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  1. Dave-Te Thomas has a track record of getting solid rumors without the clickbait, and gets right to the point. Not well known, but was recommended on the NFL Draft reddit. So with that, an interesting comment that validates the Falcons want to trade up: Word is that he's a legit resource. Very interesting indeed.
  2. Sounds like you're asking me to tie my own noose.
  3. I'm not even playing around. Worst case scenario for us would be you guys getting Lamp. He'll be dominating in the NFL, and it sure won't be pretty.
  4. Because he'd be a top guard prospect in other drafts honestly. His measurables and traits make him an intriguing prospect at guard, and he'll likely dominate. Draftnik (His slaytics have the highest success rate I've ever seen with predicting players being successful in the NFL) Ethan Young has Lamp #5 overall on his big board, and the best o-line prospect on his slaytics.
  5. If you grab Forrest Lamp your o-line's set for years. He's legitimately a solid contender to be one of the best. That's a scary thought.
  6. Fair enough. Superbowl 50 and Superbowl 51 were embarrassing to the losers in their own respective rights. The Panthers offense was way better than the poo-case shown, and the Falcons could've easily capped their own game away. All in all, losing sucks.
  7. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not. Tell me that 50 years later when coaches will be telling their teams in Superbowls to not pull a "Matty Meltdown", "Shanahan Shenanigan" or an "Atlanta Failcon". The fact that a 25 point lead was blown makes it more memorable than any blowout. You do understand that no matter what, people aren't going to remember the fact Matt Ryan had a near stellar QB rating. They'll remember the blown lead, and how Tom Brady was able to come back for his 5th superbowl ring. I'll take the way we lost Superbowl 50 to the way you lost 51 any day of the week. Sorry, but that's facts, and the truth does suck.
  8. Geez, seems like everyone is slimming up. Wish someone would pay me $500,000 to lose weight.
  9. Notre Lame QBs scare the poo out of me. After Clausen, I don't trust any "star QB" coming from that poo house.
  10. Just a warning: The following is a Pro-Panther/explanatory piece to educate the uninformed about the real state of the Panthers. Don't read if you dislike looking at other people's perspectives and views. I'm sure you've had those garbage time point games before. The Panthers played conservative after they were blowing out the Seahawks 31-0 by halftime. We demolished them thoroughly. The Panthers demolished what was considered at the time the top offense in the league in the 2015 AZ Cardinals, coupled with a top tier defense. We dumped 49 points and went full-out all game, showing we can dominate in a game. As I said, the Panthers defense right now is better than 2015 and could rival 2013. Everytime I hear that "lol Panthers defense is old," just remember our secondary was significantly older than what we currently have, and our DEs were around the same age as that group. It's probably the most pathetic argument I've ever heard any fanbase make, because they know our defense is going to be legit. In fact, last time we were "old", we went to the Superbowl. You can argue how Peppers is old all you want, but fact is he's a significant upgrade over Ealy, still a force, and a guy who's only had one season below 7 sacks in his whole career (2007 was the only year below that total), and Addison is turning into a stud at the right time. Short is still one of the top DTs in the game, and star a top stuffing NT, and they certainly aren't "old." Yes, argue that TD is getting older, but matter is Shaq Thompson is ready to fill in whenever he's ready, and Kuechly has been fine for a while. His concussion is something I never want to witness ever again, but you're acting like he's not going to be on the field next year dominating. Our secondary is looking solid. James Bradberry was the best rookie corner of 2016, and very likely able to improve and become a top tier corner real soon. Daryl Worley is not far behind. Kurt Coleman will go back to his FS role of 2015 - where he lead the league in picks - and Mike Adams was a two time probowler in 2014 and 2015 playing behind the Colts defensive front. Captain Munnerlyn is one of the best nickels in the game, and will allow our linebackers to be able to not drop back in coverage and disrupt the middle and LoS. Offensively, can't say much other than it looks like a 2015-lite healthy as of now, but could be looking at 2011-like results if we just grab a TE and RB. Yes, I'm arguing it will be better than our 2016 offense - the injury plagued one, but I'd stop short of 2015 until I see whether Shepard achieves the role he could easily achieve, and whether Charles Johnson can be our deep threat. Not to mention the draft hasn't happened yet, which I expect to be offense heavy on our part. Should I mention that Kelvin Benjamin was playing hurt all of 2016 and wasn't even expected to be fully healthy until 2017? This was him prior to his knee swelling in game 1 and 2: Against the best NFL secondary, he went for 100+ yards: Trust me. He'll be back. Our picks haven't hit? Lol, what even is that argument? Gettleman has hit more than he missed, and he hasn't really had any busts at all. Tell me a name, and you'll likely name someone who's in year 2 or 3 of their NFL career, someone who's been injured and play suffered due to such, or someone insignificant for where they were drafted at. Can't ignore the fact either we'll have guys back healthy, and we're not likely to repeat our o-line dilemma from last year of having only one starter being healthy all year, and practice squad/second stringers in place with our starting center and backup on IR. Healthy, we could be one of the best in the league. Keep sleeping on this team, and it'll be to your demise.
