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  1. This. Highly unlikely to see Eason running much of anything, particularly with only 2 scholarship QBs. We "technically" had RPOs last year as well, but I don't think they really had faith in Eason's ability to make the call at the line as a Freshman. Sounds like this is sort of the natural progression you would hope for a QB in year 2... most teams have pretty strong usage of RPOs as a basis their offense now. The success of those RPOs will have a great deal of reliance on how our OL ends up turning out.
  2. Catalina was a grad transfer with only one year of eligibility... he was always going to be gone after 16. Not saying you *should* have known that or anything, just that it wasn't an "optional" situation for him. I will say I don't get the hate for him specifically. Be mad at Richt and the previous staff that let us get to that point... sure. Be mad that we didn't land EJ Price in the 2016 recruiting class (if you want... but my thought is we are better off for it). But it's not like Kirby and Pittman thought... "hmm. we should put someone at LT who really can't handle the job, even though there are guys on the roster that are better." The reality is that if there was someone who could have done the job better consistently, they likely wouldn't have been playing Catalina there... The alternative to Catalina just wasn't really any better (see: Wynn at end of season)... We've still got *huge* question marks on the offensive line this year. Both tackle spots and center are essentially up for grabs. That is terrifying. Pittman is going to have to be the **** OL whisperer, because by **** we recruited some kids this year at OL... that haul was impressive... But at least one of them is going to have to be ready to play, and conceivably two. And all of that could still be for naught if Chaney doesn't have his head removed from his arse this year and stop running up the gut into stacked boxes... I feel great about what our defense can be this year... even still lot of "potential" talk there rather than sure thing as Carter has yet to hit his ceiling (or his ceiling is just way lower than most actually expect) and we'll have some questions as to how the DB positions are going to shake out. Seems like mostly good news recently on the TT situation, but certainly not in the clear there just yet. Ultimately, a lot of questions across the board for this season, but OL has to be figured out, and quickly.
  3. Yeah. As long as McGarity is our AD, I think 3M is probably the most we would see offered to a new MBB coach on the way in, and even still, I think he would have to think he's the second coming of Wooden himself and ready to re-invent the sport. Much more likely we try and hire a budget option out of the Mid Majors and flip the coin.
  4. Gotcha, yeah I think I had seen that one before. I mean, obviously Mizzou's deal will put them up a little higher than most, but they were in a bad spot and historically have been pretty good. He's had a nice little run here from Tennessee at 1.35M to Cal at only 1.54M (turning down a proposed 1.8M at UT), to doubling that to go to Mizzou (and a *much* cheaper COL... 3M in Missouri is probably equivalent to at least 4.5M in the Bay Area on the tax basis alone). Other than Cal and then now Martin though, 2 million is at least in the ballpark. Avery Johnson making 2.8M at Bama, but that was a bit of a strange one I assume based on him coming from the NBA (was making ~4M at Brooklyn). Beyond him, everyone is basically between 1.5-2.25ish. That number is going to creep up generally as Martin's deal will somewhat "reset expectations" within the conference, even if it's a bit outlandish. That's why I could see us getting serious and offering 2.5 give or take to get someone if they're proven... otherwise I see us going mid-major budget option and trying to spend less if McGarity gets to make the hire. 2M is at least a competitive salary currently... who knows how long that will be the case though. And we dragged our feet to even get there, though to be fair, I have a hard time justifying Fox making that much just because of the 20 win seasons... given the lack of Tourney appearances/success.
  5. Out of curiosity, where are you getting the most recent salaries? I haven't found a good up to date resource. USA Today has their 2016 tournament teams' coaches salaries, and Fox is in line with about the 20th-25th highest paid coaches - but that's obviously not entirely up to date. I definitely agree we will have to eventually invest more in basketball, but I'm not sure massive upticks in salary are needed right away. Going to have to figure out the venue thing... Stegeman is neither "classic" nor "modern"... It's kind of stuck in no man's land. Would love to see us try to do something to partner with the Classic Center to handle basketball in downtown Athens (their Executive Director had already discussed doing something slightly smaller anyways) for Mens BB and then just keep Womens and Gymnastics at Stegeman. Could see offering someone like Collins $2.4-2.6M and see what NW is willing to do... I'm not certain that Collins *should* want to be the guy right after Coach K. I think you want him to be the guy *after the guy*... but I do think if Duke comes calling, he's answering.
