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  1. A.C. really helped with consistent pressure, and it's def not the norm to have a guy with 15.5 sacks, and your other end, who also stepped inside some, as well as being injured, to get 10+. It happens, but usually have to invest A LOT to get that kind of production from your ends.7-8 sacks, is realistically what I expected out of AC, and he maybe gets that if healthy.
  2. Schweitzer if I.Q. and a year in an NFL system then it's Schweitzer. If it's talent then Harlow. Personally it will be someone not on the roster imo, and hoping.
  3. Cam Newton's running days are quickly becoming numbered. He has taken too many hits in this league. McCaffrey like Freeman? You are going to be REALLY disappointed if that's what you're expecting, but I won't burst your bubble. The 2018 season will do that. BTW Cam's running days are numbered. I bet you anything that he doesn't ever say ****e to Deion Jones again. The fact is that he has initiated too much contact running the ball, and he is getting slower, and more hesitant from it. Overrated
  4. I can't see what duo is better. Freeman is good enough to play slot receiver, and Coleman's hands may be even better. Now you add a 3rd down/short yardage "power" runner in Hill and you have 3 rbs that could be the number one option on 20+ teams. Hill is still an NFL ?, but he has the vision, speed, power, and the best blocking ability of all 3, to not be a success in this league. If Freeman wants 8 mil+, and Hill proves he can run crisp routes, with above average hands, then Freeman may become expendable real quick. 4 yr 25mil is fair to both sides.
  5. Zerlein's draft profiles are **** sometimes. His report on Saubert is just wrong. The move up for Takk, when we could have gotten Lamp/Budda Baker in the first, moved down in the second a few spots and get Derick Riversin the third. HE had Rivers rated higher than Takk so obviously to him Lamp or Baker+Rivers+extra picks doesn't equal Takk/Riley/+ picks. He may be right(to some degree) but we addressed our needs with quality players, that weren't constantly hurt in college. I wish we could have gotten Takk without moving up, but we did not want to get a top 3-4 end like Taco. Buit Dallas could have been eyeing him, and Steelers eyeing Watt the entire time, and could have gotten Takk either way but why risk not getting the player you know you need to complete you DLINE. Takk, Poe,Grady,Beasley? Takk averaged between a pressure every 4-5 rushes. That is all we need him to do.
  6. I could see him thinking Lamp, and Rivers gives us better value than Takk alone. **** Rivers was graded higher than Takk. I can't disagree with that now, as moving up to take a player at a position of need and trading away a pick that could yield a starter at the biggest area of need(OG), is usually a bad idea when you pick a DE graded lower than Rivers that was selected i the 3rd. Rivers may be better than Takk. We really needed that 6th and 7th this year. We could have grabbed Gonzales(pk) in the 6th I think. Bryant could hit the wall at any point. We need to draft his replacement, and yes a 6th for the best kicker coming out is a good deal.
  7. I disagree with that, although I know what you mean and why you say that. Freeman is built to squeeze through small creases, and from what I've seen so far, Freeman has better vision and acdeleration, but a bit less power due to his size. I think what you may have meant was that he is the only back built for the Hard Yard. I do agree that he is the closest thing to a power back that we have, or can have in a ZBS really. 235-250 pd power backs aren't good choices for the small windows and creases that the blocking scheme creates.
  8. Why would we cut a top 5 punter, and the funniest member of the Matt club? And why would we cut an absolute integral part of the offense in blocking TE Levine Toilolo. Toilolo has been developed , and has reached elite status in the specialized role of blocking TE, at just the age of 26. His height, huge frame(265-270), and inconspicuous nature as a receiv, will continue to show in sporadic unfair mismatches in the passing game, which result in either completions, or often times with p.i. calls. Levine has also shown that he can be better than disastrous as an emergency tackle. As a reference ,Person playing center is what I consider a disaster. The true true as I see it is that there is no chance we cut a player after one season of a very manageable 3-yr contract.
