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  1. Budda is going to be all pro within 2 years. Match him with keanu and you have arguably the best young defensive backfield in football.
  2. The doberman thread was about Muslims.........What a bunch of simpletons. And get it right. I am against flooding Europe and America with Islamic hordes.
  3. Lets be real here kicker. Moses started the ***** baggery with the anti doberman thread and he even admitted it. As for this thread, its to praise Ga and its leadership because they deserve it #1.
  4. Your lack of class shows on you and the fools "liking your post".
  5. Well, this didn't take long..Only in liberal, anti 2nd amendment cities like Chicago can the hypocrisy speak so loudly. CHICAGOLAND: City nearing 1,000 gunshot victims...
  6. Not knowing you Dago, but I'd not hesitate to say, I'd beat you in any sport you'd wish to chose from. Having a handicap does NOT handicap me and for you guys to joke around makes you small and bitchy.
  7. mdrake logic - President Trump awards medal to wounded Vet but MSM basically ignores it - http://www.dailywire.com/news/15650/trump-awards-purple-heart-wounded-warrior-msm-joseph-curl# But huh. It's hard to find the story anywhere – even though it just happened hours ago. It's not on NBC News (Top story on its web page: "Public Gives Trump Low Marks for First 100 Days: NBC News/WSJ Poll"). It's not on ABC News either (top story: "Trump at 100 days: 96 percent of his voters say they'd do it again (POLL)"). Ah, but CBS News, land of Dan Rather, had it posted: "Trump awards Purple Heart on first trip to Walter Reed military hospital." Still (shocker), the story wasn't on The New York Times home page, nor that of The Washington Post. Huffington Post didn't have it on its home page, nor did the inside-the-Beltway Politico, which featured a Ben Carson-bashing story. The mainstream media loves to report what Trump often does on the weekend: play golf. Outlets that were incensed that Barack Obama was criticized for often playing golf have turned around to hammer Trump every weekend for doing the same thing. But Trump works most weekends, and has done so since taking office. On Sunday, for example, he took calls with two leaders from Asia, the prime minister of Japan and the president of China. The Associated Press did, however, cover the story. But clearly, the AP couldn't stomach the thought of putting the wounded warrior first, instead injecting politics throughout the piece. See for yourself: Oh, and while the AP was happy to report that Trump pinned the medal on "during a brief ceremony," the liberal news service didn't bother to mention this little fact: Trump "toured the facility while visiting with other service members for about 90 minutes," according to the Daily Caller.
  8. a tweet here or there is NOT THE FREAKIN PRESS CORP you id...
  9. I have empathy for my own countrymen and women, BEFORE I do refugee's. We have to get America back on track 1st as does Japan. We cannot keep adding welfare to the tax payers, adding crime and people to our system until we take care of our own.
  10. Ok, lets use a little common since drake, since this is a post from Common Defense....If the media was there, why haven't we seen this on the news? Ah, catch 22 counselor, as it was either NOT covered by the press or if they were there, they didn't run the stories as it shows Trump in a good light. Which is it?
  11. My French is a bit rusty but I haven't seen any news orgs calling the race in France sexism if Le Pen doesn't win. In the US when a liberal female does poorly, loses or is questionable such as Hillary or the Dunce of the congress Maxine Watters, they left, I mean the media goes all in on the SEXISM stories. Not in France. Oh, that's because Le Pen is a conservative, stupid me..... EU DEATH MATCH: LE PEN VS MACRON
  12. This wasn't a photo op and the press wasn't there, or so I believe. Trump has done things like this before with No fan fare. I also believe legislation was passed this week allowing Vets to see private docs, paid for by VA funds.
  13. Domo arigato Shinzo san, Ima daitoryo ga onaji koto o suru tame no jikan, Japanese PM tells UN to shove it, will not take in any Syrian ‘refugees’ UNITED NATIONS – Japan’s prime minister said Tuesday that his nation needs to attend to its own demographic challenges posed by falling birth rates and an aging population before opening its doors to refugees. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced at the U.N. General Assembly that Japan is ramping up assistance in response to the exodus of refugees to Europe from the Middle East and Africa. He said Japan will provide $1.5 billion in emergency aid for refugees and for stabilization of communities facing upheaval. But speaking to reporters later Tuesday he poured cold water on the idea of Japan opening its doors to those fleeing. “I would say that before accepting immigrants or refugees we need to have more activities by women, by elderly people and we must raise (the) birth rate.
  14. Trump Uses Saturday to Visit Walter Reed and Present Injured Soldier with Purple Heart Medal Jim Hoft Apr 22nd, 2017 1:12 pm 187 Comments President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump spent their time on Saturday visiting Walter Reed Hospital. During the visit President Trump awarded Sergeant First Class Alvaro Barrientos a Purple Heart. Sergeant First Class Alvaro Barrientos was injured in Afghanistan recently.