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  1. What's Adonis's average there? Better yet, how many games in that spot has he not gotten a hit?
  2. He wasn't involved.. if bud got him, why did he choose not to involve him? Game 6 was the perfect example.. 1st quarter 9 points on 4 shots, involved both offensively and defensively.. rest of the game, no inclusion? And there's no way you can tell me he didn't improve our interior defense and rebounding.. couldnt agree more on Baze.. smh
  3. Alright fellas.. for a decade straight, we've done this.. looks like we may have Washington first round.. LETS DO THIS!
  4. Duh.. creamed corn.. soft and easy to digest
  5. I'm not.. all I said was geez.. and both came after Kemp got here, that's why broadcasters are focusing on that instead of remembering how Freddie was doing before.. Ps: you don't have to defend dansby.. again, I wasn't bagging on the kid.. we just have a different opinion on some things, but both agree that the long term will be bright
  6. Geez.. we just can't seem to understand where each of us is going within these conversations.. k26 was referencing how broadcasters only seem to remember after Kemp got here and forget how good Freddie was doing before.. I mentioned our convo when I said maybe they're only remembering the on base streak.. that's all
  7. Geez.. I'm a huuuuuuge fan of AZ's draft..
  8. Says it started August 6?
  9. I'm referring to his on base streak, which I'm guessing is what they remember
  10. Yea 567 and I talked about this before.. I think they're mainly remembering when Freddie's streak of games where he reached base that I think started after Matt showed up
  11. You like to bring up transition defense like it's all him.. why would our team lack in that area? Hmm missed shots? Turnovers? Or maybe our guards and wings not keeping in front of their men? Your blind hate is comical chica.. the mere thought that Howard was the "main reason" we lost this series is beyond ridiculous.. the fact that our guards got extremely outplayed is the resounding issue. and how the faq are you trying to use the OKC game right now? You discredited every aspect of that win earlier in the year saying it was luck.. now you're trying to use it because you think it fits your agenda.. like OKC is some championship caliber team? Where are they right now? And you're sitting here trying to make a 2 point victory over them a staple in your tired agenda? Chica please..........
  12. Wow... you can tell we're in the offseason with how easily some threads are veering away from original topic..
  13. But he is the leader.. that's all I said..
  14. Lol.. she pulls up a report done prior to this game to promote her little agenda.. hey Chica, how'd that final quarter go tonight again? Pretty easy for them to drive in and score at will huh? No rim protector.. And if they couldn't win with him then how did they win the games they did? Yea, take that tired rhetoric back over to the squawk.. or lurk whichever but again join the others that don't wanna talk about the players out there on the court underperforming.. it's alllllllllllllllll Dwight.. even when he's not on the floor Even better.. that second video is a video of a missed layup.. LOLOLOLOL
  15. I think he does lead the team in strikeouts but he is also unlucky with where he hits the ball..
  16. You just felt as if my decent comment was discounting his OBP.. I just feel like he can and will do better..
  17. You sure you had the word "today" before being called out? again im not sitting here saying he sucks or sucked today.. if you feel like me saying it was a decent day for him is being derogatory, I don't know what to tell you
  18. Again, I'm not believing how me saying he's had a decent day is somehow being misconstrued so far as me saying he sucks or something
  19. I've seen you say someone sucks after 2 at bats.. I said it was decent.. wtf
  20. Wtf man.. sorry I don't feel that drawing a couple walks, striking out, and flying out necessarily constitutes a good game.. I've got a different opinion.. geez man.. really touchy when it comes to this particular player
  21. You guys are real touchy with this kid
  22. Did I say he sucked? Wow
  23. Again I believe he'll be good in the end but let's not sit here and say he's doing good while batting slightly over .130 and leading the team in Ks..
  24. Decent? For him.