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  1. Today is Knight of God's birthday. I know him off of the board. He is one of the classiest, most grounded guys I have ever met in my life. I am blessed to count him as one of my friends. Join me in wishing my bud a very happy birthday.
  2. Ray Edwards. He was a much better underwear model than he was a defensive end... and he wasn't a good underwear model.
  3. "We need to watch out for Shanahan." I wish someone had made a thread with this EXACT title right before the Super Bowl.
  4. Some people clearly don't understand how pro football works.
  5. Good lord. Some of you obviously have a strong desire for this team to return to the 3-13, 4-12 days.
  6. And @mdrake34 and @Durrtay, happy birthday to you both also.
  7. Happy Birthday man. Hope you have a great weekend.
  8. Pats fans I've run into and who follow me on Twitter are very cool people. I did block a longtime follower who wanted to talk crap to me...and that azzhat is a Packers fan. I blasted him out the air vent with some pretty descriptive talk and then just blocked his ignorant, knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing self.
  9. It's up to them to change the facts and the perceptions of this team. I happen to believe that they can. Don't really care about all the doubters and people who mock this team. Life is too short to stay fixated on negative people.
  10. Yes. It's all a coincidence.
  11. I know you already papa so I kind of figured you had a quality wife. Those of us who have spouses who not only understand our being Falcons fans but take the plunge themselves? We're lucky indeed.
  12. I hope that trend doesn't continue...sorry about your friend.
  13. Read "shriveled up and died" in a johnnybuc thread and got temporarily excited.
  14. He's not even close to cool. He's a tired, bitter old troll.
  15. Calling another poster out...bannable offense. Retire this tired old troll mods before God does.