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  1. There's a kid here in Snellville that lost his short term memory to a football concussion. It happened a few years ago and he hasn't improved. He remembers everything prior to the concussion, and nothing since. He's unable to learn new things. He's a smart kid and knows something is wrong. He told his Mom recently that it would be better to be severely re-tarded. It really hits home because my youngest son was in that same state after a high school baseball collision. My boy kept asking the same few questions over and over on the way to the hospital. Number 1 was "You didn't come on the field, did you"? He would run through his list of simple questions, pause, then start them all over again. By the next day, he was better although he never played baseball again. He has a 4.0 GPA at UGA now. If I were Kuechly, I'd give some serious thought to retiring. It may already be too late. Concussions are very serious.
  2. That's true. Some do play for a long time after a knee injury. Some don't. While I like the kid, I hope we pick someone else first. If we do pick him, I hope he plays until he's 40 and ends up with the all time sack record, tied with Beasley.
  3. I'd prefer we took someone else. Knee injuries can start a degeneration process or osteoarthritis. He may be healthy now, but may never take that next step because of deteriorating knees. The motor doesn't matter when you have no wheels.
  4. We love to yell and argue about things we have absolutely no control over. Jake has been awesome when he's healthy and plays pretty good when he's banged up too. Lots of tackles don't even try to play with some of the injuries he has had. He has great heart and I passionately demand we keep him and pay him as little as possible. *stomps off around the room.
  5. When the defense is on the field Quinn will give him binoculars and have him reading lips on the other side of the field. Or is that illegal?
  6. I had a pet dog die when I was a child and my parents fought a lot. Can I play back up MLB?
  7. Epic reasons list. Would read again.
  8. I too give us an A+. Poe will roll through opposing offensive lines like Taco Bell through a large intestine.
  9. Stopped reading here. He had just under 200 and blew out his knee in October last year. They put him on IR and are still talking about maybe bringing him back. The point was there are lots of tall receivers in the league and especially in our division. Be sure to tell me where you stop reading this post.
  10. Well darn. Set aside, huh? I'll just shut up about it then. I still like and respect you g-dawg.
  11. Eric Berry is 6-0. That is larger, not smaller. Earl Thomas is over 200 pounds. That is larger, not smaller. The best free safeties are larger than Baker, not smaller However many jump balls there are in a particular season, I assure you an extra few inches in height matters. With so many huge receivers in our division, it matters even more.
  12. I think Ricardo Allen is just like him. I don't mind considering him, just think he would be a marginal improvement if that, over Allen. I worry that the tall receivers in our division will out jump him on deep passes. Didn't I mention that before? Evans 6-5, Jackson 6-5, Coleman 6-6, Funchess 6-4, Benjamin 6-5. We see those guys twice a year. That is what I've offered to support my view. We have other needs before drafting a round 1 questionable upgrade at FS.
  13. And I thought you left the boards for good.
  14. I contribute the voice of sanity. I don't want a undersized, weak tackling, short guy that can't jump as my last line of defense. We already have one just like him. If we're taking a safety, get Obi Melifonwu instead. Get Obi's 44 inch vertical to compete with big receivers in the air. Budda's 32 inch vertical was pathetic.
  15. "He's too small to cover tight ends." - NFL scout about Baker. The league is getting bigger at receiver. Therefore the league will get bigger at DB. How would Baker do twice a year against Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson, both of which are tight end sized 6'5" receivers? Awful if you listen to NFL scouts, is how he would do. We're not taking the little fellow in the first. We need a pass rusher, another DT, OL depth, a LB and a fullback before a marginal upgrade of Ricardo Allen. Just because you compare him to Matthieu and Thomas doesn't mean he is Matthieu (Falcon filter) or Thomas. If he was, you'd be right in taking him first, but we both know he isn't. We should make a friendly wager. I say we don't draft a FS under 6'0" in rounds 1-7 this year. PM me your terms.