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  1. Great Information. I wonder if this is part of the CBA, bc it's crazy you can't time prospects at your own facility. I knew that there were some regulations but ****. If anything needs to change it should be that your aren't allowed to speak to hiring a coach until AFTER the season. To think Shan wasn't a tad distracted is naïve imo. Obviously I'm not saying that it is your belief, but Shan's ego is his biggest enemy, and he wanted to win the SB under his terms, not what was smart.
  2. the Qb kneel isa criminally underused play. When you have a 40 yd fg try to go up by 11 with less than 4 mins left you kneel and take either clock or timeouts away. With a QB kneel you only have to worry about center to QB exchange, not RB handoff, or getting sacked bc of am injured OL. after the best pass/catch between Julio and matt al season, we should have kneeled and kickd the coffin nailing FG. When you have Matt Bryant you use hi, to ice the game. I may be conservative but 3 kneels takes away all time outs, or takes it to the 2 min warning with the Pats down by 11 with 3 t.o.
  3. Is there still a restriction on how many players you can bring in for workouts? We seem to be looking at later round talent t ightends.Hopefully we can trade down at some point and get a 5th and or a 6th round pick. We can find a gem in the 4th or 5th round so it makes sense not to lose a work out on a player your just not going to be able to pick anyway. There are move tightends in every round, We know what Engram and Lawson are capable of. We are using our allotment of workouts on OG/C and defensive ends. That is a great sign since they are what we need most. I would love it if we drafted a traditional LDE like Taco or Kpass, and an olb, specifically weak side. I also Love Cordrea Tankersly. He needs a little polish especially if he plays cb. He does have a nasty shoulder tackle and is VERY accurate, going after the middle and upper quad when tackling. At 6'1 200 lbs, he can still add another 10-15 lbs of muscle to his frame. He has good enough hands to play WR in the NFL. He should transition to FS, because he catches everything that hits his hands, and would be a punisher with that shoulder tackle to the thigh. A hard hit to that area slows down receivers because it is easy to hurt(not injure) that muscle if hit hard, and if you have ever been hit hard in the Quad you know that it slows you down because deep bruising causes enzymes to be released to stop internal/external bleeding, including lactic acid which locks up the muscle and makes it stiff, which obviously isn't a good thing. I think he also falls to the 3rd round and we should trade up for him, because he is the EXACT mold that we look for in a CB. He is super aggressive and has problems with p.i. calls like Rocky has, and would learn a lot from Alford on how to play aggressively in the NFL. Picking him would round out a perfect stable of outside cbs, and ensure that we have not only a great starting cb duo in TRU and ALF, but perfect depth at the position. He and Collins could play outside at the same time if both TRU and Alf are hurt. He would be the true center fielder at FS that we need. He could earn that starting position by mid season. P.S. Your one of my favorite posters with Vandy Gazoo, and MSalmon, kiwi, KOG. I always read any thread you start, as you are very knowledgeable about the sport. What are your opinion on my guy Tankersly?
  4. The Poe signing really allowed us to focus on OG and DE workouts. Glad that we have brought in a few TE. I really want a TE in the 4th and trading down in the first, which we will do if their is a suitor, and Lamp isn't there. It's pretty obvious that we like Lamp, or could be on the fence about trading up a few spots. I think OG is goin to drop, and DE and TE will be heavy picks, for teams drafting BPA, and not for position needs. I'm off the OG in first or 2nd. It's our biggest need, but we will be able to get someone after cuts, or trade if we have to. I wish we had signed Lang so we could double dip with a OLB rusher, and a traditional LDE like KPASS, with a DT in the first 3 picks. IDT ppl see that olb is still a need as Campbell is still a question mark to me. Also losing Worrilow kills our depth, but signing Ish helps out. WE neeed Edge, olb, FS in no order in our first 3 picks. I can see Poole being a really solid FS though. If so, and Rico signs his tender, then we should double down on Edge. Taco and KPASS would be great. **** Watt could fall into the second, since no one knows if hes a 3-4 olb rusher like Clay Mathews, or if he can play with his hand in the dirt, or standing up, like Beasley and Abe could. I have a feeling some of our biggest targets will fall to us because of the fact that we run a ZBS on offense, which there are more power Offensive lines in the league. We also run a rare defense that requires "fringe" players like Upshaw, Brooks Reed, and Deion Jones, who some thought would be a SS in this league. We saw this with Jalen Collins as well. I think Watt falls to the mid-late second round, unless someone that runs a 3-4 is high on him. I think KPASS could be this years Grady Jarrett, and fall out of the top 100. I've changed my mind about drafting OG high this year, but there will be a few OG/C drafted, and as many or more OT. We could see 5 TE picked this year in the first. A stud top 15 talent at DE/DT fall to us, or far enough for us to trade up 5-10 spots with next years picks. Taco will fall to our pick and we will have talentthat we to fall to us. This is a bad year to have our 6th rnd pick taken away. I think their is talent at T.E. throughout the draft, and their will be atleast one FA tight end that will be a probowl caliber player. Msalmon has sold me on selecting a joker TE in this draft, and this draft is LOADED with those types of T.E. PS I have a lot of typo errors, because my 2 year old pressed buttons, and now what ever I type replaces what I've already written. I can't remember how to toggle that off. Do you know? I thought it was the ins button.
