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  1. List the books. Been looking for something to read lately.
  2. Normal people pay financially as well. Most of them have no money to fall back on. They get released with nothing and are expected to not fall back into criminal ways? I could go on and on but I won't because I don't want to hijack this thread.
  3. I hope the best for him. Maybe he'll tear up the league next year!!
  4. You just find all kinds of different ways to prove what an ignorant fool you really are don't you?
  5. He said he wants to see our RB's vs. their LB's and said we have surpassed them. Also saying we're the big boys on the block is a compliment considering what we did in said SuperBowl.
  6. So he called us good and your takeaway was he is rooting for the Hawks?
  7. Did you even watch the video? Or just make an ASSumption?
  8. This superbowl loss hurt but I can't imagine 18 and mother ******* 1.
  9. @ADAMSVILLE GYM where can I get that hoodie tho
  10. 118 targets is different than actual catchable passes. Do you not get that?
  11. It does it whenever you're on mobile without Wifi.
  12. I got permanently banned off of Xbox for telling people they're bad.
  13. They were advertising fidget spinners our twitter asked if they were nervous about something then posted a picture of two players who jerseys said 28-3 and said they're not nervous at all