  9. We will not pay Freeman 8 mil a year. We just drafted Hill, and have to sign TECO next year. Bell is a feature back, and as such shuld be paid more. Freeman can;t expect the same pay for less play. I mean If bell has 300+carries and makes 8 a yr, and Free gets 200 carries, why would they be paid equally? Freeman is good, but he isn't THAT good. If he ran a 4.45-4.5 maybe. Hill is a lighter version of Turner, and runs with power and speed, but with good/great vision. Hill has the abilities to be a feature back in a Power scheme in the future, especially if he has receiving skills that Wyoming couldn't, or wouldn't, use. Freeman, despite his size, is good enough avoiding the big hits to play the feature back role, ala Warrick Dunn style imo. Also, I watched theh whole of Dunn's career, and Freeman is an all aroud better rb. Better acceleration, better stop/start, maybe the best vision of any rb in the NFL. If we can pay Free 8 mil, and also be sure we can ink Beasley and Mathews then we should do it, and take the FA period off next year from top tier signings. Is Freeman worth 8 mil a year? Yes, because he is a top 5 rb in this league whether it's by committee or not. He took 60%+ of snaps, and has scored 27 times in two years. Freeman deserves around 4/year with a load of incentive based pay, which REALLY seems like it would pique his competitive interest. If those bonuses add up to 8/ yr then he deserves 8/year. It's just a reality that you can't pay at or slightly above market value. Freeman wouldbe wise to take 5/yr starting this year, rather than making 1.9 this year and going to auction, with a very real possibility of a significant injury impeding him from top dollar. I have to think if there is ONE player in this league that would take less$ to win it would be Free.
  10. Yeah RBBC members don't get 8 mil. Hill is starting to look like an insurance pick for 2018, as much as a 3rd down back this year
  11. no it means that that we have a lead and putting in fresh legs to punish an exhausted defense that have been chasing sub 4.4s all day, and breaking ankles with Freeman. We would have used Ward in every game if he were close to Brian Hill.
  12. Bierman, was one of the best later round picks we made in that era.I think he was a fifth but may have been a fourth. We had 2 UDFAs in Worr and Bartu, start as rookies in 2014? or was it 13? Either way, that tells you how bad we missed in middle rounds 3-5, where you find some starters, but SHOULD ALWAYS be competent enough to find special teams aces, and either athletic projects, or productive college players that are instant depth, if nothing else. TD has one of the worst eyes for talent when it comes to LBers. He missed on all LB FA, and Lofton was his best pick at the position and he was taken in early second as we all know. TO be fair, there has been tons of DC/OC turnover, and if not for Ryan/White/Julio/Mcclure. TD has a GREAT eye for running back talent, so I'm not a TD basher, bc we all have our Achilles. Mike Smith just seemed to have no clue on the defensive side.
  13. You didn't draft Freeman and Coleman dude. Or Hill.
  14. Depending on what Mangold needs he would be great insurance for Mack, but IDK that he can kick out to guard or not. But if we have Mangold last year we win the sb. It's just a super luxury aquisition. I can feel Clady for the same insurance, depending on price.
  15. Maybe he means hip fluidity? Panties
  16. Kittle and Hodges were almost identical athletes testing at the combine. Kittle was maybe my favorite( bc of route development). I was bummed when he was drafted, and I can't believe he made it to the 5th. I like Hooper but we picked the wrong year to use a third on a TE. I liked Shaheen a lot too but had no iea he would go that far. I had him as a 3rd-5th rnd. If we had gotten kittle in the 5th, that might have been the best 5th round draft choices in NFL history.
  17. Well I did say Hugh wouldn't be starting at RG Before the draft.
  18. Should have said 4th and 5th rounds to cover your bases, since we didn't have the 6th. Just busting your balls, but tht is where is saw us drafting one, and after the trde up I was like there goes Hodges and Kittles, my two favorite from the draft(besides Howard). I just hope Saubert doesn't have skillet hands like I've read on Zerlein's scouting report. His cons say he has poor eye-hand coordination, and has very inconsistent hands. But some of our best WRs had skillet hands when they came in. Finneran, Roddy, and even JJ come to mind. I have read that he is a much better YAC guy than one would think, which could be the reason that pushed him past Hodges, who is not a big YAC guy despite his athletic abilities. I just am weary about taking questionable talent at low level competition, when there is elite athleticism that played in the ACC and had success at that level left on the board.
