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  1. I already knew you're a loner
  2. OP we miss you. come back buddy.
  3. cool.
  4. nah lol. never been upset on this board. it's good entertainment.
  5. lol explain. Just because I curse doesn't mean i'm worked up.
  6. Dude I don't give a ****. I don't give a **** and I don't think it's a reasonable question. That doesn't mean TD and company wouldn't think it's a reasonable question in my hypothetical. These guys have millions of dollars, their job, and the entire state of the franchise on the line when it comes to the draft. It's ignorant to think the name wouldn't spark the question. When you factor the money invested and the fact jobs are on the line, then yes, it would be a reasonable question IN MY HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION.
  7. Don't you have some parties to attend and be anti-social at?
  8. Dude, once again, i'm agreeing with you. I'm not longer saying it's a reasonable question. I'm asking if you think TD and company would ask Takk about the name if they ******* knew about the name prior to their research process. Easy question. ******* drop , pal. Takk obviously pulled the silly name out of his *** or maybe he googled "silly names to name your dog". I'm sure it's common for people to name their dogs silly *** names like Codeine, heroin, weed, crack, cocaine, etc.. and i'm sure they randomly pull the names out of their ***. Why would Takk put any thought into what he names his dog? Who the **** does that.
  9. once again, hypothetically if they knew about the dogs name prior to doing their research, then do you think they would've asked the question? Dude, i'm agreeing with you. Takk prob doesn't know what codeine is. He pulled the "silly" name out of his ***. I'm sure a lot of kids name their pets silly names like "codeine" for no reason. It's just a silly word. Just like Tampon is a silly word for a pet. I'm sure plenty of guys name their dog tampon because it's a silly name. I don't know why anyone would assume a guy uses tampon based on the naming his dog tampon. Guys don't use tampons. Guys don't drink codeine either.
  10. So, if TD and co. knew about the dog being named codeine prior to the interview process they wouldn't have asked any questions about it? You really think that? lol. I never said it's evidence of drug use, just it simply opens up the door for the question, has he ever done codeine. No you're right, he probably doesn't even know what codeine is. It was probably a random *** "silly" name that he pulled out of his ***. For sure. yeah you're prob right.
  11. Reported.
  12. I asked hypothetically if TD and co. HAD seen the dogs name, then would they have asked the question? If a GM sees a prospect named his dog codeine or ganga, would they dig into it further? Simple question. If you think a team wouldn't at least ask the question, "hey we noticed you named your dog codeine any particular reason why?", then you're ... not even gonna say because i'm not tryin to get banned. These guys are investing millions into these first rounders. You can bet they'll ask those type of questions. It's called doing their due diligence. Especially given the fact a well-known bust was known for taking codeine recreationally.
  13. lol true
  14. Question for you, hypothetically do you think if TD and company saw his dog is named Codeine do you think they dug into it at all? Frankenstein isn't a real thing. Codeine is.
  15. True.