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  1. Beasley, Keanu, Deon, Grady have all been progressing and they're only 1 or 2 seasons in.
  2. It does change what you said. They can't have more than one helmet because they claim players need to break it in.
  3. Names and positions... that's a start. Tell us about them?? School?? Measurable?? Strengths?? Weaknesses?? I'm not researching your mock for you.
  4. If this is how our draft played out I would overload on happiness. I just wouldn't be able to function anymore.
  5. I promise it's just you.
  6. The fact you wanna bash someone for playing a video game for their own entertainment is pathetic.
  7. Because coaches go on dinner with players for kicks and giggles right?
  8. Did you even read it?
  9. Save that won't make it crap. No one knows where anyone will go. And if they can ball they can ball. Doesn't matter where they went.
  10. Did Seattle, Jax, Miami, Cleveland, etc tell us 3 years before???
  11. Says the guy who said we wouldn't get Poe.
  12. You're just classless.