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  1. Actually, we didn't draft dawgs. We drafted a few Tigers, though. That's why we're actually gonna be a good team. UGA blows.
  2. Duke Riley's number is 973-409-3313.
  3. Would anyone be mad about Peterman right now?
  4. Yeah, good luck with that.
  5. If that's what Carolina is depending on to cover Julio Jones, then I like our chances of beating them even more than I already did.
  6. Can we talk about what a Corn Elder is?
  7. The Bears have 117 and 119, I would trade them all our picks this year and maybe even a like a 6th next year for their two picks if we could land Bucky Hodges and Dorian Johnson.
  8. Ozzie being Ozzie.
  9. Baltimore has to be taking Tim Williams here, right? Ozzie has the balls and the need.
  10. Panthers... ugh, fudge you.
  11. Bosher doesn't screw up punts, but he definitely screwed that up.
  12. Fuuuuudge!
  13. I think we should draft Haasan Reddick here and let him pick who he wants to play for.
  14. That was Kevin King from Washington, not Desmond King from Iowa.
  15. Hey.. nope.
  16. Let's not get carried away, now..
  17. Did anyone watching on ESPN2 just catch that eagles fan who knocked the phone out of his girl's hand because he was trying to get pumped for the Eagles pick on camera? Hilarious.
  18. Not reading the OP, but just based off the title my answer is Jessica Alba.
  19. Why do we always do this? Not everyone and everything needs to go by a nickname. It's just Takk. You can tell by his twitter handle.. it's @Takk.
  20. Depending on whose left at 63, I wouldn't mind taking a trade back offer and changing out our 2 for a 3 and a 4. Edit: Unless we can sign Gary Barnidge, because then we won't need more picks. Feeney and Barnidge would complete this offense. Takk adds another lightning rusher to our arsenal. After that we can take BPA. Eddie Jackson in the 4th? Maybe a DT like Vincent Taylor or Elijah Qualls? I'm ready to see this super bowl team take shape!
  21. Concussion issues =/= gets your QB killed or blows up your offense because he's not athletic enough to perform in it. That's Asiata.
  22. As in Isaac Asiata, the guard from Utah? The one that weighs like 325 pounds and doesn't move nearly well enough to fit a zone blocking scheme? Pass on that. Feeney or Dawkins are much better choices, though I prefer Feeney who has some Boling to his game.
  23. You're reaching for a coach connection and missing the obvious one. Jeff Ulbrich, current Falcons coach, recruited Takk to UCLA.
  24. That's all of it. People get in their feelings because they get attached to their guys and when they go somewhere else everything sucks. Falcons probably won't walk away with Reddick or Baker, but I'm excited to see this defense offering any bad-breath-having QBs a VicTakk. (Yes, I just came up with that. No, I'm not sorry.)