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  1. The official move was a month ago.
  2. Lmao touché. But khalil is horrible though. Decent run blocker but poor pass blocker. Maybe he'll do well in your system.
  3. They're offensive line is actually pretty good on run blocking. They lost khalil, their worst lineman, to the Panthers. Addition by subtraction. They were just extremely beat up last year
  4. Makes sense actually. Despite his words everyone here knows he was upset with how the Vikings handled the abuse deal too
  6. I live in Minnesota and no one wanted him at 15+ he had been getting. Thought they'd at least try and match. Interesting to see how things shake out
  7. Why didn't he go back to the vikes for 3mm?
  8. This is honestly the first time in ever that I really don't care how we draft. I have faith that there's a plan and we'll execute it come draft day. During the draft I'll put a small draft together and make picks based on whose available then look back at it during the season.
  9. I'm looking at making the trip down from Minnesota for the stadium opener myself
  10. Eddie Jackson in the 4th?? Haha I sure as **** hope so
  11. I wanna see Heath Evans do another prediction
  12. A running back will get hurt in training camp and that's where he will go.
  13. Or the vikes with blair walsh
  14. Not using this as anything scientific just think its insane to think about. Its hard to believe he hasnt ran it officially. Youd think itd be big publicity and advertising for puma.
  15. No offense but I feel like that's kind of a weak argument. While true, Bolt is otherworldly quick. Not exactly a fair comparison lol Obviously this isn't entirely accurate but mathematicians broke it down and predicted Bolt would run a sub 4 40 yard dash. I mean you can be as lousy out the blocks as you want with that speed