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  1. No dude, my wife's an IT professional. I will not be called a liar without punching back. Understand, you started the sh.t show. Don't get your feelings all hurt because I punched back. Don't take things to a personal level and neither will I. I've said this 100's of times, but there are a pack of dogs on this site that launch at me and you joined their crew.
  2. Here's the deal Serge. You guys pile on me when ever I post with no pause, so don't get touchy when I punch back. Got it? So your contribution from this post is BS.
  3. Congrats, you got some giggles from the hanger on's. Serge, I'm not real impressed with your depth here so I'm gonna assume you don't get out much. In fact, I'd guess your surrounded by old computer monitors and you've got on a mustard stained 3 day old T shirt. You most likely have adorned your castle with Star Wars posters and I bet You're a flat our Great light saber dueler. Good hunting chief.
  4. Do you have something to add? No, that's obvious. Thanks for playing.
  5. You got it, touche..
  6. I'll assume you know all about it. Prepare yourself.
  7. GREAT NEWS: President Trump just brought back scores of offshore jobs from another Giant US firm. Charter Communications is closing all their offshore call centers and moving them back to the US, and has pledged $25 billion to the US economy and hiring 20,000 people. If you live in Ncallen Texas, they alone are hiring 600 folks. Thank you Mr. President. P.S. Don't look for this news to be discussed on the nightly news.
  8. I try to keep it simple here for my audience. Like President Trump, I speak in an every man's voice, not trying to play high and mighty, "I'm an elite Ivory school professor".
  9. Did I say that? I said its a spider trap for a lot of illegal, perverted stuff and the FBI figured out a way to catch perps who traffic on it. This is a good thing, and doesn't warrant silly arguments.
  10. Oh, its a lot of illegal chit alright and its like bugs to a spider web for creeps of all types. Lots of folks going down from makiing that MORAL mistake.
  11. Hey Serge, since you're such a smart guy and comedian to boot. Why don't you grab the software to access the Dark Web, create and account, see what happens. Oh, by the way, if you aren't already a member, here's alittle info. 3 ways to get busted on the Dark Web – Naked Security https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2015/09/04/3-ways-to-get-busted-on-the-dark-web/ Sep 4, 2015 - The Dark Web is a small and secretive part of the regular web that's become a haven for drug markets, paedophiles and sex traffickers. It's dark ...
  12. GOOGLE is your friend.
  13. Mdrake, have you heard of the Dark Web? It was hacked into last year (gotta give props to the FBI) and hacking technique was used to track IP address's. The dark web was a pedophile website and users would sign up for the horrendous site. Well, the FBI collected 1000's of IP address's and the operation to bust these creeps started a little over a month ago. This is just 1 area where our justice system is fighting the sex slave underground system.
  14. Rex is the right man for the job. A judge blocks Trumps 90 day PAUSE in refugee's, so, Rex steps up and demands More screening, tougher procedures for would be refugee's. This will obviously upset the left, cause they have vowed to resist at all costs. Well, tighten the screening process, check their social media as well, and you may just learn something about these folks. Man, this is gonna be a fun 4 years.
  15. Mdrake, if you knew who I was talking about, you'd know he's a Very serious man. He's also famous for a variety of reasons and is an American Hero. So, I will take it from him personally what's going on even if the main stream media won't report it. He's actually involved with busting these criminals.