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  1. You told me we'd be moving backwards trying to train a rookie at WLB. I could see Campbell playing some SLB all along. Did you change your mind?
  2. Ryan, Brees, Winston, Schaub, Newton
  3. It's been like that for years when they use that background on Nfl Network for all teams.
  4. Good music is subjective. I however agree that this song is meh even though I probably know more about migos than anyone on this board.
  5. Jones, Ryan, trail NFL stars in merchandise sales The Falcons placed only two players on the newest NFL Players Association Top 50 Players Sales List, which tracks sales of officially licensed NFL player merchandise. Both ranked in the middle of the pack. Enlarge NFL MVP Matt Ryan came in at No. 32 on the list of Top 50 player merchandise sales. KEVIN D. LILES Wide receiver Julio Jones was the top Falcons player on the list at No. 20, while the NFL's Most Valuable Player, quarterback Matt Ryan, came in at No. 32. Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot topped the list, the first rookie to do so. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was second. Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots came in at No. 3, with another Cowboy — Dez Bryant — ranking fourth, and the New York Giants' Odell Beckham Jr. rounding out the Top 5. Nineteen quarterbacks are on the list, six in the top 10. Following Prescott and Brady are Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks (No. 6), Philadelphia Eagles rookie Carson Wentz (No. 7), of the Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers (No. 8), and Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers (No. 10). Jones and Ryan actually ranked within the Top 10 in apparel sales. Wentz and Ryan trailed only Brady in plush doll sales. The list tracks year-end results from March 1, 2016 through February 28, 2017. See the complete Top 50 here. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I know some of you guys couldn't care less but I thought Matt & Julio would at least have been a little bit higher, especially after debuting in the Superbowl and Matt's MVP campaign.
  6. Migo's are doing their thing but this song is garbage. They def have some bangerz but I dont expect ya'll to know that. Their discography is pretty large and some songs aare hit or miss.
  7. Brees has already regressed..he'll still kill ya though.
  8. cold
  9. Peterson insurance
  10. Bottom of the second sucks
  11. They also still have a chance to pick up Dalvin Cook in the 2nd which I think would be an even more unfortunate scenario.
  12. Lol no comment.