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  1. I'm one of the ones NOT lobbying to draft an offensive lineman early, but I'm bracing myself for disappointment come draft night. I wanted Marcus Williams but he never garnished any interest from the FO. Somethings I keyed in on was comments and or rumors made. During TD and Quinn press conference they said "our first pick will not be a fan favorite". A majority of us want either a pass rusher or safety and not an offensive lineman. The range where we are supposedly trying to trade up for is the range where this weak OL class will start getting drafted. As teams like the Broncos, Dolphins, Giants, Texans, and Seahawks are looking. I keep hearing Willis, Baker and Lamp and how we are trying to get in front of the Giants cause they want Willis, but Giants has shown zero interest in Willis, not even an interview. The Dolphins who now is rumored to like Willis never worked Willis out and only met him at the combine and did a interview. Now a player who the Giants did privately worked out is Cam Robinson, but not Forrest Lamp. In fact the Giants showed no interest in Lamp. I will come back to Robinson at the end. On to Baker. A single high Safety who can also play the slot cb position. Besides us the only other team that plays our scheme is the 49ers, Chargers, Jaguars and Seahawks, who already have Earl Thomas. Why would we need to trade up for Baker? On to Lamp. Now that I know the Dolphins(22) and Giants (23) do not have any interest the next team that need help is the Texans, who by the way need a QB. That would leave Seahawks as the only other team that could possibly take Lamp. Why would TD want to get to the early 20's? Back to Robinson. Knock on wood, but if anything would to happen to Jake Matthews we would be in trouble as I don't see anybody on the current roster able to fill his shoes. Where Robinson comes to mind is Giants wants to move Flowers to guard and reportedly likes Robinson. Sarkisian was on Bama staff and knows Robinson and what he can do. To Quinn, TD, and Pioli that's a win win can't miss prospect in their eyes. Robinson can fill the RG position and be Matthews backup at LT. If anybody knows anything about Sarkisian, he likes those big OT. Look no further than the two OT's from USC who is in this draft. TD recently said we are not drafting an Angel. If you remember Robinson got in trouble for marijuana possession and having a pistol. The Falcoholic‏ @TheFalcoholic NFL Draft 2017: Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff says team isn’t looking for "angelic souls"
  2. Here we go again with these comments. This pretty much confirms you don't. In my last post I gave you an example of Dontari Poe. What part of that do you not understand? Poe played in a totally different scheme and was asked to do what KC wanted him to do. Same thing can be said for Willis as well as Crawford who played for Dallas. Bottom line the way they played for their previous teams would not have any barring on the attack style defense Quinn runs here. I know enough to tell you that he had 2 sacks and a bunch of pressure in the Bowl game against Texas A&M. Yeah you know a school from the SEC. I also know he had 2 sacks, 2 FF's and a pass defense in the Reese Senior Bowl where players from all over play. Explain to me again how Willis would not have any sacks playing in the SEC? Is that 1%? and BTW I'm a grown a** man, keep those little boy comments to yourself.
  3. Take Dontari Poe for example. He came from Kansas City who runs a 3-4, but I wasn't referring to that. What does a player who main responsibility was to play the run and read the OT has to do with how he would be asked to play here? As KSU SDE Willis was never supposed to be the team designated pass rusher, but him being the athlete he is, he led his team in sacks back to back years. In fact he was the Big 12 Defensive Player of year as a SDE. I seriously doubt it, especially not with the comment made above.
  4. They probably figure if they can run the ball, it would keep the defense off the field
  5. I have to disagree but I'll leave it at that for now since he isn't a Falcon. In the coming days if he's the pick I will reengage in conversation.
  6. I actually watched KSU play. He does not constantly show good technique throughout the game but when he does, results happen. Not you but people in general don't act like he can't bend and beat tackles.
  7. I don't know where to start with this, but to make it short and sweet I can tell you don't watch much football. KSU defensive scheme = read & react ATL defensive scheme = attack I watched both Willis and Rivers at the Senior Bowl and Willis had the better performance out of the two. Weak against the run ha
  8. Turn on the tape. Numbers don't lie. (14 TFL's, 8 sacks) & (17 TFL's, 11.5 sacks) the last two seasons. What am I missing?
  9. I know. I said it before
  10. What the h*ll is it with this whole numbers doesn't reflect his tape BS? Somebody help me. Is there an F'ing criteria for players to have? Numbers don't lie. (14 TFL's, 8 sacks) & (17 TFL's, 11.5 sacks) the last two seasons means he's doing something right. Not only did he do it during the season, he shined in the Bowl game against SEC, Texas A&M and the 2017 Reese Senior Bowl. J.J. Watt put up freakish numbers and his college productions wasn't that stellar, but look at him now. Drive and determination.
  11. Oh by the way I still want Marcus Williams first.
  12. KSU Defensive scheme = read and react Falcons Defensive scheme = Attack Willis will do outstanding here, especially with stunts, but just in general. I can't think of too many HOF'er working with bust, not that it guarantees he can't be, but it speaks more to the character that Willis wants to be great.
  13. @Smiler11
  14. The way his contract is structured, it's basically a one year deal
  15. No he was on the field basically every snap Jackson was on the field.