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  1. From what I hear the Braves higher ups made up for it.. sent the kid an autographed Freddie Freeman baseball and tickets to another game.
  2. It happens.. on to San Francisco.. good news is some underperformers are leaving i.e. Collmenter.. so maybe with Adonis coming back we FINALLY get Bonifacio out the door.. then start trying to find Colons replacement.. how bout use his spot as a tryout for whoever is available to pitch from the minors?
  3. No excuses for Emilio ever entering the game.. none.. but Jose has been lights out all year.. just a bad game for him
  4. Is that what Wisler was called up to do?
  5. Tough loss but I guess the bullpen was due for a letdown.. nothing to get down and out about, teams do lose occasionally.. just win the next one..
  6. Can't groove a 0-2 pitch right down the middle.. yea jace deserves some blame, but you can't miss down the middle on an 0-2 count..
  7. Now back to back strikeouts hitting spots.. one more Julio
  8. Well so far Julio still missing badly with the breaking stuff and leaving the fastball in the middle of the plate..,,
  9. 1-6 lowest average being the lead off at .289.. hope everyone at STP is enjoying this GREAT product! Now let's hypnotize Julio into believing he's elsewhere..
  10. We've been looking for any and every reason to dump Bonifacio... here's to hoping it finally happens
  11. Didn't expect that a bit.. great news!
  12. You'll be here all week right? Now just need to tip my waitress... Blasphemy! Who can lay off tiny burgers?! That's my only gripe with this team.. no idea how he still dons that uniform
  13. Pitt pitcher has wheels
  14. Still butt hurt about last night..