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  1. This. I found it amusing.
  2. It's a good thing period for any team.
  3. TIL a first rounder's dog's name causes people to worry.
  4. You sound just like the Panthers. What contributed to our 2015 success is how healthy our o-line was and how confident Cam was in the pocket. When your guys up front are doing their job, the QB gets to flourish and scan the field comfortably, leading to how our offense spread the ball a lot more. We had our offense returning all its players and more - Kelvin Benjamin - who we all hoped would be fully healthy from his ACL and ready to dominate. Devin Funchess was coming off a dominant 2015 season and unbelievable training camp, so we had high hopes for the "twin towers." The highest scoring offense in 2015 with all its players returning aside old Cotchery with a considerable upgrade? Of course we thought we were about to dominate. Defensively, we knew losing Norman may put a lid on our potential, but our secondary is never the primary point of our defense. We had a nasty looking front seven, with Ealy emerging from a dominant playoff and Superbowl performance, and Charles Johnson showing he's still could still be an every down DE and terrorize QBs. Our secondary FINALLY had an overhaul after seasons of off-the-couch corners and old geezers back there with our new rookie corners, and we had our front seven ready to give them the stats they needed. One of our best defenses in 2015 with our key players emerging at DE, a new overhaul on our secondary with a bright future, Tre Boston being considered an upgrade over slow Harper, and our scary DTs? Only concern was a probable slow start by our secondary wouldn't be much considering our front, but our defense looked like it could be better than 2015 on paper. What happened was our loss of veterans hurt us more than we could imagine. Offensively, we never had that reliable catcher option for 3rd downs other than Olsen when we lost Cotchery. Kelvin Benjamin was still hurt even when our strength coach predicted he wouldn't be better until 2017, which led to his lackluster performance. Funchess was never given enough looks like he should've had noticing how often he was open, but he never really did make most of his opportunities. Stewart got injured for a stretch as usual, our o-line only had 1 healthy starter with practice squad players playing, we lost our starting center AND backup to IR mid-way through the season, and Shula never adapted to throwing more short passes or screens when Cam was clearly in trouble and beginning to hurt. That ultimately led to our offensive collapse. Defensively, we started off slow, but what we never expected was our defensive front to be the main reason for our ineptitude. Kony Ealy never lived up to his Superbowl hype and never beat his 1v1 chances, letting scrawny TEs win plenty of those battles. Charles Johnson was never meant to be an everydown DE anymore and got more tired and gassed, leading him to regress slowly during the game. Our DTs were always doubled or tripled, and they never got the pressure to help them like Jared Allen and a well rested Charles Johnson provided. Oh, and we had a secondary expecting our front to dominate, so that did not help matters. Of course, injuries in our secondary against the Falcons and us having to start Teddy Williams (oh lord, a ST nightmare now trying to play CB? Not a good matchup) and Zach Sanchez (a PS guy never meant to ever start) made things worse pre-bye week. Later, we got our front back when we gave Ealy a LOT less snaps, CJ a decent bit of time to rest, and let Addison and Horton flourish. Our rookies started looking solid, with Bradberry flashing elite potential. Even so, Luke later got injured, TD had to overcompensate on some plays for our backup MLB, and Tre Boston is bad. You lost your veteran DE in Freeney and haven't resigned him yet. I would argue he was more of a threat against us than Beasley was. He brought a ton of pressure that helped open up a lot of plays for your other defenders, a lot like how Jared Allen impacted our defense. You downplay losing Shanahan, but it's like losing Josh Norman for you guys. I've seen plenty of Falcon games, and what I saw was guys wide open in Shanahan's unbelievable schemes. He was a key part of your success, so there's a reason why everyone is doubting the Falcons offense right now. What really hinges on you guys either bein g the Panthers during 2016 or being good is injuries and closing out games. We were 3 points away in 6 games out of 10 losses to having a 12-4 record, with 6 out of 10 losses having us with a 4th quarter lead, so we weren't JAG level bad. The Falcons have to prove that their new OC won't be a hindrance, considering teams now have a whole offseason to expose Shanahan's scheme, injuries won't come in to derail success, and veteran losses won't hurt as much. Close out games, and you'll have a better time than the Panthers.
  5. Eh, that's not even in the top 3 or 4 reasons why the Panthers had a rough season. Of course, the fact we lost 6 games by 3 points or less with 6 having a lead in the 4th quarter shows how our luck, injuries, and a whole host of other reasons never went our way. Sure, JNo being gone did contribute to our slow defensive start, but that's not the primary reason for our collapse.
  6. You sound just like Panther fans right after Superbowl 50. One of the other reasons I visit this board a lot. You guys sound just like us.
  7. To be fair, the potential I'm talking about is having plays like these in our repertoire due to the presence of our new guys, but I can understand your point: Your defensive line upgraded, simple as that. It may not even be the first or second best in the division, but it'll probably be a top 12 or 10 in the NFL next year. All in all, you guys won't have to turn off the TV anymore when your defense is on, because it's certainly not going to be fun going against for anyone.
  8. Lol what is this? The Falcons don't even have the 2nd best DT group in the division. Panthers and Buccanneers clearly have the better group, with Panthers having the most depth. Falcons right now are potential based, and even then it wouldn't even touch what the Panthers employ. I see them as a decent group. Poe is going to open up a lot of opportunities for your pass rushers, and Jarrett has the chance to break out. But I would definitely not put them above the Bucs or Panthers, even if they reach the potential I expect them to.
  9. Got to admit, your defense is looking fine. Reasonable to assume they may even crack top 10 this year.
  10. Can't be any worse than Bell or Remmers at LT. To be fair, LT is where our o-line hinges on. I think we'll have a decent line, but yes I'd be stupid to not admit LT at the very least is a worry.
  11. Fair, but I feel our o-line is set on depth and starters everywhere except LT. Went over that somewhere else in here. Our run blocking should be improved from 2015 even with Kalil, considering Oher was the worst in the league by far that year. Pass blocking and whether Kalil and Oher comeback are the only questions.
  12. I already went over legitimate analysis from unbiased sources concerning the o-line, and an objective view from a guy not affiliated with any team concerning Cam Newton. You clearly disregard any sources that go against your narrative and attempt to play the "homerism" card like that's an actual counter argument. Your comebacks only include paper stats without in-depth analysis on the detail, and creating narratives that never existed in the first place. The irony is that you bring up the Saints o-line and how they invested in it and clearly disregard how the Panthers have been investing in their line the past few years. Then, you laughably claim that the Panthers interior isn't that good. That's probably the most stupid statement I've read and refuted it pretty easily. Of course, your counter was "homerism." The irony is that I could argue plenty of your statements as compete homerism as well, but I choose not to. I'll end it here, since you seem to revert back to where we started and label anything against your narrative "homerism." Not worth debating over something you seem unwilling to see the other side of.
  13. I just really liked Lamp as a prospect. I thought he'd be one of the draft's biggest steals. I didn't even say it was a need. I just thought he was by far BPA with his potential and skillset. I still have the Falcons as the better run game because of the fact they have experience and proven record, while the Panthers are all potential.
  14. I post a lot of his stuff. But you're mistaken if you think I'm him. If you haven't noticed, most of the stuff I get comes from that user. He's really the only user there that posts analysis and film. But I assure you we're not the same guy.