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  1. Hey everyone knows where I stand on Biology, Solid pick
  2. Thanks He's a pretty forgettable dude.
  3. Our father who art in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread, and perhaps some luncheon meat, tomato, lettuce, mayo, and a contract for Johnny in Sodom. Amen. Hosannah in the highest. And so forth
  4. 3 good posts in a row. I am on the fence about it, which doesn't matter as we won't select him. Perfect for the Pats though.
  5. I've stated that noone but Barry breaks ankles like Free so I know what you're saying. I don't think you have seen enough of him because that foot work is there, and I believe he could be one of the best slot receivers of all time in the N.F.L. He would run amok in our zone blocking scheme as well. Oh and he can return the ball with vision, speed, and footwork
  6. Factors do go into bloodlines. A persons character, work ethic, and societal pressures are important from the nurture standpoint. More importantly, to me, is the woman who shares half her DNA with him. I know nothing of the man's son. Mccafrey is, faster than Free, has better hands albeit Free isn't hurting badly there, but also saves you a roster spot with TRUE return ability. Not to mention the cap squeeze is coming and we will be letting go of a core player soon. According to the board, as I see it, it may actually be Jake Matthews as the odd man out. If he wants top tackle pay, then we needs top tackle play. Very good post sir
  7. What if we were offered a second round for freeman? Would say first but why would a team make that trade with a similar player,with better hands, and return ability on the board? You are the thread winner so far.
  8. IT won't happen. But they are going to be very similar players. I bet my house on it. ****. Gotta take my own advice
  9. Never bet your house on anything.
  10. He is a talent that will find a role in any offense. Ask you this then, would you trade Hardy, for a sixth rounder, and pick MCcaffrey as a slot wr to take his place. Plus the return game he brings can't be ignored.
  11. I hate to be the first to say this, but he might slip if he is seen as a rb because of subconscious racism. If you have ever used the term reverse racism then you have said something racist. Racism is racism. Racism, like truth, is singular there are no different versions. I guess stereotyping might be more appropriate. If a team that sees him as a wr, then he will go higher. Sad but true.
  12. No reason to be sarcastic, it's a valid question AND is the Patriot way. You can't be afraid to let good players go. We will have to pay Freeman a ****ed good salary after, or during this next season. I think McCaffrey very well could get those numbers as a rookie. The talent,character, and work ethic are there.