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  1. Hate too say this but when they won the SB they were top 5 in running the ball , and you just don't bring in AP to not run the ball . I'm curious too see what they do with him
  2. Don't wish that on anybody because it could happen to any of our guys on this team
  3. I'm absolutely good with that , it would make the defense that much better ,
  4. I don't see Minnesota as a lost , Dallas is a toss up and I think we split with two NFC south teams and sweep the other
  5. I say 11-5 , either 1 or two seed in the conference
  6. I can actually see us going either 11-5, 12-4, or 13-3
  7. We play 4 straight against the AFc east and Nfc south , I think those two stretches are important
  8. Lol Carolina maybe not but saints and bucs could , bucs are up and coming
  9. lol welp won't be pats , so I'm thinking Dallas
  10. Welp then we'll find out at 8 what we've been wondering for the last week
  11. Is teddy playing this year ?? I don't think I've heard anything , if he isn't then your right .
  12. And to think that All this started over one small bag of marijuana , that he couldn't even smoke. Smh but I think it's time we focus on the daughter and family , not the other guy
  13. Let's not get carried away , don't underestimate his ability , the backfield will not be the same , may see a little decline