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  1. Reed got the majority of his reps at LEO in base. Clayborn spent the majority of his reps at DT in nickel with Shelby, Beasley and Freeney. Yes they rotate, but Reed was the one getting the most reps in base.
  2. Agree with the DE in nickel, but I'm pretty sure Reed will remain the LEO in base, as he's better than Rivers against the run.
  3. Who is Tap?
  4. Under the guidance of Quinn, Young and Simpson, Willis will be a stud.
  5. Jordan Willis and or Daeshon Hall along with my draft fav, Marcus Williams would be great for the Falcons. A lot of people do not like Willis, but most of the one's who don't, doesn't watch a lot of college football to begin with.
  6. Ok thanks
  7. Quinn said he likes Obi?
  8. Yes I agree
  9. Exactly. I think we are in good position to get a FS and edge rusher early.
  10. As far as draft picks I'm still Marcus Williams, Budda Baker 1A and 1B. Williams is projected to be a second-round selection if he enters the draft.
  11. The same reason why people think he will be gone. When did the top rated guard go last year? And besides just because he was the top rated guard doesn't make him the top rated OL. Teams that needed help on their offensive line like the Broncos went out and addressed it during FA. While others have more pressing needs to address before considering a guard like the Texans, who don't have a QB.
  12. No, him and Spoon might be long lost relatives. They're both always hurt. The more I think about it, I think we will pick Lamp with our 1st pick and have him play RG but also play tackle in emergency situations.
  13. If Brooks Reed has a role on the team I see Jordan Willis having one too.
  14. Denver has the money for him. They were just trying to give Calais Campbell 13M a season