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  1. Start em 40 yards out from the endzone
  2. **** I'd give up even more than we gave up for him lol
  3. Makes me more proud to rep #11 on gamedays
  4. Didn't see it posted GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Atlanta Falcons’ wide receiver Julio Jones is pushing a project he says will add hundreds of jobs in Gwinnett County. Jones spoke to lawmakers Wednesday at the state capitol. The mixed-use development, near the Mall of Georgia, is expected to bring more than 300 jobs. Jones also told lawmakers the Falcons are working on bringing the city of Atlanta a Super Bowl win. We're working on getting the chemistry back as a team and get the ball rolling, and it starts in April,” Jones said. Governor Deal also tweeted a picture with Jones, who gave him a signed jersey. © 2017 Cox Media Group.
  5. Grady Jackson 2.0
  6. Bruce Carter would be dope
  7. We still need one more linebacker. However for as much as we are in nickel it won't be the end if the world if DQ and co don't find someone this yesr
  8. Poe is 26?? Holy cow for some reason I was thinking he's 29.
  9. You started a thread suggesting we were getting ready for a rematch with the Patriots. You followed that up by going on a tangent about how you beat the patriots with interior pressure.
  10. Off topic but I just bought ablack throwback Aaliyah #19 jersey in the playoffs. ***** dope!
  11. I live in mn and all the fans here say to combat that is his completion percentage lol. Guy had like a 6 ypa
  12. Don't forget we have kemal back too. Our secondary would be deeeeeeeeep
  13. Sorry I'm predicting. They need a Tackle in the worst way
  14. I'm not sure how you can't dig this guy. His instincts are off the charts and has the athletic ability to boot. I would love Baker with our first pick
  15. Wasn't much of a read at all lol