  11. Just posting because it may or may not affect his draft stock. Depends on whether you believe his story or not: Bad luck, or something more?
  12. Panthers had the hardest playoff schedule by far, going against arguably the top 2 NFC teams, and demolishing them. The Panthers still went 15-1 with that soft schedule, and blew out the competition for the most part. To say the 2015 Panthers weren't ever good is completely asinine. This year, the Panthers have a 2013 level defense on paper. The draft hasn't happened, but theoretically a RB and TE brings us to our 2011 offense. We could be fielding our best and most balanced team next year.
  13. Bahahhahahahahhahahahaha. The kid is a nutcase. Any team that gets him will understand
  14. Cam Newton's recent comments on his injury and playing through it.
  15. In 2015, the Panthers were demonstrably better than every NFC South team as well. Lots can change in one year. Every NFC South received an upgrade of some sorts, and we haven't even had the draft yet. The division is anything but a pushover.
  16. Haven't really compared, but I can see us easily being 13-3 with that schedule, with losses to the Patriots, once to you guys, and once to Tampa. *EDIT: yeah, the order is different, which is what I'm getting at. You have the bulk of your strong opponents in the second half, while ours is spread out in an easy manner to sweep.
  17. Those are games where the times are flexible. Usually flexible to moving from 4:30 to 1:00, and vice versa.
  18. On the other side, you probably don't want to see how easy the Panthers schedule looks. Just a hint: Right after our only MNF game, we have a bye. No short schedules for us at all.
  19. If that's your true schedule, my condolences for your second half of the season. You'll get off to an easy start, but the next stretch will be a brutal stretch. But could easily see a winning season for you guys and a shot at the playoffs.
  20. The NFL considers it a positive test. Very likely he's telling the truth, but some may be wary of everything surrounding him.
  21. Recently came across this video. Broke down Obi Melifonwu quite well, with a decent argument in his favor. Enjoy: Melifonwu, a big and rangy defensive back in the 2017 NFL Draft class, earns a look in the RSP Film Room with Matt Waldman and PFF’s Josh Liskiewitz. One of my favorite things about having Liskiewitz on this show is his desire to profile defensive backs. He chose Melifonwu because he believed that tape available at Draft Breakdown would lead a lot of people to believe that Melifonwu is a second or third-round pick. Liskiewitz believes the UConn safety is a first-round pick and he believes the one play he found for this session—an interception against Temple—is part of a supporting argument of plays that you won’t see at Draft Breakdown that makes all the difference between the two grades. Liskiewitz does a phenomenal job of showing Melifonwu’s run support, work in cover-2, quarters, and cover-1. It’s an educational look at an athletic specimen with the size of Kam Chancellor, but a different game that could be equally appealing for teams that understand what Melifonwu offers a team.
  22. Well known draft evaluator. Particularly knows the trenches well with his background as an offensive lineman. Now, saying that, a very interesting case. I don't like Willis at all, but I guess he could work out. Definitely a project in the making. Of course, I'll cheer you on if you take him with the 31st overall pick, but definitely would be solid value in the second.