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  1. He ran point forward in college.. but nonetheless, can't be any worse than Delaney
  2. Atlanta Hawks forward Paul Millsap has been diagnosed with left knee synovitis and has been ruled out for at least the team’s next three games, the team announced Monday evening. He will be re-evaluated after that timeframe, following a non-surgical procedure he had to alleviate the injury. Millsap has been sidelined for the previous five games due to the knee injury, as the Hawks have gone on a dangerous seven-game losing streak with just nine games remaining in the regular season. Having been ruled out for at least the next three contests, the soonest Millsap could return would be on Sunday against Brooklyn. dang
  3. Braves bats are looking good tonight against Norris
  4. Ersan Ilyasova and Tim Hardaway Jr. combined to make only 8 of 30 shots against the Nets. Atlanta's depleted bench was outscored 46-7 by the Nets' backups." That's ridiculous
  5. While I like it because 4 out of the 5 players I believe should be starting, it makes our bench atrocious..
  6. Looks like we're down 3 starters again vs Phoenix
  7. Props to @tl;dr for bringing the Bembry at point talk earlier.. I had no idea.. can't be any worse than Delaney lately
  8. A great post.. not sure if we have the gm capable of making that happen though
  9. We've been missing 2 starters and then 3 today.. that doesn't help the talent deficiencies
  10. The games get out of hand when our bench comes in halfway through the first.. these same bench players get little to no time when our starters are all in..
  11. Well, we need to get starters back, all 3.. even if one is baze at least that helps the bench.. THJ had a horrible game shooting (and he got the start).. prince got the start and looked good.. but as soon as the bench came in, it got out of hand.. they fought back and got within 5-7 but then went absolutely ice cold shooting.. wanna say their bench outscored ours like 45-5 or something ridiculous like that..
  12. Geez we need our starters.. makes our bench absolutely horrible..
  13. Reddick as a backup to THJ makes me giddy
  14. If we could unload baze's contract, very plausible.. only thing that scares me is blake's injury history the past couple years.. also bembry is a sf.. with that said we may be set at the 3
  15. Saw that.. would you? Dennis, THJ, Prince, Blake, Howard build the bench
  16. Feeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy please come back.. not the best drafter but a wiz at unloading contracts
  17. Ersan would fill a bench role great
  18. We've got 2 of the top 7.. lol
  19. Agreed.. what Free agent PFs are there this year?
  20. I think every year people think good things are going to come to fruition for Philadelphia, but they don't.. and they keep picking early.. and Minnesota is going to have to contend in the west meaning more than likely they garner the same treadmill status we do.. my opinion is the hawks are closer right now than either.. get rid of baze's contract (it's doable because remember no one thought we could get out from under JJs either) and go from there
  21. So really one this past year in your opinion (since not enough evidence on Simmons) so 1 out of 14 and 2 last year so 2 out of 14? just saying, those odds aren't great.. and which of those teams do you feel is closest to contending for a championship? Philadelphia, LA, Phoenix, Minnesota
  22. Just wondering.. what lottery picks from this past year are trending in the "superstar" status?