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  1. Alcoholics, and less then great mothers were banned in 2008 as potential mates , and my life got much better
  2. I mean if it were ANY other team that destroyed them in the playoffs they would be favorites.
  3. I'm sorry, I swear I read it without the all time in the sentence. I feel like an azzhole.
  4. No Ross?
  5. Is a 4.55 40 faster than Rico? Actually I think Rico is in that range on second thought.
  6. He meant all time offenses
  7. You didn't see the Super Bowl then? He got solidly hit quite often.
  8. I have moved on, and nothing that I said showed otherwise. All I asked was how that generic "comeback" was epic? If everything is Epic, great, hilarious, insane....etc, then you're limiting yourself to a ***** life, verbally. Every adjective doesn't have to be top shelf. At best that response was obvious, and somewhat amusing. See, now I can leave epic for something that is truly extraordinary; instead of reading a thesaurus in order not to explain D-DAY, and some Bucs bs quote, with the same word. If anything is annoying, it's how absolutely ridiculously pointless this story is. What are they apologizing for? What is the news story here? If it's all about what I read, then the Bucs/Falcs organizations are very puzzy azz over their social media. I swear you can't have fun anymore without someone crying that they're offended.
  9. Kelvin Benjamin can put 15 pnds on him in 15 days
  10. The response was" we ain't worried bout nothing." How is that 'epic"?
  11. He is Byron Leftwitch playing Tight end. Time to trade out for a 4th before he switches to DE/DT. There is no veteran leadership on that receiving core. I'm sure Olsen is pissed off making HoHo jokes. Has he had an injury this offseason? He has literally put 45 pds of fat on this offseason. It's bad for a lineman, but a WR? Jeez dude. Have you figured out that he is going to retire after he makes several million dollars. He is ready to retire.
  12. This **** is getting out of hand with Goodell. Thankfully the TD celebrations will be back, which are demoralizing to a defense when they can't stop. I've seen coaches tell players to take the penalty to really rub it in and get under some skin. Sherman will be ejected the first time he gets burnt for a score.