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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes ,Yes i am so happy right now, now lets find a pass rusher and a BEAST RG in draft and get our revenge
  2. D-Line, O-Line that is all i want from this draft
  3. yes, this was a great season, lets just hope the next one will be even better
  4. I shut down all my social media, still cant go on any sports site and i know it is going to hurt for a while, but we are still Falcons fans and i will still support this team no matter what. And yes i am still numb and a little bit depresed
  5. I love Bill Burr. To me he is the best comic working right now
  6. This just shows you how dumb the MSM is... i mean before the season except for Matt,Julio and Free, i dont think they could have named anybody else on our O, and we were getting killed for singing Sanu, but now Gabriel is somehow a cant miss prospect, and lets not even talk about the TEs. Give Matt some props for elevating the talent around him.
  7. yeah, me to. My family is looking at me like "whats wrong with you". I am just so happy
  8. This is the first time in a long time i cried like a baby. LETS GOOOOO RISE UP
  9. Serbia , and i think i am the only Falcons fan in the entire country
  10. if it is close they will stil find a way.Something like ah poor Aaron his defence let him down, but look at that trow.. BEST OF ALL TIME, THE MICHAEL JORDAN OF THE NFL, and by the way who cares who is going to the Superbowl lets talk about the next season and the Cowboys, and if Lebron is the greatest human being of all time
  11. It's the Steelers and i dont think its close. The best Qb NE has faced all year is Carson Palmer and that is by a long shot. I would put our defence and NE d neck and neck and GB D last, because they have a bunch of nobodies at CB who allowed Dez to torch them and he has not done that the whole year
  12. I get why people are going with Dallas, GB defense could not stop a nose bleed, and against Zeke and that O line they are in for a tough game
  13. Just go out there and WHOOP their behind and prove you are as good as we all know they are.That is the bottom line. Just like the cry babies Pants blew them out last time we should this time, score early , score often and go for the jugular and all this idiots in the media will have to shut up for a day or two. like Al Davis said "Just win, baby".
  14. To me this is a good hire, He got the Bills, i repeat the Bills to 9-7 and had a number one sack defence and a average O with no Qb . Jags have some great talent on D and if he can hire a good OC they can win the worst division in football