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  1. kind of hard to tell w/ Poe since he was only in a 3-4 in KC
  2. he's going to say that since the Panthers didn't draft him he sucks
  3. either way, doesn't look like NO is worried about Unger missing any time
  4. Unger has never had a history of injuries
  5. Saints center Max Unger will miss the start of the regular season. Unless he doesn’t. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Saints currently expect that Unger will return during the preseason. This contradicts multiple reports that he won’t be available when the Saints head to Minnesota for a Week One game against the Vikings. Unger recently had surgery to repair a foot injury that dates back to last season. The Saints have not yet made any moves aimed at bolstering the position. Unger has eight years of experience in the NFL. The first six came in Seattle, and the last two have been played in New Orleans, where Unger has started 31 games.
  6. still don't think many fans would've found joy in that
  7. Eagles bloggers think a fair trade would be Mark Ingram for Travis Kelce
  8. i didn't even know Mack got injured in the SB
  9. so in his opinion, Michael Thomas is a product of Drew Brees?
  10. I wasn't convinced of the devil after all the death rape and torture of innocent lives around the world But then I saw Clay Travis disrespect a painting of a dead grandma and I knew dark forces were afoot.
  11. who's Clay Travis?
  12. I'm happy for him
  13. NO takes Hendrickson at 103
  14. your draft pick