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  1. McCarthy already gave us the nickname in the playoffs, the buzzsaw
  2. If they can play at that sustained level from second half of season into the playoffs, which I think they can to maybe a slightly lesser extent, we are going places. It reminds me of when the Seahawks in 2012 started really picking up steam in the second half of the year and lost to us in the divisional round on a last minute field goal. They carried that momentum into the next season and won a super bowl on that incredible defense.
  3. We have exactly the type of speed on defense to counter McCaffrey, and no corner is going to stop Julio so not as concerned about that either. Bucs got themselves a player though.
  4. Jumping ahead of the cowboys for the guy they also wanted, especially since they are a direct playoff competitor, was a great move. It really seemed like they panicked with their pick, apparently the Cowboys did not have Taco as one of their 18 guys with a first round grade. Edit: Article basically saying they reached for a need https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2017/04/27/taco-charlton-war-daddy-cowboys-looking-analysis-dallas-pick
  5. Yeah I could also see the Vikings grabbing him in the next couple of rounds, their rushing game was horrible last year. Would rather not see the Packers get him.
  6. Another great writeup on Beasley. http://www.sbnation.com/2016/10/11/13241014/falcons-vic-beasley-broncos-sacks-upset-win
  7. I definitely think talent plays a part, he was "suspended" for a year which turned out to just be a redshirt year so he didn't lose any real time there and we have seen several college teams in the past couple of years overlooking violence for the sake of talented players and for the team so it is definitely a more general issue if nothing else. Anyways I can respect your point about domestic violence and as to piling on, I just don't see eye to eye on commentators talking about it and how they should handle it but respect your opinion there as well, I believe in second chances.
  8. I also think he should be allowed to play in the NFL. I don't think its political correctness bs to attempt to address the violence problem that the NFL has had, and whether as a society we should implicitly condone or ignore certain actions by people just because they are extremely talented. With all the talk of the issue he will still get drafted early, he will get to prove to a team that he is not that person and has every chance to have a successful career. Not many people are that lucky.
  9. Did you watch the video? He looked like he was in some really serious danger lol shoving in an argument is some serious assault and he had to defend himself by knocking the everliving **** out of her. I have studied self defense extensively in school and people don't get away with murder in self defense for anything at all that happens, the response has to be proportional. Here you go: The key issue in determining whether you are legally entitled to defend yourself is whether you subjectively believe that you must use physical force to defend yourself AND whether your belief is objectively reasonable. In other words, not only do you need to actually believe that you need to use physical force, but a neutral and average person looking at the situation from your perspective must have come to the same conclusion.
  10. He is a former NFL defensive end lol. He was wrong on Bosa last year but his writeups on Vic are a ton of fun to read. He had Beasley as his top pass rusher in the draft and then bragged about it last year http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2015/3/6/8135681/vic-beasley-breakdown http://www.sbnation.com/2016/12/13/13936292/vic-beasley-falcons-nfl-sack-leaders-best-pass-rushers
  11. No it wouldn't be ok at all, it would still be an insane response on his part. Do you feel persecuted as a man or that women have it better? We can talk it out.
  12. There is a difference between being responsible for your actions and you saying she had it coming by punching the **** out of her as a response. That's like saying was the person jay walking? Then yeah they had it coming when some driver intentionally runs them over. Edit: I've already seen that article. I'm not saying he should never be forgiven or given second chances. But the amount of mental gymnastics people are doing here to say it wasn't that bad or she had it coming, **** that. What he did was horrible.
  13. You seem to harbor some resentment towards women if that is your takeaway from this situation. This great injustice of men getting...slapped and not being able to beat the **** out of the woman?
  14. This is beyond words. You are seriously comparing a girl slapping a fully grown man to a man punching her and leaving her a bloody mess on the ground? In what way have I demonized him? I just explained what he did. Saying I am dismissing her slapping him holy **** I've heard some rich things in my day. You seem to have more sympathy for him than for that girl which is telling enough.
  15. His side? There isn't a side to punching a girl hard enough to break her jaw, cause four facial fractures and leave her bleeding on the floor just because she slapped you.