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  1. The SeaRefs. Our new stadium is supposed to have superior sound than Century Link Field and nothing would irritate Seattle more than beating them in our fresh new loud stadium and gain the moniker "Loudest Place to Play" I do understand why everyone here wants the Saints but they are no where near as annoying as Seattle.
  2. I wanted Abry Jones.
  3. I hate wearing our red jersey even on Game Days(Though I still wear in SeaRefs Country on Game Days). The sleeves really kill any sort of style.
  4. So is this topic still about a surprise or a topic about our First Amendment?
  5. The Pats season is going to end up like the 2011 Eagles "Dream Team". The more interesting conversation that we should have is that the Saints have the 32nd Overall and an extra 3rd round pick. Their team is so depleted they likely are eying the same position we are. They could trade those 2 picks and jump in front of us.
  6. I believe if our team always followed this method we would not have landed Alex Mack. Which I believe means we would not have made it to the SuperBowl. I like your thought process though but some pieces to the puzzle in correlation to the draft must remain a priority.
  7. The NFL needs to allow Cannabis. If the NFL is so serious about brain trauma they should be aware of the amazing neurogensis that takes place in Cannabis users. On top of healing brains the new research showing highly improved healing in broken bones should be enough for the NFL to support this wonderful plant.
  8. I'd rather us pick up Cordarrelle Patterson though I'm unsure if the Vikings picked up his 5th year?
  9. Anyone here follow Julio on Instagram? Dude looks fine. Playing Volleyball and touring Brazil with Roddy.
  10. I think Peterson thrives in a Deep I - Set formation. Actually something he demands..... Why replace young Talent with Old Injured talent? That's how a team stays perennial losers.
  11. I doubt he drops to the 5th with that injury. Probably 3-4th round pick now. I've had a rotator cuff tear and was still doing bench, explossive push-ups and pull-ups. I didn't have world class care on it either. His recovery is going to suck, but with the care he should get during recovery he should get back to normal. We should take him in the 3rd round.
  12. He plays football. Anybody not sitting on the bench gets "hurt on almost every play". cmon man.
  13. Pete Carol - He will find a way to bend the rules, cheat the system and before he is ousted make sure the organization is plagued to mediocrity for years.
  14. 5 Years at his current All-Pro level. The work he puts in to care for his body is over and beyond other players. Also observing the dominance he had over DB's with his screwed up toe shows his toughness and dedication to dominance. He isn't easily bothered and shut down by mental or physical barriers.
  15. No thanks. Since we are on the subject of WR though... I'd rather us sign Cordarrelle Patterson and let go Eric Weems for returns.