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  1. Heath Evans is a complete and utter chunkhead.
  2. You can pick me but I'm too old to play in the NFL.
  3. Nope, not a draft for me. Far too cute and clever. It doesn't really make the Falcons a demonstrably better football team.
  4. La Canfora is a longtime Falcons hater and a complete jackass. He's Heath Evans with a better vocabulary.
  5. Crap no. Sherman is criminally overrated. Alford is criminally underrated.
  6. My art is still true.
  7. Today is Knight of God's birthday. I know him off of the board. He is one of the classiest, most grounded guys I have ever met in my life. I am blessed to count him as one of my friends. Join me in wishing my bud a very happy birthday.
  8. Ray Edwards. He was a much better underwear model than he was a defensive end... and he wasn't a good underwear model.
  9. "We need to watch out for Shanahan." I wish someone had made a thread with this EXACT title right before the Super Bowl.
  10. Some people clearly don't understand how pro football works.
  11. Good lord. Some of you obviously have a strong desire for this team to return to the 3-13, 4-12 days.
  12. And @mdrake34 and @Durrtay, happy birthday to you both also.
  13. Happy Birthday man. Hope you have a great weekend.
  14. Pats fans I've run into and who follow me on Twitter are very cool people. I did block a longtime follower who wanted to talk crap to me...and that azzhat is a Packers fan. I blasted him out the air vent with some pretty descriptive talk and then just blocked his ignorant, knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing self.
  15. It's up to them to change the facts and the perceptions of this team. I happen to believe that they can. Don't really care about all the doubters and people who mock this team. Life is too short to stay fixated on negative people.