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  1. We have got to get back to basics here. This whole recruiting cycle imo, has screamed of arrogance. Like, we think that we're big **** now, and we can just take whoever we want, and just ignore these low ranked but talented GA prospects, in favor of the more highly recruited out of state players. I seem to recall that when Kirby came in, the push was to shutdown GA, to make UGA the school for UGA players to come, stay in state, play in state, and win a championship in state. Now we're, only one year in, getting away from that, and betraying a lot of the in state talent, and it's coming back to bite us. You know, the day may come, when we can be Alabama, or Ohio St, and care less about in state talent, and just go around getting whoever we want, but one top 3 recruiting class doesn't do that. That is built over time, and done when you show that you are a consistent winner. We're not there yet. There are plenty of kids in state that want to, and like the idea of playing for the home team. They may not get you the #1 class, but if you start winning, that too will come in time.
  2. The word was that we wanted Anderson, but we didn't want Chatman, b/c we were reserving his spot for higher ranked prospects who were taking/were going to take longer to recruit. Now we get neither, and if we want both or either of them now, we'll probably have to offer the third kid, Jaquon Griffin too. And again, since I can't seem to get over this, on G-Day! Aaaaaaaaaah! This is an embarrassment.
  3. This is b/c we slow played Jamarcus Chatman. We tried to keep only Adam Anderson, and refused to offer any of his teammates, and in the end, his teammates flipped him to the same school that they were committing to. In a year, in which we have two total recruits, one of them, and the only one that we had in the state of GA, flipped to an SEC rival on mother f****ing G-Day!
  4. Someone needs to let Webb know that it's his job to kidnap Micah Parsons, and get him to G-Day.
  5. A more up to date list with some new visitors:
  6. I know many are hoping for him to commit on Saturday, but I don't see it at all. This kid is a straight shooter. He's going to commit on exactly the day that he said that he would.
  7. Dameon Pierce to also attend G-Day.
  8. Cox announced that he will no longer commit on Sunday, and that his commitment has been pushed back "a few days." Also, apparently Jake Camarda will now be at G-Day.
  9. Supposedly Pappoe will attend G-Day, before going the following weekend to FSU
  10. The Jefferies and McMichael ones are crucial. We need to get those two trending back in our direction. It's also great to see Hinton and Blaylock on the list for 2019 recruits, but also disheartening not to see either Sheffield, his teammate, nor any of the Grayson Tru19 kids. I would've hoped that Lecounte would've been able to convince his cousin to attend.
  11. Early G-Day visitor list, via Dawgnation: 2017 UGA signees (Other than the expected in-state guys) 5-star OT Isaiah Wilson (Coming all the way from Brooklyn) 4-star RB D’Andre Swift (Part of that two-link Philadelphia-to-UGA pipeline) 4-star WR Mark Webb, Jr. (Part of that two-link Philly-to-UGA pipeline) 2018 major targets 5-star OG Jamaree Salyer 4-star OG Trey Hill 4-star WR Josh Vann 4-star DE Brenton Cox 4-star WR Marquez Ezzard 4-star DT Darnell Jefferies 4-star LB Channing Tindall 4-star ATH Kyler McMichael 4-star ATH Nathaniel Watson 3-star QB James Foster II 3-star CB Christopher Smith 4-star DB Trey Dean 2019 major targets 5-star DE/OLB Nolan Smith (UGA commit) 5-star WR Jaden Haselwood (UGA commit) 5-star WR Dominick Blaylock 4-star OL/DL Christopher Hinton 4-star DT Rashad Cheney Jr. (UGA commit) 4-star LB J.D. Bertrand 4-star OT Luke Griffin (UGA commit) 4-star OG Keiondre Jones 4-star TE Ryland Goede 4-star DE Derrick McLendon Notable targets not attending 2018 5-star DB Tyreke Johnson (His brother’s spring game is at FAU that day) 2018 3-star legacy TE Tommy Tremble (Has prom) 2018 UGA commit Donovan Georges (Distance a factor from Miami; Will visit this summer.) 2018 3-star DT Emmitt Gooden (JUCO prospect. Has JUCO spring ball) 2018 4-star WR Justyn Ross (Will be at Alabama’s spring game.) 2018 4-star DT TK Chimedza (Spring drills and travel from IMG Academy in Fla.) 2019 4-star DE target Travon Walker (Has AAU basketball) 2019 5-star ATH JaShawn Sheffield (Likely visiting Miami) 2018 4-star LB J.J. Peterson (Peterson is not expected to attend any spring games this week.)
  12. Cox said that he's already filmed a commitment video. That means that G-Day won't be effecting his decision. It's already been made. Either he's going to G-Day to reinforce his decision, or to say goodbye.
  13. On another note, the constant CBs for Teradja Mitchell, and even more worrisome recently, Brenton Cox, to Ohio St, have me getting worried. Edit: Cox has announced a commitment date. He's attending G-Day, and will commit to either UGA or Ohio St...the following day. The change in commitment date comes on the heels of visiting Ohio St for their spring game with his mother.
  14. Yeah, saw that, and came here to post it. It's interesting. Watson always came off as very pro UGA before all this recent BS. We'll see if that now changes back again. The guy just has too much influence, and on top of that, no matter what you may think of his son or his level of talent, the reality is that this kid is acting as a centerpiece. He's reportedly the kind of kid that other kids gravitate towards, and has a great deal of clout with the kids in that class. Having him recruiting the other #true19 kids to somewhere else is just too dangerous for Smart and Co to ignore apparently.
  15. So here's an interesting, if not at least slightly amusing tidbit on this recent crystal ball trend. As some of you may have noticed/picked up on, if you were to look at current CB trends, then you'd really think that everybody we want in 2018 is headed to Clemson, and everybody we want in 2019 is headed to FSU. This includes many a CB sending basically every player at Grayson for 2019 to FSU, Salyer for 2018 to Clemson, and even one for Dominick Blaylock in 2019 to Clemson, as well as the above Sheffield to FSU, Jaylen McCollough to FSU, and 2019 QB Grant Gunnell to FSU. (Plus a huge amount of CBs sending Wray and his brother now to Ohio St.) In the midst of all these horribly depressing CBs however, there was one of particular interest from Josh Newberg, an FSU insider... of Nolan Smith to FSU. This is interesting for two reasons. First of all, they just offered him. Yep, literally the moment that Smith announces his offer from FSU, this guy declares that he's going to flip. The second part of what makes it interesting/amusing is Nolan Smith's reaction to this a few days later. At least we know Smith at least, is rock solid. (FYI Rusty also shot this down)