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  1. Hayward would be a godsend.. we've been drooling over that idea for a while now.. we finally got a legit rebounding center.. to shore up the 3 spot would be perfect
  2. Waaaaaaaaaaay too much.. and he wouldn't make the defense any better
  3. When you label yourself a fan yet bring nothing but negativity, then you should be called out.. as a troll.. now calling out mark fox isn't in the same realm as what he's doing.. fox has been here long enough to prove he's not getting better.. this guys issue is against Howard.. howard was brought in here to keep us competitive on the glass, which he's doing..
  4. Condescending article posted by a division rival ... and u don't understand the backlash? Smh
  5. So why did CMF choose to not give minutes to Crump or Harris? What does Wilridge offer?
  6. It's what some choose to live by..
  7. I respect you because you served .. i have a hard time respecting anyone who's heart only beats to spread negative thinking.. if you don't have something to believe in, then you've lost sight of what being a fan entitles you to..
  8. Mobile unselfish "center" that can help cover a lot of flaws? 7 points on 3-10 shooting, 1-5 from 3, 2 rebounds!, 3 assists in a LOSS to Chicago definitely worth that max contract he wanted..... ps Chicago out rebounded them by 20.. second chance opportunities matter "in today's NBA"
  9. Because then he'd be ignored..
  10. And uses the guest accounts so no one can ignore the posts made.. sad troll is sad
  11. HIGHLY unlikely.. but word is he's coming back anyway
  12. Neither is Dwight which is why the coach wanted him.. being there was so much turnover, chemistry takes time.. but you can't fix stupid