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  1. I'd consider it but I'm leaning toward to keeping the team intact and adding/stockpiling talent. Freeman is a great player and teammate you can't really just outright trade him unless you have to and we are not in that situation.
  2. Yeah it would be a risky move and give the team even more leeway to not match last years offensive production. If the move turned out bad I wouldn't doubt people would be calling for TDs head again. Thats almost a backwards move actually as opposed to acquiring 1st round defensive talent or bolstering the o-line.
  3. He might be a step faster than freeman to. But he's an unknown commodity in the league and I'd rather keep the offense as close as it was to last year as possible.
  4. Guess where KJ used to play.
  5. The Sam backer isn't hugely important because they come off the field but it was still a weakness for us. That's why I was thinking we could move Campbell to play some snaps at SAM and have the rook play WLB. That way we can upgrade the Slb and have much needed depth at WLB in case one of those guys go down and have Campbell fill in and not miss a beat. That would be perfect in terms of versatility for the LB core.
  6. Perhaps not but I can see him playing SLB a heck of a lot better than Wheeler. He's pretty good at getting off of his blocks and his size and speed aids him in pressuring the Qb on blitzes. I feel like we would fare better with a LB that has better instincts playing WLB. Davis is a missile I'd rather him play alongside Jones.
  7. I think LB is still a glaring need and a further infusion of talent could pay off big time in the long run. I could see Campbell moving to SLB and letting Wheeler go. He looked good coming off the line the few times he's done it and he got a few good pressures on Brady in the SB. Jarrad Davis, Reddick, and Zach Cunningham would no doubt be impactful in Quinns defense. I hate to sound pessimistic but I always expect one of our LB's to go down for some time so I wouldn't be comfortable at all going into the season with just Jones and Campbell along with Reynolds to back them up.
  8. Just a double murder style.
  9. I very nearly self-censored but couldn't decide which moral high horse to get on to do it. Apologies if it’s too sick, mods can delete if they think it’s wrong.
  10. If we traded Matt Ryan..
  11. True, true that would be nice..but it'd definitely be a gamble. I'm just tired of all the slander we're getting now and a loss would just give Saints fans even more ammo. But I'd take the risk I have confidence in this team.
  12. I'd say yes and no on the Saints. I don't even want to imagine them winning the first game in the new stadium.
  13. They're not hard to find. I guess when you have a Qb that can make a competent receiver out of almost anyone it's even easier.
  14. Yeah I have a feeling that they either go RB or Howard in the first both of which can make things interesting.
  15. Thank the lord he doesn't have Julio's speed, but yeah I agree.
  16. No, I do factor them in though.
  17. I meant young julio sheesh.
  18. I mean Julio was catching more TD's per season than he is now. But I mean honestly they're neck and neck Evans is legit.
  19. I disagree. Julio is better than Evans I get the gist you believe I think otherwise. But Evans is right there already at 23.
  20. I never said he is in Julios class but he **** sure is closer to being the dominant receiver that Julio is than anyone else. Don't forget Evans is only 23 he has plenty of time and lots of experience to gain by the time he is even close to Julio's age.
  21. Are ya'll seriously underestimating Evans? The dude is only 23 and already a top 4 receiver in the league. He has 27 TD's in 3 seasons and Julio has 43 in 6. Saying Julio is out of this world better than Evans is very homer-esque.