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  1. 3 out of 3 of those teams need CB's badly too.
  2. RB's are going to have fits if we're able to pick up Reddick in the draft. Not only would he chase them down the line of scrimmage to the sideline but he'll make short dump off passes to the RB difficult for opposing teams. I mean the dude used to be a DB his hips are fluid and his coverage ability is pretty natural. I already know Quinn loves this guy.
  3. Duke is probably a back up plan if we don't get Reddick.
  4. With the long stretch we have after week 5 I think it would be best to add another talented LB to the defense. Injuries along the D-line are easier to mask than having either debo or campbell go down and having a significant drop off in production.
  5. I'm just now seeing this I accidently slipped a wtf at the dinner table..but seriously wtf.
  6. It's nice to have a coach that can articulate his vision to both the front office and the players. Things go a lot smoother.
  7. Yeah I honestly don't like Willis either. Those flashy combine numbers definitely do not show up on the field from what I've seen. Combine numbers really don't excite me in certain cases like they used to.
  8. Yeah that is most likely it. Dude just looks like he was born to play LB.
  9. Apparently we don't need another off-ball linebacker in the first 5 rounds so I'd go with Jarrad Davis. I don't know why I like his game so much but I just feel he'd make our LB core the best in the league. Imagine having depth at LB as good as Campbell. Don't get me wrong I really like Campbell he has a very high ceiling and has contributed tremendously to the defense. It's just that LB is the most vulnerable position currently to season ending IR and holding the whole defense back.
  10. LOL the snapchat filter that had Matt with lipstick was creepy and hilarious.
  11. Just wait until the season starts. Especially if we where to have any success since people love to discredit and overlook the falcons all they have to do know is bring up the greatest collapse in sports history too easy.
  12. Definitely. I love the way Maye tackles, he doesn't seem to get dragged for an extra 5 yards before bringing someone down
  13. And what better is depth when there is no drop off?