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  1. Surprised he has Rivers that low. Could very well be a huge steal, and the 3rd best pass rusher from the draft in the coming years. Guarantee you that Panthers will at least consider him with their first second rounder.
  2. Panthers are anything but scared. In fact, we're happy. AP in his four games against us has never eclipsed 90 yards, and he had mostly below 50 yd games against us. We shut him down well.
  3. Matt Ryan is going to be facing a Brutal defense. A full dose of Addison, Short, Johnson, Peppers, Lotulelei, Butler, and the guy in the middle and back. Better not get Rivers in the first. Panthers need to grab him with their second. He's gonna be a monster. Then again if the Panthers get Myles Garrett then idc who you get at that point.
  4. Again, say what you will, but Addison just turned on the motor. I expect that to continue for a few more years. He could've had double digit sacks last year as well had he been used more than Ealy. As for Peppers, I wouldn't call the Redskins or Dallas o-line bad by any means, where he got some nice sacks. Also, Peppers won't be on the field much except for special pass rushing situations anyways, so the Panthers will put Peppers wherever he works best. Kalil's ceiling is high. His rookie season showed a guy who knows how to play given the motivation and health. Surgery is done on him so that he's healthy, now it comes to refinement and motivation + leadership, something Ryan Kalil could easily provide. His ceiling is what's being banked on, and he won't cost much to cut after 2 seasons. Again, our roster hasn't changed much at all. Our DEs improved from last year believe it our not, and we were 2nd in the league in sacks with that group. Our secondary filled in our nickelback hole so now our LBers can go back to their roles in 2013 and 2015; disrupting the LoS and middle instead of dropping back in coverage. Mike Adams at SS (two time probowler in recent years) allows Kurt Coleman in FS - his 2015 position - and Worley and Bradberry are a competent starting duo. No holes at starter for our defense at all. Very optimistic on our defense, and offense isn't too bad. Will wait until after the draft to comment on offense, but it's looking like it could rival our 2011 one if we make the right moves.
  5. Our OC coach can't even conceive what a screen looks like.
  6. Speaking of Norwell... Try sleeping at night after seeing this face.
  7. Film shows a guy with the build of Peppers and good production. I'll take his potential any day, and his tape shows a monster. Just check this out:
  8. Addison just had 9.5 sacks after not even sniffing the field much until after our 7th week bye, and missing two games during his active time. Peppers still can be viable in pass rushing situations like in GB. More likely to dominate back at his 4-3 DE role rather than 3-4 OLB anyways. It is reasonable he'll get 7 sacks, and possibly more. He hasn't showed signs of slowing down much. Tell me, this a player that looks like he's slowing down? Kalil's floor really is giving us Remmers production, with his ceiling a solid surprise pick. If our o-line coaches made Oher competent, they can at least make Kalil viable, especially after having surgery to fix his issues. Can't be any worse than that. Our RT has been shored up by our GM with Daryl Williams. He's more than a capable starter, especially after shutting down Vic Beasley twice in one season. He's been real solid against many quality pass rushers, so I'm not complaining.
  9. They're also considering Forrest Lamp and Derek Barnett at that spot if they fall. Falcons likely hoping to get whatever scraps from the Dolphins afterwards.
  10. He's a respected scout who has been doing this for years. He gets legitimate info from plenty around the league and compiles them in a non-clickbaity post.
  11. Our o-line is fine. If Kalil doesn't work out at LT, plug in Oher. Daryl Williams should hopefully be our starter next year, and he's been real good, esp. against Vic Beasley. DE is not a top need. Could we use a future? Sure, but we have a solid DE rotation right now with pass rushers. Addison is capable of a double digit sack season, and Peppers has only had 1 season with less than seven sacks, and that was the year he was hurt with us. Only real pressing needs are a 2nd TE for our 2011 TE sets, depth at runningback, and a slot WR. Could use a deep threat as well, but Charles Johnson may supplement that.
  12. All I'm saying is that if the Saints do trade to #2 for McCaffrey, I might be gone for the whole night laughing.
  13. They changed the rules this year. You can trade comp picks now:
  14. Right now, the offer is this year's 8th, our second round, and our compensatory 3rd rounder. For Garrett, I'm not complaining. For Fournette, ehhh. If it includes anything from next year, then I'd be against it.