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  1. Exactly init lol they all tried to intercept it .!
  2. Because three guys were playing hot potato trying to catch the ball instead of just knocking it down .
  3. Every team does that , financial planning . Doesn't mean they trade a proven talent for an unproven talent
  4. Not really , u do know cook would want to come in and start right ??
  5. He's another Devonta Freeman just faster you basically said it yourself
  6. Ha funny soo your still on that ?? And , he's basically a faster version of Freeman? , Coleman got 2000 yards behind a terrible offensive Line , Dalvin had a good line . Coleman was very consistent this year . He helped Falcons win games tremendously
  7. Reasons ?
  8. Why' would you trade Tevin Coleman for dalvin cook ??
  9. Von Miller and Dez Bryant / Antonio Brown
  10. Hope that doesn't mean overpay , I'll wait til next offseason to see what happens , hope freeman says this next time and accepts a contract that benefits both sides , still ehhh he's alright with me but still
  11. That's what I'm saying he was so close to breaking runs last year . If he had more touches he would have broken more long runs and he always falls forward when running which is a great asset to have
  12. Most of the injuries are hamstrings if he could just get that figured out , he would be great . I wish doctors could come up with a way to treat hamstrings injuries more quickly
  13. I absolutely agree not to mention is ceiling is much higher at this point
  14. He meant when Coleman got injured in the game I think
  15. I agree he was highly underrated for what he did this year . He's an important piece to the Falcons offense. People gonna try n deny it but it's the truth