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  1. Nunes is now trying to blame this investigations failure on Democrats and not himself. This would be funny if it wasn't so disturbing.
  2. I'd really like what Nunes and O'Reilly are smoking. "It had nothing to do with Russia"...but I can't tell you what it is or who leaked it to me.
  4. Bill is spot on here. I won't say most Trump voters are stupid...mainly just suckers who fell for a con man.
  5. Well Trump is right about one thing here, he promised to repeal and replace Day 1 not March.
  7. Greatest game of all time.
  8. Don't forget Giga Pets, PS1, and the N64. Off topic but Sega Dreamcast was way ahead of its time. I remember looking at the internet jack wondering what the **** it was used for.
  9. Two episodes in so far and I'm really liking this series. My only complaint is that the episodes are way too long.
  10. The article states they are looking to see if either site willingly coordinated with Russia or was used as a pawn themselves. After years of Republicans holding endless Benghazi hearings the whole Russia collusion deserves the same, if not, more time invested in it. Anything that undermines our democracy is not good for the country and needs to be investigated.
  11. On your meal money point. You do realize that most college students work in the summer and/or during the school year? That means money to go out and eat, pay rent, etc. At my college if you didn't use your meal plans on that day, you lost them. That reason alone is why we shared them. It wasn't about making money or a favor for.
  12. Well Jesse Ventura is on RT. He's always been known as a straight shooter.
  13. So far the Trump administration is doing a good job of leading from behind.
  14. Cookout is the best "fast food" place in GA hands down. The burgers are 5 guys quality for half the price. The ones off Moreland Ave and Statesboro have saved me many nights.
  16. Even Republicans dont like this budget. Will be interesting to see how Trump responds.
  17. Sean Spicer is trying to lecture the press on how to do their job while refusing to answer any questions about wiretapping or anonymous sources. How anyone can believe a word he says is beyond me.
  18. I'm sure BET could make a more realistic version too.
  19. I lived in Bushwick for a while. I was one of the only white people other than my roommate. Even though there were housing projects right across the street I never felt unsafe at any time of the day or night. My theory is, if you act like a victim you'll become one.
  21. Seriously next time someone complains about anyone here making fun of a woman's looks, please quote this. Capologists post is one of the most ridiculous thing I've seen here and nobody bats an eye. I don't even like Maddow but WTF. If anyone said this about Hillary, Ivanka, know what would hit the fan.
  22. Rachel Maddow is terrible. Is there anyone here on either side that actually likes her?