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  1. Ohhh okay nvm thanks for that ,
  2. I thought it was mid third ?? Wait maybe you're right
  3. I can agree with that part , the play calling was exceptional in the first half and early third . I also agree that Quinn could have overruled Shannahan and tell him run the d**n ball . I think both need a rhythm to get going . Truthfully I thought the game was over after that Julio catch
  4. Huh ?? You're up 28 in the fourth and you're saying ebbs and flows , you do realize this is the same way it has happened during the regular season , we get big leads but then teams come back and it's not really that big of score difference . the D goes to prevent . So one play shammy decides not to run costs the SB , but nvm though . Everybody has an opinion, i respect yours , I've talked to you a few times before and thought your points were very good that you made
  5. And before that ?? It shouldn't have came down to that point . I think we can both agree on that at least
  6. . Freeman had like 3 or 4 big runs the rest were 1 to 2 yard runs basically , we tried running early in the 3rd but could not. Which is when we went to the screen game with freeman and Coleman
  7. Exactly he got hurt in the 3rd quarter
  8. Too much when you think about others players that have to be paid as well
  9. The same thing I said , ya know it's funny the same people getting mad at others for supposedly discrediting Freeman are the same ones that discredit Coleman .( not everybody ) Watch for a second straight season how they both stay productive , it's not the o line . Running game was just fine until Coleman got hurt in SB , he had 40 yards into the NFC games , but when combined with Coleman the running game was great
  10. I think a lot of Us agree 10 mil is a steep amount , but just what he should' be paid Is where the differences . I will say this he deserves a new contract I agree
  11. 9 or 10 mil , and but they don't need him to take that much . It's either 60 or 65 probably , and which is beneficial , keeps that starting DL fresh and attacking