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  1. Flexibility and the $$$$ dictates the schedule.....that's the bottom line
  2. Happy Easter to all. HE LIVES!!!!!!
  3. We are so very fortunate to have Pioli and DQ. Drafting has been much much better with those guys aboard. I'm not sure if it's a collective effort or if one of the two deserves the credit, but no doubt something's changed since they got here. TD definitely struggled acquiring defensive talent and depth across the board. The main thing is ITS working now......
  4. Spin it however you want to panther fan.....but no one can hide the fact that Cam is a me me me player and not attempting to recover that fumble pretty much tells it all. Truth be known....Cam's not very well liked in the Panther locker room. His self first inflated ego has to be growing old especially if the team hits a losing skid. Time will tell...but I'm thinking Cams days are numbered. He don't like to be hit, cries about it and he's not very effective just being a pocket passer. Good luck with DA
  5. TD didn't acquire R White and Abe. DQ/SP are flat out acquiring stars especially on defense something that TD could never do in many yrs. I'm very grateful for SP and DQ.....that's the only thing that changed. We are very fortunate to have added those guys to the mix. TD will have his work cut out for him to manage the cap going forward. Just never understood all the hype about him being such a great cap manger when he never acquired enough star players to have a cap problem in the first place. Now's his chance.
  6. Man really.....just head back over to huddle. I honestly don't care to hear what you think....
  7. LOL...right now it's that MOFO POE or bust
  8. "All those talking like Falcons were cap wizards will see - we just did not have that many talented players to be in cap **** the last 8yrs. Now we do" That's what I was thinking. It's easy to manage the cap without star players. We have pretty much lacked the abundance of star players during the TD era until DQ and SP came aboard. I guess it's a great problem to have.
  9. Lol he'll starve to death.....but can't blame him to the the money and run
  10. I can't argue the fact that you make a decent point here....but it'd take some big cojones to do it knowing the fan base would jump off cliffs. However the pats do it over and over again
  11. Seriously.....go watch WWE wrestling where everything is rigged. We lost because the coaching staff made bad decisions in the 4th qt and that's 100% serious.....edit .....that's the truth
  12. T Crawford could end up being a great deal IF he can stay healthy. It's going to be boom or bust. A healthy Crawford could more than justify the $$$. Quinn knows this cat can flat out play......
  13. Maybe the niners over paid for Earl.....but isn't that pretty much common practice across the board in FA. It cost to upgrade and add a missing piece to win a championship. So would it be worth it to over pay to win a Lombardi? If one only knew.....
  14. I wouldn't throw Shanny under the bus for signing Earl....many here was ALL IN and would not have blinked at the contract he received. Bottom line is.....most of us here hope the Shanny wagon crashes and burns because he cost us a SB due to his ego. Good luck EARL....the Falcons was a good fit.
  15. Still hurts so bad......until we win it