  6. I figure he probably gets picked up somewhere this season. LSU maybe (have seen reports saying no, but that was before Mizzou grabbed Martin)? Also, this was an interesting point made by a user in another forum re: Crean v. Fox: I do think the comment discounts the 3 Sweet 16's in the last 6 years a bit, but that's also at a program that doesn't lack for resources as far as basketball goes and is a traditional basketball power. Doesn't mean he wouldn't be able to turn things around at UGA, but I'm not necessarily sold on him either... He did take over Indiana after Sampson with 3 years of probation, but they had no penalties, and he took a team that went to the tournament ending with a 25-8 record, and went 6-25, 10-21, 12-20 with them, before having success... That's a little concerning to me given that the University got off pretty light with the Sampson situation. The SEC is improving as a conference, but I still think it's ripe for the plucking to develop a strong #2/#3 program to Kentucky (and UF if you think that they have the right guy in White)... I think that the right coach with an offensive style that is exciting could fill Stegeman back up like we saw under Harrick (94% capacity avg. attendance by the end of his run). We will have to be willing to spend on the heels of success... whether that's increasing coach salary, or building a new venue... if we take a hands off approach, it will stagnate quickly, but throw gas on that fire and I do think basketball could be a lot bigger for us.
  7. I acknowledged this in the post... :P
  8. $3.1M is more than 50% increase on what we're paying currently - and I don't think he comes back to UGA for the same money that he's making right now so you're probably talking 3.5+ - which is getting dangerously close to doubling the salary. Tubby also isn't a coach that you're going to keep around for a long time, at 65 years old currently he'd most likely be a temporary solution. If you're going to try and "buy" a coach, going after Collins at Northwestern wouldn't be a bad idea (last contract extension was at $1.4M/year, though may get a bump after making the tournament this year and winning round 1... poor Vandy). The concern would be that he gets tapped by Duke whenever coach K goes. Keatts is likely to end up at NC State this year, but if for some reason that didn't happen, he certainly has an exciting brand of basketball, which would likely put ***** in seats... I do think an offensive minded coach is likely the next man up at UGA... Defense might win championships, but if it's not accompanied by a reasonably good offense, it can be pretty difficult to watch regularly. Virginia is one of the top teams defensively every year, but they are a top 35 offense this year as well (in terms of efficiency at least).
  9. Could be dangerous though. Future Headline: Holyfield knocks White out of the lineup into concussion protocol to earn start this week...
  10. Future sparring sessions with Holyfield...
  11. Probably not the best thing for us unless Fox is actually pursuing other openings. He's actually the coach I'd most like to see us pursue (realistically at least) if we were going to pull the trigger this offseason. Heck of a recruiter and they're getting it done today with literally no help from the refs... every call going UF's way in the first half at least.
  12. I understand they are a perimeter team, but when all you need is 1 to tie, I can't see a scenario where you don't try and drive and get a *chance* at a foul.
  13. Princeton has gotten this game back close, but they have looked overmatched in almost every way throughout the game. Kinda surprised me actually.
  14. Love it. I have a call from 10-noon, but then most of my afternoon has been "booked up" with viewing time. The clubhouse in my neighborhood has a perfect setup. one 60" TV in the center with 4x 38" around the outside. So can keep all 4 games on the outside, then just change the middle depending on what's interesting.
  15. Concern has to be that Yante isn't 100% yet and he was dominant in that game last year. I think we *should* beat them, but likely need more contribution from the rest of the team to be comfortable.