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  1. Man Julio's a beast. Can't deny that.
  2. You keep arguing non-points when I already expressed exactly what Carolina's scheme was; long-developing plays. Cam Newton still was on of the best QB's in 2015 even with sloppy mechanics, and your argument about Cam not making our players open is about as absurd of an argument as it gets. And about Matt Ryan, it's justified. Matt Ryan's 2016 season came at the expense of a really good scheme that allowed him for larger margins of error. Shanahan's scheme brought about open receivers on nearly every throw. Add the fact he had a healthy o-line all year, stud wide receivers, and runningbacks who flourished in Shanahan's scheme and it's easy to see how the team benefitted Matt Ryan. There's plenty of reason to doubt. Past shows Matt Ryan being erratic when forced to make decisions of his own. Ryan checked down a ton earlier because of this. When he had to make more decisions prior to 2016, it usually wasn't very good. Shanahan helped make those decisions easier by having offensive players wide open on nearly every play. I mean I know it's a Falcons forum, but you can't ignore Shanahan helped hide some of Ryan's flaws.
  3. Part of that is attributed to our offensive line and scheme. As I said before, Carolina's scheme in 2016 revolved around the deep pass and wideouts who don't get much separation. As big as Kelvin Benjamin is (in more ways than one), he doesn't get separation, henceforth why Cam literally had to be exact on almost every play to be successful. About accuracy, he was very accurate in throwing the deep ball. In an extensive analysis in something dubbed "The Deep Ball Project", Cam Newton was pretty good. And really, if you want to look at other successful quarterbacks with "bad" QB passer rating, simply look up Favre and Marino's stats for their first six seasons. They're very similar to what Cam's facing right now.
  4. Simple. Cam Newton had inaccurate spouts. Wasn't that evident all last season when he had an o-line full of practice squad players and an OC that wants to go for the deep ball nearly every play? Plus the fact that Cam hasn't really evolved much into a pure QB while our coaching staff expects him to do everything. Needs to fine tune his passing in short situations and mechanics. And the top question: nope.
  5. Oh man the homerism is strong in this one.
  6. A solid hit that ends him with some big injury will cause his career to be over, simple as that.
  7. Kelvin purposely ran slow at the combine to fall to Carolina.
  8. To be honest, all it takes is one solid hit on Tom Brady now to get him out of a career and screw the Patriots over. Last serious injury was when he was 31/32 years old, partially why he's able to play so long.
  9. This I agree with.
  10. Alright, if that's what you equate to catch rate, then I agree. He did not get much separation last year at all, worst in the league in fact. Mainly attributed to his sore acl and being at 50% each gameday, and the fact he's never going to be a burner I assumed you meant catch rate as in how many catches he makes when thrown his way. He's way more reliable now in that area, but I now get what you're saying.
  11. Huh? I just gave you a link concerning his catch rate. His 50% catch rate was from his rookie season if that's what you're talking about. He's greatly improved.
  12. Of course Kelvin isn't on Mike Evans or Julio Jones level. I don't think he ever will be; they're both special generational talents. But Kelvin will be better than year two, and that's fine for our offense when we got a whole host of threats now. A huge red zone threat who's reliable and gets huge yards even when he's only at 50%. As far as receiving threat, yes, Olsen will probably be our top one because he's only one of the best TEs in the league. Thing is, we have Curtis Samuel, who had a 3.2% drop rate in his career at OSU and who some considered as one of the best third down receivers from the class. He can also run. McCaffrey's a deadly runner who is also a solid slot receiver. Another weapon we'll utilize. Shepard's underrated. Tampa fans will probably tell you that too. At worst he's an upgrade over Brown, but he has a lot of potential. Shining already in OTAs. Funchess has potential as well, but I'll put a lid on my expectations for him right now. Needs to convert what he puts on the practice field on actual gameday before I say more. Fact is this Panthers team has a lot more weapons and ways to cut through teams now.
  13. I said when healthy. Most of 2016, Kelvin dealt with soreness from his ACL. His route running was sluggish because of such, and effort seemed low. But believe it or not, Kelvin Benjamin's issues have never been drops last year so much at all.
  14. Context: It's a very slippery field. It's drizzling, and Benjamin doesn't want to tweak his knee again. And this was warm-ups. And Benjamin dominated All-Pro 2015 Norman plenty before. One on one with Kelvin Benjamin when he's healthy is always a mismatch no matter the case.
  15. Eh. Could've said nothing and no one would blame him. Guess you could appreciate how classy he is, but it really isn't much to get riled on. Just an overused joke that never gets old for rival fans.
  16. He dominated Norman in 2015 before his ACL injury. Like to the point some questioned whether Norman would be a competent starter. It's just a fair point to say putting Kelvin Benjamin on any corner 1 on 1 when healthy will be a mismatch.
  17. To be fair, I don't think an offseason's gone by where he wasn't large in bulk. What matters is his on the field performance. And he was dominant from all accounts and much more refined in route running.
  18. Those of you sleeping on Hooper shouldn't. He's got a bright future ahead.
  19. Don't mind that number ;). One of the Panthers best seasons record wise.
  20. 38-0 3-28 0 out of 2 Some more numbers for your curiosity and enjoyment ;P
  21. This. I found it amusing.
  22. It's a good thing period for any team.