  5. If McGuire fell to us in the 6th that would be a fantastic pick. Has Freeman-esque features, elite vision, cutback ablility, allusive and breaks ankles in open field. Is a very good receiving threat, with WR capabilities to get the ball at the highpoint, and is good at improvisation when the Qb is extending a play out of pocket, and comes back to help. Have seen him beat a Lb and pretend to have the ball coming his way causing the defender to commit a holding call by defending a pass that isn't coming. He would be a tremendous 3rd down back, upgrading Terron ward.eeman and Falcs couldn't get a deal done he would be able to produce similar numbers in our scheme Imo. He is exactly what you look for in a back with the ZBS. I have no idea why he is so underrated. I hope we can trade down in the first and pick up some late round picks, bc there are starting quality T.E. and RB late. Would like to draft a kicker late if there is a good one out there. I don't scout kickers much, but I think I will now.
  6. **** tht was a good mock with the info at hand. Whatever happened to Velheer(sp)? He was an absolute giant of a human. If had a good jumper, he could have played NBA.
  7. **** you're on two extremes.
  8. Well I've guessed our biggest FA acquisitions each year. Said we would pick up Mack first and Sanu last year.I was off the mark picking Lang as our splash, but I thought we may sign Poe because he will be a stud in this system, and need someone who can collapse the pocket, and get penetration, like Babs did for us forever. After the season it was obvious that RG, with Chester retiring, and a true stud DT to pair with G.J, were our biggest needs. How many mocks did you make last year btw? I don't do mocks, I'm much more into FA as I don't watch college football. Wife only likes the Falcons bc of Matt Ryan, and Bierman.
  9. Thanks, I don't like to go there either, I was in a F the world mood yesterday. I never tell who I voted for so that I don't get pulled into political debates.
  10. I like Carter a lot too.
  11. You do know that the president is the commander and chief of the military? He has to give the nod to using that weapon. It is the ONLY time it's been used. Also do you think other presidents planned out and executed war plans? No they all have several military and non-military options to choose from. Then he at least sent a message to Syria not to use chem weapons instead of drawing "redlines". Also he realizes the more pressure he puts on NK the more the Chinese HAVE to work with NK on our behalf. You send an extra carrier group in response to saber-rattling, and showing that WMD won't be tolerated in Syria, or anywhere. China doesn't want a nuclear exchange on their doorstep, that NK initiated. NK only bows up because they have China as an ally. I am absolutely shocked that he is effing up domestically, while having a no b.s. foreign policy. And thank God he lost his man crush with Putin.
  12. Yeah it is a weak class. We may very well find someone with updside in the 4th and 5th. I'm starting to think we are going to wait til after cuts to get our OG. It sucks because we need OT depth too, and there are a couple big lumbering TE that could be a swing tackle in a ZBS. Most draft grades are given with a Power OL in mind. We could get a suitable OG/C in day 3. We desperately need a starter and decent depth. I hope Wes is ready, he definitely has the intelligence.
  13. Well it was his call.
  14. He has balls. THat's all I got.
  15. Just the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used.