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  1. Edit: Wrong thread
  2. and there it is I'd been wondering for some time if he would. You were talking about an OOS prospect who committed early, wasn't rated very highly, and who there was never any real report of interest in before he committed, making his commitment seem to almost come out of nowhere. Plus, there had already been reports that we just weren't recruting him very hard anymore. He's this year's Xavier Jenkins. Our targets at LB seem to be Tindall and Harris.
  3. Could Emmit Gooden play there?
  4. From the Clemson insiders on 247: "*Running backs coach Tony Elliott has stopped in twice recently to see 2018 running back prospect Master Teague, but the Tigers still haven’t pulled the trigger on an offer. Teague told TigerNet that last week that he was close to trimming his list to three, and the Tigers would be on the list if an offer came. It didn’t, and Teague released a top three of Auburn, Georgia, and Tennessee. *The Tigers could still be waiting on 5-star running back Zamir White out of North Carolina, and Elliott stopped in to see White this week. From everything we’ve heard from those close to White, however, it’s still Georgia with everyone else trailing."
  5. McMichael imo is the best CB in GA in this class (best RB too). I would hate to lose him, especially with as much as landing him could help us land the Hintons. Johnson though, is arguably the best CB in this class regardless of state. Landing both would give us an elite CB duo for 2018 and beyond. It would be the defensive equivalent to landing White and Teague both at RB. It would make our defense legit. It almost wouldn't matter who else you added (almost).
  6. Johnson is probably the top out of state prospect that I want most in this class.
  7. Sooo, Miami Insider, Andrew Ivins, CB'd us Tyreke Johnson; first one we've gotten for him. He's also visiting again, after recently getting a visit from Tucker.
  8. The tea leaves seem to be highly suggesting that we'll land Teague. If so, then not unless we miss on White. In this limited class, no way they take more than two.
  9. Teague told 247Sports earlier this week that his commitment will come very soon. "Approximately one month or within a month," Teague said. "I may have a specific date soon. My family and I will be talking about that this week." Teague is not expected to take any more trips before that announcement. He visited Georgia in March and again on April 14, and sees scheme fit, running back production, and how personable the coaching staff is as major factors in his decision.
  10. Man, I tell you, if McGee successfully brings in White and Teague for 2018, then two things need to happen. First, pay this man. After last year, and then that man whatever the **** he wants; just keep him at UGA. (obviously a bit of hyperbole there, but I'm serious about him needing a raise, and keeping him here) Second, with him being set and done (other than keeping these guys in the fold) for 2018, and with him more able to focus on RBs in 2019 and beyond, I agree with what I read from another site; get this man another assignment. Give him something like Justin Fields or some ****, and let him work his magic, b/c this guy is legit.
  11. 3 more CBs in so far today for Teague to UGA, including Kipp who's now flipped his pick. Certainly looks like this is happening
  12. 3* DT Tramel Walthour (Lecounte's former teammate) has also had 5 CBs to UGA drop within the last roughly 24 hrs, including Kipp, Jake, and Rusty.
  13. CBs coming in since for this one are very mixed. JC Shurburtt and Tom Loy already had CBs in for Auburn, and since this tweet, Kipp, Kieth Niebuhr, and Andrew Ellis have followed suit. Interestingly however, since then, Steve Wiltfong, David Johnson, Gus Ramos, Jesse Johnson, and Alex Gleitman, have all put in CBs for UGA.
  14. I love that list btw. Dean is sorely needed for reason of above (plus talent obviously), and if the coaches perceive him the same way, then that goes a long way as to explaining a large part of why he's been so heavily prioritized in this class. Jackson, imo, is simply the best WR in GA for 2018. The kid is just explosive. Ezzard, while I like Jackson just a tad better, is also really amazing, and, just like with Holloman the year before, I'm fully expecting his rating to skyrocket before NSD. Landing him of course, could also go a long way toward keeping Cox home. Fields, well, that should go without saying. We neeeeeeed him, period, end of story. McMichael, lastly, I've already spoken on before. I absolutely love this kid's tape. IMO, he's the best DB, and the best RB, both, in GA, for 2018. I really hope we can get him, but I also have no feel for him whatsoever. His entire recruitment is a mystery to me.