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  1. My retaliation to that question would be "as compared to what other freshman quarterback that had that significant amount of playing time?"
  2. I just feel it's a little early to be "worried" about 2018 recruits.. I know you guys are the experts, but I trust the coaches to recruit.. this is what most of them were known for.. being great recruiters..
  3. If you wanted one of those stars from earlier, 19 would probably be part of the package.. it could be interesting to watch unfold..
  4. I want Ersan back as well.. very veteran workmanlike professionalism there.. good bench presence.. feel we should draft Dwights replacement though.. I like Bam from UK.. seems to be able to understand his role and not try to do too much..
  5. After how he's performed in the playoffs, prince is gonna need to be a part... really wish bembry would get some burn.. either to advertise or find out how he performs in the bright lights..
  6. Baze has come through okay in the playoffs but definitely not for the money.. and to be honest in order to pry butler it may take prince and Baze and a pick.. just not sure I'm willing to give up Prince.. he's special.. his hustle, energy, and defense has been something else.. timmy on the other hand, I'm just not sure.. his defense has been good, but his shot has not so far these playoffs.. he's gonna be looking for big money, and unless he shows more I'm borderline believing it may be best for him to walk.. love his swagger but he needs to perform better.. consider me in the boat to get Butler, PG13, or possibly Melo but I'm not giving up Prince..
  7. That right there will do wonders..
  8. What are you guys talking about? roll out the tarp.. call the bus.. blow this team up!
  9. @jayu70 pointed that out before.. it's comical over there
  10. "Lurking".. I like it (being she posts under Lurker on squawk)