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  1. Welp. The jackass read it at least:
  2. My tweet to him:
  3. With the way the draft and FA acquisitions have gone the past 2 years this front office and coaching staff has earned the benefit of the doubt from me. If any other Falcons fans don't choose to give that same leeway to the Falcons then that's their choice. It doesn't make me mad at those fans.
  4. Absolutely agree with this. Just seems like a fundamentally solid plan.
  5. Believe it or not my wife asked me this same question while we were out running today. I gave her essentially the same answer @quotemokc gave. No need to do it yet. Bryant still has the accuracy and the distance to win games.
  6. Regardless of the answer to this I know that the Falcons front office did their homework on Duke Riley. I was wondering though. Do you think that the Falcons front office spoke with Deion Jones to get his input on Riley...or is this the type of decision that's made without former teammate consultation?
  7. Heath Evans is a complete and utter chunkhead.
  8. You can pick me but I'm too old to play in the NFL.
  9. Nope, not a draft for me. Far too cute and clever. It doesn't really make the Falcons a demonstrably better football team.
  10. La Canfora is a longtime Falcons hater and a complete jackass. He's Heath Evans with a better vocabulary.
  11. Crap no. Sherman is criminally overrated. Alford is criminally underrated.
  12. My art is still true.
  13. Today is Knight of God's birthday. I know him off of the board. He is one of the classiest, most grounded guys I have ever met in my life. I am blessed to count him as one of my friends. Join me in wishing my bud a very happy birthday.
  14. Ray Edwards. He was a much better underwear model than he was a defensive end... and he wasn't a good underwear model.
  15. "We need to watch out for Shanahan." I wish someone had made a thread with this EXACT title right before the Super Bowl.