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  1. CNN reporting that Jeff Sessions didn't disclose his Russia meetings on his security clearance application. Doubt this means much, but once again this administration adds more fuel to the fire.
  2. Chris Wallace's dad did work for the MSM CBS and Shep is a gay man. Obviously leftists propaganda spewing libs.
  3. As usual the average American gets screwed by Trumpcare. Hopefully the bill dies in the Senate, but I won't hold my breath. This seems to have flown under the radar with everything going on today. I'm all for letting churches start spouting politics from the pulpit as long as they start paying taxes.
  4. Thanks for the explination.
  5. Are you not supposed to hold people accountable by their actions and words? A lot of the crap Trump gets on here is from things he says, although some do take it a bit too far. It was a ok for conservatives to stomp their feet and cry about Obama to the detriment of the country. Now that the shoe's on the other foot dems should just lay down and take it? "Conservative hate forum"? You'll have to explain that one to me.
  6. Sean Spicer is blaming the Obama administration for Michael Flynn having a security clearance. Hard to blame that on Obama when Trump hired him on as the NSA director. I'm starting to wonder when/if Trump or his supporters will ever take responsibility for his mess ups.
  7. I don't think we've ever meddled in Antarctica's elections.
  8. e. FAKE NEWS
  9. Most people realize that a presidency is 4 years, but regardless of party affiliation the first 100 days is usually where most bi partisan support occurs. Maybe Trump shouldn't have promised to get so much done in those 100 days during the campaign. The vast majority of democrats weren't going to like Trump no matter what, but once leaders in your party oppose you things aren't good. As the President the buck stops with Trump. The party of personal responsibility died the day Trump was elected. Quit blaming the media and start holding the man who said these things responsible.
  10. Who knew governing could be so complicated?
  11. Did you even read the article? You pulled the lame "MSM is out to get him" line without even refuting anything written. The article did highlight some of the negatives of Trump's business career, but also pointed out he is a marketing genius all things considered. The way he has been able to rehand himself, even after failures that would crush most, is remarkable. Trump seemed to think governing would be easy. Repeal and replace day 1, healthcare for all, defeat ISIS in 30 days, won't have time to vacation...the list just goes on.
  13. WFW said he was part of the "Big 3" on the die hard R side with sb and marla. The other two have only been back sporadically in the past few months. They actually provide good decent points even though I may not agree with them 100%. The board does need people like them. As for WFW, I'd say he's the Joel Anthony of the bunch. Doesn't really add much, but he is there.
  14. This may be one of the only times i agree with Sarah Palin.
  15. I will give Deal credit for saying he would veto a "Bathroom" bill and being suprisinly open to casinos. Other than those two I've had a hard time supporting a Gov who was voted one of the moat corrupt members of Congress.
  16. Bill will get about 25 million to walk away from Fox, not a bad deal considering the circumstances.
  17. Usually its a voucher that you can use for another flight. I may be wrong, but I think you can only get cash back or a refund for the ticket you've already purchased.
  18. I fed the troll...lesson learned.
  19. So the guy throwing around names says I need to channel my hatred. You should look in a mirror.
  20. What do you mean by their neighborhood? I would venture to say the majority of Braves fans aren't in Cobb. The Battery is just a way for Liberty to make all the profits from the stadium goers while footing none of the costs. The stadium looks nice, but it is in the least accessible part of Atlanta. Also I personally never had a problem parking at the Ted.
  21. DH
  22. How dare you post these facts about Trump. Next thing you know all the Trump people will be running away telling you to quit being so mean or they're done with the board. Last part was meant for marla and SB. BTW not meant as a dig for the two I mentioned. Both seem knowledgeable and passionate about what they believe in, but neither one could take anyone saying a bad word about their candidate.
  23. Good ole Trump passing the blame onto someone else. It can't be that he's only nominated 24 of the 533 positions he needed to fill.