  19. I've seen reports with him weighing as little as 175. The heaviest I have seen is 185. IDT he has the size for FS, but is a prototypical NB. That's why it was awkward for Poole to read the selection, and you could see it on his face. Maybe Poole is better than Rico at FS, but if not I think he gets bumped to 4th CB, with K.Z. taking the starting nickle spot. He is just too good at creating turnovers to sit on the bench. If Poole becomes the 4th CB and back up FS, then that is just some sick azz depth at the position.
  20. I haven't read much more on Saubert. I'm still nursing my Hodges snub butt-hurt
  21. So after looking back and considering the moves we made it looks like a pretty good draft. We got the DE bookend we needed, although I'm not 100% sold on Takk. Although 1/3 of his tackles this season took place 2 yards or less from the line of scrimmage. He will need time to develop, like Beasley did. Riley is quality depth and a ST superstar. Picked up a OG/OT with a father who was the 11th overall pick in 1991, which makes me feel old as ****. May have found a starting FS or NB, which was awkward for Poole to read off. Also landed a TE, which I still believe should have been Hodges, but a complement to Hoop anyway. We are brining in some UDFAs that are late round talents, and some great athletes that could be longer term projects. Our defense got better, and I think RG has been addressed as much as we can. Excited to see who we sign when cuts start rolling off rosters. Good job F.O., and welcome to the brotherhood class of 2017.
  22. What a sick class. 5 starters on defense, with Hooper playing better than the average rookie after Tamme went down. That offseason, including the best FA we have had under TD, Mack and Sanu transformed our offense. I just don;t know much about Sark, but praying for a top 5 offense this year, which I will be giddy with 5th leadng offense, and top 10 defense. The Buccs were scaring me on offense with the weapons they picked up, even though they don't have the best line. Not scared of them now since we upgraded our defense just as much as they upgraded their offense. Not to mention Crab legs doesn't seem like a top 15 QB himself imo. The Saints will continue to suck on defense, and be shallow at offense skill positions (dropping Graham, and Cooks) in back to back years. Adding a 32 y.o. AP, when they already have Ingram is just ********. Byrd is still a good FS, but looked horrible in NO, because they lacked any secondary talent.Byrd isn't as smart as Allen is though. IDT people understand just how much responsibility Allen has had as a very young player.
  23. I felt that way about Takk until I read his pressure percentage of 21+%. Getting pressure on a little over 1 in 5 snaps is ridiculous, and really what we need opposite Beasley, to increase sacks across the board, and ints in the secondary. HE has a nice burst, and is strong as **** with long, strong arms, and has a nice rip/swim move already. He isn't the Beasley/Abraham type of rusher, and doesn't need to try to be. He just doesn't have the bend for it. Adding Poe to play the run, and pressure the QB like no other 340 lb dude can, and next to Grady? Sounds like a pretty sick front four that will be able to free up Jones to roam even more. Allen on his 3rd year could break out, or Poole could be an upgrade. Kazee will start game one in the slot imo, because he's a turnover machine, and very quick albeit slow straight line, kind of like Freeman and his elite acceleration, but average speed. Add to that Fuller being healthy, and hopefully giving us something on returns, and Riley being a ST ace, who could also start at Will this year, or spend a year cross training WLB/in the box SS, ala Ishmael. I have a feeling Allen will have fewer responsibilities, bc of a stronger inside, and outside passrush, if Poe stays healthy and plays close to what he is capable of then we might be top 5-10 in sac. I wish we could have signed him to 2 yrs cheap, bc he may have a monster year trying to land a big contract, and obviously we won't be able to afford that, unless Matt Ryan pulls a Brady on his contract. I think Takk will be just fine. I'm also excited to see what Shelby can do for us.Jack Crawford is a big ?, since it really looked like we were eyeing him specifically for some role. With the easier schedule, and upgrade along the DL, and a full year+post season for the 2016 draft this defense is going to be fun to watch man. It has been a very long time since I've been excited about a Falcons defense.