our guys was catchable? Certainly not as high a percentage as the top two no drop guys.
  2. They were talking about allowing the replacement of players in concussion protocol too. Anyone hear what happened with that?
  3. I wish him the best.I wasn't thrilled with the pick when it happened but I'm warming up to him. Good luck to you Crazy Kazee!
  4. Lots of parity too! Once you get down below the Falcons, that is.
  5. Have/be both what Vandy? My comment was aimed at the post title mainly. I'd rather have led and lost than never led at all.
  6. I don't get it. They scored no more on us than we did on them in regular time. Lots of things out of our control had to happen for them to pull out the miracle OT victory. Miracle catch, no holding called, line injuries, and a lucky coin toss to put our exhausted D back on the field right away. I'd rather have the perfect storm of miracle calls and plays beat us than to lose 40-3. I've been a fan since they announced a team coming to Atlanta, so maybe I'm used to disappointment, but I'm so proud of this team. We deserved to be there. We kicked a$$ in the playoffs and hopefully will do so again this year. Losing "that way" doesn't bother me a bit. It was exciting and easily the best Superbowl ever. Maybe some grudging respect will finally make the officials call a penalty or two in our favor.
  7. I remember a lot of play action rollouts to the right. Its what we do. Very successful play. Easy to just throw it away if it isn't there.
  8. Two references to nice hair in one article? Hey Dave Choate, I see hair just like that every time I take a leak. Shall I send you a pic?
  9. That's what fans do. We compare our picks to stars we hope they turn out just like. On every single nfl board in the world.
  10. I think for overtime, the head coaches should fight MMA style. Three five minute rounds.
  11. I was shocked when I looked up Worrilow's 40 time. At his pro day he ran a 4.59 outdoors in cold, windy weather. He always struck me as pretty slow.
  12. Why the red text?
  13. Thanks man! Maybe if Cam eats more of that yogurt he'll be brave enough to jump toward the fumbles instead of away from them.