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  1. Im not worried about the panthers, keep trolling, they had a bad off season, Cam is going to get killed, if any panther fan thinks they stand a chance..they will soon find out
  2. I think you def nailed it..finally a mock that someone did some research and didnt just throw names out that others have mentioned or mocked.
  3. Doubt he ever left
  4. Id like one mock with some oroiginality
  5. I say Thomas or Allen.but for.the benefit of the poll I chose Thomas
  6. AP

    They just reported hes asking for 8m per no way
  7. I thought it was a torn pec
  8. I knew what u meant
  9. Im going off an article that talked about the sea D..I may be wrong but thats how he broke it down
  10. Its more of a scheme than position labeled
  11. Im no expert but no one has chimed in..from my understanding LEO is DE who is relyed on to win there 1 on 1 battle any way necessary. The DT are assigned to basically be immovable and take on the interior olineman and hold blocks to give LEO/Beasley 1 on 1
  12. I will miss him but I also remember he almost got beat out in preseason 2 years ago. If that dude never got hurt who knows if Pat D would have became who he is. Point is there are other FBs out there
  13. Shelby, clay, and reed are all top 15 salaries on our roster next year but hey its depth and I am dumb for thinking we got to much invested in these 3 avg guys