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  1. Otherwise free 15 yard penalties and meltdowns in Superbowls that make Cam Newton look like an angel?
  2. Wow. McKinley is very emotional.
  3. I really love this pick. Scared you guys would've got Foster. Looks like no more.
  4. traded up for him? that's interesting.
  5. If you guys take Njoku...
  6. Falcons trade up. Woah.
  7. No. Do not get Njoku. No no no.
  8. Oh man I'm not liking how much Foster is falling.
  9. Their collecting their ankles from McCaffrey's cuts and unbelievable angles.
  10. Thank goodness. Did not want to see him in the division.
  11. RIP Reddick dreams for y'all
  12. Hooker is probably going to be the best safety from the draft by far, but McCaffrey is one of the best patient runners I've seen, and what he can do is transcendental. He's so versatile and such a perfect fit, it's going to be scary how good our offense is. Howard is an overrated scrub. If we picked him top 10, I would've been ticked off. Shown nothing in Bama and projection is just all potential.