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  1. Didn't Jake have a stretch in the middle of the season where he didn't allow a sack or hit (maybe not even a pressure?) for several straight games? Then his ankle got screwed up in the chiefs game and he had a poor finish to the year. I think he was starting to come into his own but the ankle derailed him.
  2. For sure!
  3. This team will be unstoppable!
  4. Who's gonna stop us? This team is just too talented! We should hands down be the favorite to come out of the NFC.
  5. Please let this happen!
  6. So glad to hear this, what a relief!
  7. Seriously! Doesn't make any sense.
  8. I have no doubt we will win a super bowl in the next 2-3 years. but right now, I feel dead. Signing off for now, might not be back for a few weeks.
  9. If it's a blowout in our favor I won't cry since the reality of our win would slowly set in. If we win right at the end there will definitely be tears of joy!
  10. Great that he finally made it in!
  11. He only got 15 votes for OPoY, so that probably means the 29 who voted for him as All-Pro voted for him as MVP, and the 15 who voted for him as OPoY voted for someone else as MVP.
  12. TOTAL joke, the established star bias is REAL.
  13. He took Jarius byrds soul twice in that game. I love it!
  14. Considering that teams are in nickel more than half the time nowadays, I think Poole has to count as a starter.