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  1. Ouch. That looks horrible. I remember seeing a Tampa player break something real bad live during the last game of our 2015 season. It was terrible, and my heart went out to that dude. This right here makes me glad my legs have never bent like that.
  2. The issue is he plays nowhere near that speed. He doesn't even play his size half the time. He's effectively a one trick pony. He can't catch, or even secure the ball fine. He played in an easy soft conference and didn't face much competition. Wouldn't be surprised to see him fall pretty far just because of his tape. Although these numbers may help him a bit, he plays nowhere near that speed or level on the field.
  3. I remember when the Panthers set a franchise record against Matt Ryan and flung him to the ground 9 times in one game. Was a beautiful defense in 2013.
  4. Bahahaha. Thanks for the laugh. Acting like the refs have ever been on our side is like saying Jimmy Clausen is a HoF All-Pro QB. Seriously. I can assure you that has never been the case. The Superbowl proved that the refs hated us and wanted Manning out with a ring with that stupid Cotchery catch call, and I can tell you many instances from 2015 of refs keeping teams in games and killing our momentum.
  5. Patriots were too nice, sending Flowers to Matt Ryan. I nearly teared up at that beautiful gesture. Laughing with tears of joy.
  6. Lol, do you. If you honestly think blowing a 25 point lead was better than our loss, then sure. Because everyone's gonna remember the elite team the Falcons were going in instead of the easier fact that they blew a 25 point lead in the Superbowl. Panthers went against a historic defense, and were only a TD away most of the game before taking the lead. The refs, stupid mistakes, and Remmers stood in our way.
  7. Well, you do you. I'd rather our Superbowl be forgetten rather than remembered 50 years from now as the team that blew one of the biggest leads in Superbowl history. Makes our loss to the Patriots by Kasay's foot in 03 pale in comparison to your slip.
  8. Since it's national choking awareness day, here are some tips if you ever see someone choking:
  9. Will admit that concussion was scary as poo. My heart was out for Kuechly that night. It was heart wrenching to see him tear up and hyperventilate like that. It was pretty serious as far as emotional effect, but learning it was actually a sort-of common side effect of some concussions was a bit comforting. Also hearing he cleared concussion protocol real fast was great. The coaches made the right decision in keeping him out the rest of the season even when he was healthy. I'm just saying I believe Kuechly will be back ready to smash. Will every tackle he makes give me a heart attack? Probably. But I have no doubt he still has plenty of years left in the NFL, and I just hope he'll remain healthy and safe.
  10. Actually, not really. I'd take the way we lost Superbowl 50 over what happened in Superbowl 51.
  11. He's been fine for a while. Could've played the last 3 games of the season, but our 2016 season was already a lost cause. The concussion thing is overblown imo. Heart-wrenching yes, but he isn't as bad off as it looked. Oher's concussion made Luke's look like a slight knock to the head. He'll be back and scaring offenses real soon. Not worried there.
  12. It'd be gold if Derek Anderson and Jonathan Stewart were our team captains our first game against you guys.
  13. TJ Watt's gonna be a stud. Whoever grabs him will get a solid contributor. Underrated guy, and well worth a low first rounder imo.
  14. I'll remember the fear I felt he's breakout for a TD on nearly every snap he had. Good home run threat, and solid back.
  15. AP

    2015 league MVP who got to that point with Ted Ginn as his #1 receiver? Of course you'll probably refer to his 2016 season, while ignoring our center was a practice squad player and only healthy starter all year was our LG.