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  1. Love this one, it would look good with a black helmet too.
  2. You're drunk... sleep it off Champ
  3. Don't want that fool anywhere near our squad. They can keep him and his outbursts right where he is.
  4. If our offense is even close to what it was last season and our defense is better its hard to see more than 2 losses. 14-2
  5. Will it though?... Quinn was insistent on keeping the same offense and Ryan knows it inside and out and is going to have even more control this season. Who's to say that after Sark adds a few new wrinkles that we don't pickup where we left off. Dimitroff talked about maybe adding a more versatile and athletic Fullback. ..Now imagine us with even more weapons, a better return game and fewer liabilities on defense... SCARY and that's before the draft.
  6. Are we a better team than the one that went to the Super bowl?
  7. Glad we're getting some new blood back there. Weems' decision making was awful. We'll find another Gunner and we have Fuller waiting in the wings. The team has also shown interest in other veteran return guys.Our scouting department has been lights out lately. The team wouldn't have let Weems go if they didn't think they could upgrade the position.
  8. We don't need to.. we really only had one hole on offense and we're doing what we need to do on defense to get better. Its just not the moves most fans want ... which end up being the wrong ones most of the time. People said the same thing last season. We'll be fine.
  9. Actually I think we're getting rid of the dead weight and missed out on one very good player that can be replaced in the draft by an even younger more athletic player. If we land Poe and get what we need in the draft suddenly it looks like we won in free agency and continued building through the draft. I trust the process.
  10. Yea and last years draft went exactly the way people thought it would. . Oh wait, it didn't and we went to the bowl. In Quinn I trust. The man has a vision, watch him work.
  11. Im just to the point that I feel like we can trust our front office now. We've gotten more than we ever expected from the guys we brought in last season and Quinn and staff have a way of making that happen. I actually think our defensive staff is a little better now too so I'm thinking the signings we do make will end up being more impactful than some believe.
  12. Keeping Schaub was smart and realistically he won't see that whole contract that's why its front loaded. Schaub knows the system we ran and that helps Ryan. The staff knows he's pretty much an extra coach and that makes life a little easier for the offense.
  13. Been hearing teams are worried about Poes back. If there's any truth to that I don't want anything to do with him.
  14. Exactly, I think they've earned that at this point.
  15. Lol yea what he said ^^^^