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  1. Cool. All I said was you're a smart guy. You have great analytical skills and I think you're prediction might be spot on.
  2. Um.. Hyde? Plus Fournette does not fit Shanny's system at all.
  3. To be fair they have 3 guys on the list.
  4. Nonsense? Dude Flacco got paid $20M/year, then Ryan got paid $22M/year. Randall Cobb got paid $10M/year and Vincent Jackson got $11M/year, then Julio got paid $13M/year. Idk why you even mentioned Tru when he hasn't signed his second contract yet, but you can guarantee he'll get paid more than Gilmore/Bouye. When subpar talent gets over paid it inflates the market. Players leverage what other players recently got paid in their contract negotiations. I just watched a clip of Alshon Jeffrey calling schefter and asking him how much desean Jackson got paid in Tampa. Matt kalil is worse than Jake, but he got paid $11M/year. Jake and his agent both know this. Tru's agent knows how much the corners just got paid (probably why the contract negotiations stalled).
  5. No, Jake Matthews controls Jake Matthews. Yes, we have the 5th year option (he'd be a FA in 2019), but he doesn't have to sign **** until he hits the open market if he wants. It's not up to us if he makes it to a UFA, it's up to him. TD might lowball him and offer around $9M/year, but he could very well holdout until he's in the open market and get north of $10M/year. You can't compare Schraeder to Jake. The market for LT is not the same as the RT market. Matt Kalil (the 11th highest paid LT on a APY basis) would be the highest paid RT. Even at $6.3M Schraeder is the 6th highest paid RT. They are two completely different markets. Plus Schraeder was a UDFA while Jake was a top 10 pick. Plus we were able to sign Schrader for a good deal because we signed him before Ricky Wagner inflated the market. That won't be the case for Jake because the market is already inflated and will continue to inflate the next two years. If we sign him before he hits UFA, then we can probably get him for $10M/year. He'll get paid $12M+/year if he hits the open market. Guarantee it.
  6. Garbage.
  7. See below Exactly.
  8. No, recreating the Super Bowl in madden is pathetic.
  9. I'd be willing to bet $100 Brantley won't make it to our 2nd round pic and Maye won't make it to our 3rd.
  10. Brantley won't last until our 2nd Maye won't last til our 3rd Anzalone won't last until the 4th and 3 florida players in a row? Really? C'mon, it's very unrealistic even with the Quinn connection.
  11. Extremely unrealistic.