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  1. We have just talked about his contract and had a million posts about it..but hey i guess you guys can post multiple threads about it everyday until he is signed
  2. This is like beating a dead horse that no longer has anything left to beat
  3. Guard for sure if the right guy is available. I just dont see a starter on this team. I feel like wes is still going to be raw and so is our rookie
  4. Rico?
  5. How many guys have got poached? Because it seems like thats what people think about certain guys every year and they dont get touched
  6. Trade our Marshal Faulk? You guys must not like high scoring offenses!
  7. I see kazee as a good practice squad candidate. Rico will be the starter and poole will be dime cb and depth at fs if he can even play fs
  8. I made a topic long before the draft the either clayborne, reed, or shelby would be cut. After the draft it only makes sense that one of them is gone and I dont think shelby saves much on the books. So I say 50/50 the other 50 being clayborne, 1 of them is gone for sure
  9. I know its a long shot, thats why he is not on the make it list
  10. How does an all pro not make it
  11. Ryan, jj, beasley, freeman, mack, and i think Neal, Jones, and Mathews have a chance
  12. Address pass rush early, didnt draft a TE or G early and we drafted a bigger RB, AND DIDNT DRAFT LAMP!
  13. I think most were arguing about drafting a TE early, like Howard..and we were right so get up off that high horse of yours!
  14. I love the fire..but I think we are at that point that any and every player would be super stoked to play in ATL!